This week, Microsoft revealed their cheaper mixed reality headsets will support SteamVR by Christmas, however there’s an unconfirmed rumour that HoloLens might be out of production. Fitbit’s new smartwatch has been revealed and Whole Foods are already selling Amazon Echos!

Echos in Whole Foods, SteamVR coming to Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the new Fitbit Ionic

Echos in Whole Foods, SteamVR coming to Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the new Fitbit Ionic!

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Virtual Reality

Hundreds of hours of virtual reality art — the incredible works of VRHuman

I spoke with Vlad, a.k.a. VRHuman, about his VR artworks he has made with Tilt Brush, Blocks and others! So much talent in this one human. Seriously.

Microsoft Mixed Reality to get support for SteamVR, Minecraft and Halo starting this holiday season

These new headsets may bring SteamVR without needing a $2,000 PC, some packages by Christmas will be around US$1000 for PC & VR headset.

Dell’s Mixed Reality Visor is the most comfortable VR headset I’ve worn

Wareable looks at Dell’s Mixed Reality headset that’s coming mid-October.

This VR cycle is dead

One TechCrunch author things VR has hit the end of its cycle once again.

How Dolby Vision and Atmos could take VR immersion to another level

An interesting look into where VR’s tech might head.

It’s all in the feet as 3dRudder allows Unreal Engine 4 VR editor navigation

Navigate around your virtual worlds with the 3dRudder foot controller.

Sony’s $400 PSVR bundle finally includes the required camera

A bundle with Move controllers will cost an extra $50.

Chroma Lab brings particle physics to Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

There is a particle physics simulator available on Steam for $5.

Jaunt’s VR app for Windows Mixed Reality to feature Cortana voice navigation

Jaunt will be bringing voice navigation into VR.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s HoloLens likely out of production

As I’d wondered about in an earlier newsletter… it appears the HoloLens might be out of production. They appear to be focusing on their Windows Mixed Reality headsets instead. If true, that’s no good for people looking to get a HoloLens in the coming year or two…

AR smart glasses will become standard issue with self-driving cars

An interesting look at how these areas of tech will work together.

Microsoft patents an augmented reality wand

They show it working with a HTC Vive, so they may be working on cross-platform controllers for both VR and AR.



Meet Fitbit’s newest device, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch

It will have an optical heart-rate monitor, GPS, NFC chip and an SpO2 sensor.

AsteroidOS finally gets its own smartwatch with the connect watch

AsteroidOS, a smartwatch OS, will soon have a native smartwatch.

Global wearables market to grow 17% in 2017, 310m devices sold, $30.5bn revenue

Gartner is expecting growth of 16.7% across the wearables market this year.

Bluetooth headphones make up half of wearable shipments

While many think of Fitbits and smartwatches, people often forget that bluetooth connected headphones are growing like wildfire. Looking forward to the day when they’re all hearables!

Wearables shortlisted for Marriott Hotels Testbed programme

Marriott Hotels might pilot a few wearables in its hotels.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

New app uses smartphone selfies to screen for pancreatic cancer

Using either a 3D printed box or pair of glasses looking at someone’s eyes, University of Washington researchers correctly identified cases of concern 89.7% of the time. This is really fascinating stuff!

Google releases millions of bad drawings for you (and your AI) to paw through

You can train your AI with drawings from Google’s recent experiments.

Facebook figured out my family secrets, and it won’t tell me how

The effects of closed algorithms emerging in real life situations now. This story is a fascinating, must-read article that could be a sign of our future.

Even artificial neural networks can have exploitable ‘backdoors’

“Malicious machine learning can hide nasty surprises”.

How to create a neural network in JavaScript in only 30 lines of code

For all the JavaScript lovers out there!

Microsoft shows off brainwave ‘real-time AI’ platform on FPGAs

Microsoft is bringing its deep-learning platform to customizable chips — “a step toward making Azure an AI cloud.”

How Siri will become an intelligence amplifier

A look at how AI may help amplify humankind’s intelligence.

Explained simply: how DeepMind taught AI to play video games

A nice and simple explanation of how DeepMind have taught AI.

DJI pulls drone app plugins that swiped too much user data

DJI is upping its security by removing add-ons that took unnecessary info.

A robot that will replace your smartphone is coming

I really want a robot that helps me out all the time.

Pepper the AI robot can now conduct buddhist funerals

Will robots really conduct funerals?

Two ex-Googlers are using AI to guarantee interviews for tech job seekers

Forget about AI taking jobs, this AI wants to help you get a job!

A two-ton turbo diesel hexapod will roam Maker Faire Hannover

Oh how I wish I could be there seeing this!


Internet of Things and Makers

Whole Foods is already hawking Amazon Echo speakers

Amazon is already selling Echo speakers at Whole Foods. That was fast!

Sonos FCC filing confirms a voice-powered speaker

Yet another Amazon Echo smart speaker looks like it’ll be on the way.

Samsung confirms plans to launch a smart speaker

Samsung have confirmed their smart speaker is coming.

Facebook is running into privacy concerns while building its video chat device for the home

Facebook’s attempt is hitting a tough challenge… people don’t trust them.

These former Apple engineers built a $700 digital door lock

It looks fancy… but wow… $700.

Fitbit revamps its smart scale with Aria 2, promising better accuracy

It’ll measure the same stuff but with improved accuracy.

Hacking together a smart glove to count high fives at World Maker Faire

A glove that can keep track of the high fives you get!

Raspberry Pi Surveillance Automation

Here’s how to make a surveillance system using a Raspberry Pi.


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