The Onion Omega2 is a new platform for makers and tinkerers to build some pretty neat things. It provides a web console to manage everything over Wi-Fi, however, if something goes wrong and you end up with a screen that just says “Index of /console/” — here’s how to fix that.

An Onion Omega2 with a distress call on its OLED screen

Don’t worry, the Index of /console/ error is fixable!

The steps aren’t too complicated but you’ll need to connect to your Omega2 using SSH (chances are you’ve already done this if you factory reset your board!). If you aren’t sure of how to connect to it via SSH, the Onion team have a guide for that right here.

1. Performing another factory reset first

While I could be wrong here, I found that I had to perform another factory reset before it picked up my changes. If you’re uncomfortable doing so, feel free to skip this step first and then only try it if all else fails.

I found that holding down the reset button on my Omega2’s dock didn’t quite do the trick (maybe I was impatient and didn’t hold it down long enough!). So, I prefer the command line method for this.

To factory reset, SSH into your Omega2 and type in:

firstboot -y

followed by:


and then finally, reboot your Omega2 with:


On reboot, connect to your Omega2’s Wi-Fi hotspot again and run this command to set up your Wi-Fi again:


Once you’ve set up Wi-Fi, the hotspot will go down for about 30 seconds (mine restarted much faster than that) and you’re ready for the next step.

2. Installing your Omega2’s console

Don’t worry about trying to get to your Omega using your web browser just yet. Instead, let’s go straight into installing the Omega2 console over SSH. This is what is missing and causing the “Index of /console/” strangeness when you try to visit your Omega2 in the browser! Via SSH, run the following commands:

uci set onion.console.setup=1

followed by:

uci set onion.console.install=2


uci commit onion

and then finally, reboot your Omega2 once more with:


You should be all good from here!

If you run through the steps above, your Omega2 should now have a console when you visit either or http://omega-(youromeganumber).local! If you skipped the factory reset part at the start and find that your Omega2’s console still isn’t working, try again and follow steps 1 and 2. It appears to have worked for me!

Got any tips for other ways to do this? Or additional steps you’ve had to do to get it to work? Feel free to let us know in the comments. I’m always happy to adjust the article over time if new solutions pop up.

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