This week, Google brought Street View into Google Earth VR, a robot arm is now DJing, Oculus had a patent for a VR headset that’d work on both PC and phone, and the first Magic Leap headset was revealed! What an end to the year! Happy New Year everyone!

Prague's Robot arm DJ, Street View VR and Facebook's convertable VR headset

Prague’s Robot arm DJ, Street View in VR and Facebook’s convertable VR headset that works on phone and PC

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Virtual Reality

Google Earth VR for Steam and Oculus adds immersive street view navigation

Google Earth VR now lets you explore Street View in VR!

Oculus patent seeks convertible HMD that can be powered by a PC or phone

A patent published today but filed in 2016 shows a convertible headset that can be powered by either a PC or phone — a pretty neat idea!

Haptx is working on VR’s long-awaited touch glove

These haptic gloves will enable you to feel things that you touch in VR.

Facebook launches social VR “Spaces” on HTC Vive

Facebook’s “Spaces” now works on the Vive too!

Star Trek: Bridge Crew no longer requires VR

A new patch “enables non-VR play as well as adding enhanced support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets”.

How to shoot 360 video: Tips and tricks for becoming a regular Spielberg

Some handy tips for those looking to get started with 360 video.


Augmented Reality

5 questions answered about the Magic Leap One (and 2 we still need answers for!)

The Magic Leap One headset has been revealed! It’s rather steampunk-like. Here’s a look at what we now know about it and what’s still uncertain.

2013 magic leap “confidential” presentation

For comparison, here’s a look at the concept Magic Leap were showing in 2013, it looked more… sporty.

Building the ‘AR-cloud’: Part one

This group is building a realtime, 3D map of the world.

Pokémon Go just took its augmented reality effects to the next level

It now uses ARKit for those on iPhone wanting fancier Pokémon Go.

DoubleMe uses AR holograms to unite families

11 year old Harrison has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and wasn’t able to easily visit his grandfather, so this group brought the two together in AR.

Honda uses AR to bring get well card to hospitalized children

A nice example of using emerging tech to bring smiles to those in need.

The Zed Mini camera turns VR into AR

Attach this $449 camera to your Vive or Rift and give it the power of AR!

This 3rd grade class went nuts for AR and VR

How a father and son explained VR and AR to a 3rd grade class.



Smart speakers to outsell wearables during US holidays, as demand for wearables slows

That’s the prediction anyway, we’ll see! One of the comments points out that they don’t mention the Apple AirPods — which is selling very well.

Science says fitness trackers don’t work. Wear one anyway

That’s quite a headline.

Fitbit Ionic guide: the missing manual

A nice collection of info on how to do things with the Fitbit Ionic.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

A robot arm is Prague’s latest star DJ

A dance club in Prague is using a robot arm as a DJ.

AI is fueling smarter prosthetics than ever before

Some fantastic examples of smart prosthetics in this piece!

Why you want blockchain-based AI, even if you don’t know it yet

Some really intriguing concepts in this piece, worth a read!

Can a dreaming AI fix low res digital photos in the edit?

Using “hallucinating AI” for a freemium photo upscaling service.

Inside “Fin”, the elite human/AI assistant

“For $1 a minute, 24/7, Fin gets your digital chores done. Message, email, or speak a request and a real person will snap into action, augmented by a machine intelligence toolkit built from all the tasks Fin’s tackled to date.”

4 predictions for conversational AI in 2018

A few small predictions from VentureBeat.

Google’s Tacotron 2 simplifies the process of teaching an AI to speak

Their new technique takes the best pieces of two of Google’s previous speech generation projects: WaveNet and the original Tacotron.

Choosing the best language to build your AI chatbot

Spoiler: Python is the best language.

How to unmask AI

A piece on finding our way to more transparent AI, rather than black boxes.


Internet of Things and Makers

New: Electronic + Arduino faves added to Humble Bundle

There’s a new Humble Bundle Maker pack with a range of books that’ll be all over in about a day!

I gave my parents a Google Home for Christmas and watched them lose their minds

This is a pretty entertaining article: “My dad was the more skeptical of the two, but was very happy to make multiple Febreze jokes. Once we had it working, my mother gleefully informed the two of us that she finally had someone who would listen to her every command.”

Teardown Tuesday: Samsung’s SmartThings smart home hub and IoT water leak sensor

All About Circuits open up Samsung’s SmartThings Hub and a Water Leak Sensor!

Towards low-power wearables: a new biopotential and bioimpedance sensor from Maxim Integrated

“The MAX30001’s biopotential channel provides electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms, senses heart rate, and can detect pacemaker edges, while the bioimpedance channel measures respiration”.

Ooma acquires AI-powered video camera platform butterfleye for its home security service

The AI-powered video camera and security platform has been purchased.

Over-the-air firmware: the critical driver of IoT success

A look at “the basics of OTA firmware updates and how they are transforming the future of IoT products”.


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