Yes. The day may have finally come. It looks like some people outside of the US and UK can now set their Echo to their local address and timezone — no workarounds or hacks required! Happy days!

An Echo and Echo Dot on a globe

We’ve hit a new frontier… easily accessible international location settings!

Update 25/08/2017: It appears that Amazon might have tightened their address validation again as the addresses below don’t seem to be working for me anymore. If you give this a go, let us know in the comments whether it works!

It appears that the whole madness might indeed be over for some lucky countries! Not quite as many as initially hoped when this was first found! It moves across the border from the UK and Germany to France and Belgium… but misses poor Netherlands and Luxembourg. Continues into Italy and Spain though.

The countries tested so far

At the moment, it seems to be a select few countries with people having mixed results, so I’ve begun testing various places and putting the results here:

  • Sydney, Australia — success!
  • Vienna, Austria — success!
  • Brussels, Belgium — success!
  • Toronto, Canada — success! (It even suggested a more accurate address when I tried to put in Kensington Market’s address)
  • Shanghai, China — no luck
  • Copenhagen, Denmark — no luck
  • Helsinki, Finland — no luck
  • Paris, France — success!
  • Athens, Greece — no luck
  • Central, Hong Kong — no luck
  • Budapest, Hungary — no luck
  • Dublin, Ireland — success! (weirdly, Irish Echo owners have found it doesn’t work everywhere in Ireland… seems to only be Dublin?)
  • Mumbai, India — no luck
  • Napoli, Italy — success!
  • Rome, Italy — success!
  • Luxembourg City, Luxembourg — no luck
  • Valletta, Malta — no luck
  • Casablanca, Morocco — no luck
  • Mexico City, Mexico — no luck
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands — no luck
  • Wellington, New Zealand — success!
  • Oslo, Norway — no luck
  • Islamabad, Pakistan — no luck
  • Lisboa, Portugal — no luck
  • Bratislava, Slovakia — no luck
  • Cape Town, South Africa — no luck
  • Madrid, Spain — success!
  • Stockholm, Sweden — no luck
  • Zurich, Switzerland — no luck
  • Kiev, Ukraine — no luck
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates — no luck

Places with “no luck” are the ones which show the error — “Could not set your address. Please ensure you have correctly entered a complete address.”

This could just be a matter of finding out what the right way to format the address is that Amazon understands? So far, it seems like some of Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the lucky ones. The more I enter in addresses, the more it seems these countries have been chosen specifically.

If you try this out and it does indeed work, let us know in the comments below! I’d like to update the list above with the locations that do and do not work!

How to change your local address

I was able to set up my Echo to an Australian address and timezone just by:

Going to and clicking Settings > Find your device under “Alexa Devices” (it should be right up the top):

Go to Settings and then click your Echo's name on the right

Finding your Echo’s settings

From there, you’ll now be able to just write in your address (e.g. “742 George St, Sydney, NSW, AU”) with your postcode in the field below that. It appears to format it nicely even if you don’t enter it in their exact format (e.g. “742 George St, Sydney NSW, Australia” sort of inputs seem to work too).

Some sample address formats other than Australian ones that I’ve tried successfully:

  • Address: Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, Madrid, Spain, Postcode: 28013
  • Address: 1 Petersplatz, Vienna, Austria, Postcode: 1010
  • Address: Piazza de’ Pitti, 1, Firenze FI, Italy, Postcode: 50125
  • Address: Grand Place 12A, Bruxelles, Belgium, Postcode: 1000

Once you’ve got your address in there and you want to give it a go, click “Save”:

Entering in your address in the Alexa web interface

For the timezone, there’s also a lovely set of dropdowns to choose your timezone. Find your timezone there and it’ll automatically adjust your timezone (no need to click “Save”). Hooray for this being easy:

Address success and timezones all working

International addresses are working! Timezones too!

When successful, I receive this message:

The notification of Please check any existing alarms to make sure they match the desired times after changing your address or time zone.

Please check any existing alarms to make sure they match the desired times after changing your address or time zone.

If you see that message, it appears to have updated everything successfully! EASY! Here’s hoping that’s a sign that Amazon will be bringing the Echo to more regions in 2017!

To test it out, ask it things such as:

  • “Alexa, what’s the time?”
  • “Alexa, where am I?”


Did this work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Wondering how to buy an Amazon Echo in places that it isn’t available? I’ve got a guide to that right here (my focus is on Australia but some of the services work for other countries too).

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Can’t seem to get it to work in Perth, Australia. Curiously the sample Sydney address doesn’t work for me either.

Yeah, that’s odd, it’s not working for me at the moment either… maybe Amazon have disabled them again :'(

promising, what address format did you use for NZ please?
the following refuses to work for me.

xx rossmay terrace, kingsland, Auckland
PostCode 1024

It seems at the moment that it isn’t working anymore, I think Amazon might have changed something again 🙁

Currently, I have found no working solution to add my New Zealand address – yet family living on the same street have their New Zealand address in and working. Nothing seems to work, whether it’s within the Android App, the website, or using the “PUT” request edit.

Hi, no luck here from Cape Town. Really wish Amazon would enable it.

hi I’m from Brussels-Belgium and just got my echo from a friend in the UK
I’ve been trying for a few days to get it to accept my actual location, with no luck…
I even tried your address format, nothing…
bizarrely, it seems to accept addresses in France,
I believe Belgium is too small a dot
on the map to be noticed…


thanks for the info

Also not working for me in New Zealand 🙁

No luck with adding a New Zealand address, either in Auckland or Hamilton 🙁

I tried a number of the addresses you claim work to no avail. My address in Barcelona does not work.

Yay! New update allows Canadian addresses. Added my rural Nova Scotia address today after reading about the updates online.

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