Building virtual reality with Unity

Virtual reality and Unity are perfect partners in the fantastic relationship that is the early days of mainstream VR potential. Unity is one of the platforms most common for VR developers to approach and experiment with first, so if you’re looking to get experimenting fast and build something you can turn into a fully featured app – Unity is a great option. Here are links to key resources that can help you develop for VR via Unity.

Note: It is getting harder and harder to develop for VR using Mac OSX — for Oculus especially, you’ll want to have a Windows PC to develop for the latest SDKs.

Getting Started

Unity and Google Cardboard

Unity 5.5 and below (official releases)

Unity 5.6 BETA (with Daydream support)

More resources on this coming soon!

Unity and HTC Vive/Steam VR

More links to come soon!

  • VRTK [thestonefox] – This toolkit is essential for making life easier for HTC Vive development!

Unity and Oculus Rift/Gear VR

Exploring Further

Google Cardboard and Windows Phone


  • VR Dev School – Has a range of courses being developed for various VR platforms, currently appears to have a Unity focus.


Sample Projects

Assorted Tips