Augmented Reality

5 questions answered about the Magic Leap One (and 2 we still need answers for!)
December 21st, 2017 | Augmented Reality
The mystery of Magic Leap has been partially unveiled with the announcement of the Magic Leap One headset! Brian Crecente from Rolling Stone's Glixel got to try the tech, write about his experience and interview the founder, Rony Abovitz, about it all. There's a lot there, so here are the questions many have been asking and the answers we have for them now!
Bringing image recognition and image tracking to web AR
November 1st, 2017 | Augmented Reality
Rob Manson and his team at have managed a fantastic achievement this year — image recognition and image tracking working in web AR! I wanted to ask about how they did it and how developers can try out their mixed reality creation tool.
What is Windows Mixed Reality?
October 16th, 2017 | Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
Microsoft's HoloLens and their range of VR-style headsets are all Windows Mixed Reality headsets. How can this be? One is an augmented reality headset and the others are virtual reality headsets! We'd previously seen the term mixed reality used to define a certain type of AR... has it changed? I asked around and found the answer. Here's what Windows Mixed Reality is and how it fits in with virtual reality and augmented reality.
This team have already built 20 educational games in VR and AR
June 27th, 2017 | Augmented Reality, Interviews, Virtual Reality
Bringing emerging tech into education is something which we need much more of. The team at arludo are powering forward doing just this — using VR and AR to educate students about science. Michael Kasumovic, the founder of arludo, took some time to chat about their journey so far.
Adding real-time text recognition to your mobile apps
May 1st, 2017 | Augmented Reality, Interviews
ABBYY's new Real-Time Recognition SDK (RTR SDK) enables real-time text extraction from the preview screen of mobile devices. Henry Patishman, ABBYY Director of Sales Australia and New Zealand, answered some of my questions on the SDK.
Why I’m so excited that the Meta 2 Developer Kit is shipping!
December 21st, 2016 | Augmented Reality
It's one of the best pieces of news I've seen all year — and there have been some pretty fantastic announcements in emerging tech this year — the Meta 2 Developer Kit is shipping! The joy pulsing within me is hard to describe, so instead I thought I'd do a post talking about what the Meta 2 is and why I'm so excited about its potential.