Building virtual reality for the web using JavaScript

The possibilities within the world of virtual reality and augmented reality are exciting and still just beginning to be explored in these emerging areas of technology. It is an area just waiting for developers to jump in and work some magic to build things that have never been seen before. This guide will provide links to key resources that can help you develop for VR and AR without needing to have an expensive VR headset.

Keen to learn JavaScript so you can get into all of this? This list of resources for JavaScript learners by Eric Elliott might come in handy!

Where do I start?

What browsers are supported?

A-Frame Handy Resources, Tools and Components

A-Frame Demos

  • A-Painter – TiltBrush-like 3D painting in the browser!
  • Audio Analyser – Plays Spotify, with visualisations and speech recognition.
  • Waves XYZ – Another audio visualisation example
  • Physics and click-and-drag – A neat demo showing physics interactions you trigger by freely clicking and dragging elements.
  • WordPress template – A proof of concept for a WordPress post list in VR
  • TumbVR – Generates a lovely gallery scene with pictures from a Tumblr of your choosing
  • Racer – A racing game concept from part of Samsung’s team
  • Forrest – A procedurally generated forest

Other WebVR Resources

Other Frameworks and Boilerplates to Try

VR via Three.js and DeviceOrientationEvent

This is how VR used to be done before the emergence of WebVR. By this point, I wouldn’t recommend building your web apps like this unless you’re keen to learn the ins and outs of how it all works in theory.