Issue #82
March 22nd, 2017 | Newsletter
This week hit a record for the amount of smartwatch news! So much Android Wear news in particular — great news for those on the market for a new watch! We've also got an easy way to make multiplayer WebVR and researchers found a way to confuse accelerometers with WAV files.
Issue #81
March 15th, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, one company just might have beaten Magic Leap in the race for light field AR, another company is tracking motion using sound rather than light and Goodyear are trying out AI-powered spherical tires that morph and change for each situation!
Issue #80
March 8th, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, we had a bunch of exciting new VR headsets revealed, VR also got a bit easier to afford as Oculus dropped its prices and Vive introduced a new payment plan. We also had news of a very poorly secured children's toy and one tinkerer explains how you too can run Windows 98 on your Raspberry Pi!
Issue #79
March 1st, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, we heard about a spooky ghost girl Magic Leap app demo, Samsung revealed the next Gear VR headset will have a controller, there's a new Raspberry Pi Zero with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Popular Mechanics totally took apart their Echo to look inside so you don't have to!
Issue #78
February 21st, 2017 | Newsletter
This week, developers found a way to bring roomscale to Google Daydream using the HTC Vive tracker, an AR headset is helping legally blind people to see and you can now have a piano duet with Google's AI!
Issue #77
February 15th, 2017 | Newsletter
This week has more augmented reality news than ever before, which is a great sign for 2017! We had a Magic Leap R&D test rig photo leaked, a look at a Magic Leap AR shopping patent, multiple demos of new ways to share HoloLens experiences and so much more! Oh, and Beyonce tried Magic Leap and thought it was boring.