About Us

What is Dev Diner?

Technology is advancing like crazy. Developers who are keen to build and experiment with new technology have a lot to keep up with! There are new devices, new APIs, new calls for developer proposals, new developer previews, new platforms, new security and privacy concerns, new inspiring creations from other developers and so much more every week. Dev Diner provides opinion pieces, guides and interviews on the latest tech, along with a weekly newsletter and blog post with links from around the web to summarise the week’s events.

Thoughts from the founder, PatCat

I founded Dev Diner because it was something I always wished existed but never really could find out there on the web. I wanted something that would help summarise all of the noise in the world of technology for developers. This isn’t a generic tech blog or a news site. The goal is for Dev Diner to become a valuable resource for developers to learn, find new tech to try out and be inspired by the fantastic things that technology is enabling in this day and age!


Want to write for Dev Diner?

Got a researched opinion piece you think needs to get out there to developers? Want to help put together a guide on developing for your favourite device? Get in touch.