Artificial Intelligence

Thank you to our IoT and AI inspirations of 2016
January 4th, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things
We had a pretty good 2016 in emerging tech! There were plenty of people in the industry who inspired the community to new heights. Dev Diner readers nominated their unsung heroes who they are incredibly grateful for — here are their heroes from the IoT and AI areas of emerging tech.
We need to talk about our voice controlled future
December 23rd, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Opinion
Voice control is not the future so many people imagine — the Amazon Echo-like one where we no longer need buttons or apps because we can speak to our devices whenever we need them, the one where technology will understand our subtleties, our preferences, our desires, and take action based upon our casual voice commands. It's a bit more complex than that in reality. Here's what we need to think about.
Building AI for the first time – what you need to know
October 10th, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence, Interviews
Artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid pace, with so many opportunities for developers to get involved using openly available technologies like Google's TensorFlow. Luke Sleeman, an Android developer, recently took the plunge into tinkering with AI and TensorFlow and shared his experience with us at YOW! Connected last week. Here are some words of advice from Luke for anyone looking to take the plunge themselves!
Dr. John Flackett on the journey towards superintelligence
September 26th, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence, Interviews
Where are we in artificial intelligence right now, what does the future look like and how will the industry likely reach superintelligence? Will it help, hinder or threaten the survival of the human species? Caitlin Gardner, a South Australian student researching into this field, recently interviewed Dr. John Flackett, an expert with a PhD in the AI space, on this very topic.
Dr Joanna Batstone on machine learning and the cognitive era
May 13th, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence, Interviews

Dr Joanna Batstone, Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research Australia and Chief Technology Officer, IBM A/NZ, shares her incredible level of insight into machine learning and the cognitive era!

DeepMind’s AI just won 4-1 in historic Go series
March 15th, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence
It's official. Google's DeepMind AlphaGo AI has taken the series against Lee Sedol, ranked second in the world, in the game of Go — winning four games to one. That's a pretty clear and decisive victory.