Eager to try your hand at bringing voice interaction to your next idea? Wishing that you could make your own Alexa skill? An app on Google Assistant? A fun little Slack bot? This step-by-step guide will show you how! We will explore the basics of building a conversational app with Dialogflow (previously known as API.AI) that can work on the web, the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Slack and Facebook Messenger, while keeping things as simple as possible. You can build your own virtual assistant!

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Slack, Google and Alexa in human form

You’ll be able to bring your virtual assistant onto Slack, Google, Alexa and others!

Why conversational apps?

This is the time for conversational apps, virtual assistants, AI assistants, chatbots — whatever you’d prefer to call them — they are fast becoming the next big way that we interact with many products and services. Now is the time!

“Smart speaker penetration exploded 50% between early December of 2017 and February of 2018” — Forbes (2018)

The names “Alexa”, “Siri”, “Ok Google” have brought conversational apps and voice interaction to a mainstream audience! The more that the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant build up the quality of these voice-enabled products, the more society is going to expect that applications for all sorts of uses to be ready and at their conversational whim!


Now is the time to get yourself practiced up in the art of building conversation-based applications!


Not only are those devices bringing conversation-based ecosystems to the forefront of technology today, they are bringing a light of hope to many who are struggling with an ever growing ecosystem of connected devices in this Internet of Things era! The more of these devices we have and the more mobile apps we have to control these and other services, the more we need new methods of interaction and UX that take away that complexity. Rather than opening up separate apps for each intended action, why not build virtual assistants who are ready 24/7 to help out?

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What am I going to get from this course?

You’ll receive 35 articles with screenshots showing you what to do for each step of the way. These articles will be kept up to date as often as possible (thanks to the joys of an ever-evolving ecosystem!). Things already have changed twice while I was writing the course! You’ll have the ability to contact me to ask questions too — so if anything isn’t clear, I’ll happily follow up and update the course content.

It’s like your very own textbook that updates itself through the magic of technology.

Multiple choice questions

For those who like to test their knowledge, we’ve got optional multiple choice questions to help check how well you know the content.

Research questions and case studies

We’ve even got research questions and case studies for those who want to look into things further and really delve into the details of the virtual assistant and smart speaker ecosystems!

How long do I get access to this course?

You’ll have lifetime access! As long as Dev Diner is alive and kicking, you’ll have access. This isn’t a yearly subscription or anything like that. Pay once, get the content, even when I make updates to it.

Always evolving

Something not 100% clear? Let me know and I’ll add supplementary material to help you achieve conversational app greatness!

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Big thanks is required

A huge thank you to everyone who is registering for early access and to those who’ve tested out the course for me throughout its development. An extra special thank you to my non-virtual assistant who helped push this course into an even greater level of wonder — Meri Amber! She helped test out the course content and come up with some questions to build up those quizzes. She live streams her geeky music on Twitch, so keep an eye out for her virtual assistant that’ll be emerging soon enough!

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