Issue #104
August 23rd, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, we found out more about Facebook's AR smart glasses, a new type of soft robot can heal itself and Meta revealed a video with their AR operating environment, the Meta Workspace, which looks pretty neat!
Amazon Echo address and timezone settings available to more countries!
August 21st, 2017 | Internet of Things
Yes. The day may have finally come. It looks like some people outside of the US and UK can now set their Echo to their local address and timezone — no workarounds or hacks required! Happy days!
Issue #103
August 16th, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, we have a 360 camera filming a haunted house, a fancy AR bench from Disney and an ecoskeleton controlled by Alexa! You could also win a $50 Steam card for building a virtual robot in VR!
The rise of artificial intelligence — where are we headed & why now?
August 14th, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence
The world of artificial intelligence is an intimidating one for many developers out there. Even just understanding where we are amongst it all can be a tough challenge. I recently spent time working out how to explain AI to a crowd of web developers for Web Directions Code and thought I'd turn my talk into an article series! Here's part one, a look at where things are right now, where we're headed and why we urgently need to discuss AI's future today.
Issue #102
August 9th, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, we've got the ability to control VR with your mind, robot "living jewellery" that clings to your clothes and a DIY Google Glass by a 15-year-old maker!
Talking machine learning with Tanmay Bakshi at the IBM Watson Summit!
August 8th, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, Interviews
I spoke with Tanmay Bakshi all about machine learning, how he got into developing software so early on, what he thinks about the Singularity and more in this interview outside the IBM Watson Summit in Sydney!