Happy 2019!

Emerging tech inspirations to thank and follow from 2018
Who has inspired you in the year that was 2018? A dev who pushed the limits of emerging tech? Brought people together? Used emerging tech for social good? Shared their wisdom in a big way? Whether it be in VR, AR, the IoT, wearables, AI or robotics (or a mix!) — they deserve some recognition. Please nominate them so we can give them some of the thanks that they deserve!

Latest VR

Life as a VR dev — chatting with Antony Vitillo, the Skarredghost
February 24th, 2019 | Interviews, Virtual Reality
Antony Vitillo is the man behind the username, Skarredghost, an Italian VR developer who runs his own blog over at The Ghost Howls and puts together VR experiments. I had a chat with him about his recent experiments and VR/AR development.

Latest AR

Mixing art with augmented reality in The Unreal Garden
November 12th, 2018 | Augmented Reality, Interviews
Experimenting with art and creativity in a collaborative piece is a fantastic way to explore augmented/mixed reality! My wife and I visited Onedome's Unreal Garden in San Francisco and I think it's a shining example of combining art and AR in a beautiful way.

Latest AI/Robotics

How do I integrate Dialogflow V2 API with HTML and JavaScript?
January 5th, 2019 | Answers, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants
One of the most common questions I receive at the moment is — how do I integrate the new Dialogflow V2 API with front-end HTML and JavaScript? V1 had a JavaScript API, which I've used for a range of examples online for Dialogflow apps... but V2 doesn't have an API like that. So, what are our options?

Latest IoT/Makers

The curious case of IoT and sensor data
February 4th, 2019 | Internet of Things
In 2018, we saw a boom in the number of IoT devices and their use-cases. We saw an increase in the use of IoT and sensors in diversified contexts such as smart factories and smart cities. The total number of IoT devices is moving towards 20 billion by the year 2020. Every second, another 127 devices are connected to the internet. All these different devices and sensors generate massive amounts of data which can give us many interesting insights.