This week, Facebook researchers were able to “re-skin” people in real time using machine learning, we got the joys of machine learning generated candy hearts for Valentines and a new patent from Apple showing they might be getting into VR after all… maybe?

Facebook's re-skinning AI, the sweetest love heart messages ever and Apple's new VR/AR patent

Facebook’s re-skinning AI, the sweetest love heart messages ever and Apple’s new VR/AR patent

Emerging tech inspirations to thank and follow from 2017

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Virtual Reality

Apple invents an optical system for a future VR and AR headset

It looks like more of a VR headset, which could either be a hint they might try their hand at VR — or that this is just one of their early experiments.

Guidelines for WebVR applications

This is an incredible resource for anyone looking to work with WebVR!

HTC says it won’t make Vive exclusives: ‘we don’t want to use content as a weapon’

I like them.

PTGui 11 will stitch Samsung Gear 360 and photos from other 360 cameras

PTGui 11 will be able to stitch 360 photos from 360 cameras including Samsung Gear 360, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere, and Yi 360 VR!

7 ways to start a VR café

It seems like a super fun career choice!

Anyone can be an animator with Facebook’s newest VR app upgrade

Facebook’s Quill tool now lets you animate in VR!

VR can already help people heal — and it’s just the beginning

This is one of those really exciting areas of VR which needs more exploration!

Walmart acquires VR startup to develop ‘immersive retail environments’

Spatialand creates tools that “let content creators transform their 2D work into immersive VR experiences”.

Merge’s Mini VR head-mounted display launching summer 2018 for $30

Works well as a Google Cardboard-style device that has the back open so you can do AR stuff too!


Augmented Reality

Intel AR glasses follow up

Last week, we had Karl Guttag’s post about Intel’s AR efforts, followed by Intel’s newer announcement about an AR headset – Karl has an updated post to cover all that most recent news and look at Intel’s new headset announcement in more detail.

Holograms might become a big part of your life sooner than you think

I really really hope that’s the case, I want an AR life asap!

HP to launch enterprise-focused windows VR headset in March

It will be called the “Professional Edition” and is basically the same hardware with “a few tweaks”.

The instant motion tracking behind Motion Stills AR

Google’s Motion Stills Android app lets you take short videos and transform them — now with AR! Here’s a post on how it works. Weirdly enough, it doesn’t use ARCore (and my own attempts with it didn’t seem to work too well).

Chinese cops get AR glasses to spot criminals in crowds

I can see AR glasses becoming a mainstream tool for law enforcement around the world.

Hasbro’s new AR helmet puts you inside Iron Man’s armor

Hasbro’s new AR helmet is an incredibly odd looking Google Cardboard but I already really wish this existed back when I was a kid.



Cardiogram says it can use current wearables to detect signs of diabetes

No need for a new device — a very rare thing for a startup like this to be able to say!

Smart suits and paying by glove: wearables at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Too cold to want to take off your gloves to buy something in PyeongChang while at the Olympics? Visa is hoping you’ll use a connected glove to pay instead.

This Apple Watch clone has gps and 45 days of battery life for $99

“Up to a month and a half of smarts on a single charge” — wow! (Thanks to Matthew for the link!)


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Amazon is following Apple and Google by designing custom AI chips for Alexa

Alexa shall have its very own chip soon!

Candy Heart messages written by a neural network

Happy valentines to my “CHERT FACE”, I’ll always be your “SWEAT POO” <3

MIT CSAIL’s drone is never quite sure where it is

MIT CSAIL’s drone “uses uncertainty to dodge trees at 20 MPH”.

Google’s AI chips are now open for public use

Google’s Cloud Tensor Processing Units are available in public beta to try!

AI weekly: can tech platforms police themselves in a deepfake-filled future?

An opinion piece on deepfakes — those videos generated by AI that swaps the face of one person onto the body of another.

Pornhub, Twitter crack down on AI-generated erotica

Twitter and Pornhub are shunning “deepfakes” — it’s odd that we’re in a future where we’re already concerned about AI-generated videos.

Waymo accepts $245 million and Uber’s ‘regret’ to settle self-driving car dispute

Uber and Waymo have settled their differences — “Waymo gets a 0.34% stake in Uber, worth about $245 million based on Uber’s current $72 billion valuation”. Uber’s self-driving car ambitions can now continue (it has not meant the end after all!).

An AI that reads privacy policies so that you don’t have to

Polisis automatically produces charts to explain that privacy policy you don’t have time to read.

Developing an open source voice assistant: Interview with Mycroft AI’s Steve Penrod

It “aims to give Amazon Echo and Google Home a run for their money” while being open source.

Facebook researchers teach AI to ‘re-skin’ people in real time

Facebook researchers have a “proof of concept that AI can be trained to look past environmental noise and identify humans in complex scenes”.

Bluetooth controlled pick and place robot

Hackster has a guide to making a 2WD robot with a robotic arm!

AI computer vision breakthrough IDs poachers in less than half a second

In this piece, I learnt that researchers have been applying AI to protect wildlife for a while! Now they’re using AI to “spot poachers in near real-time”.

Google opens up Pixel Visual Core camera tech to WhatsApp, Snapchat and more

Hopefully it’ll bring along some interesting innovation… chances are high it’ll just be filters.


Internet of Things and Makers

Build your own Arduino-based basic computer for just a few dollars

The BASIC programming language is now more than 50 years old and you can build your own Arduino-based BASIC computer for cheap!

Here’s a proper install of Windows 10 running on a Raspberry Pi 3

It’s a bit buggy… but this wasn’t at all possible before so it’s kinda neat!

Amazon dismisses Raspberry Pi key hack, patches it anyway

There was a bit of a flaw in Amazon’s home delivery service where they can open your door to leave packages… they’ve fixed it now.

Capacitive control panel PCB design considerations for the MSP430FR2633

This article provides a closer look at the PCB design considerations and programming of a custom capacitive touch interface device.

Mozilla launches Raspberry Pi-powered “project things” to unite smart home kit

“Hopefully now, your things will work properly with your other things” — that’s the dream.

Apple’s HomePod: what you need to know before buying one

Apple’s new $349 smart speaker HomePod officially hit stores today, and you’re probably already aware that the initial reviews have been mixed: Generally positive on the sonic performance, neutral to positive on the industrial design, and disappointed to downright negative on Siri.

HomePod reviewed: Heavyweight audio processing makes the magic

People are saying the main excitement with the HomePod is the audio quality (while I’ve seen others questioning even that).

Arduino home automation control board IoT

Control all aspects of a smart home through a website or Alexa voice commands in this Hackster tutorial!

Hygge home – Alexa smart bath

Use an Arduino to make a smart bath — another Hackster tutorial that looked pretty neat!

Alexa can now critique your food as Gordon f**king Ramsay

Very gimicky, but I can see some fans of Gordon Ramsay loving this Alexa app.

Google has Amazon in its sights as it absorbs Nest to create seamless hardware

Nest is joining Google… properly this time!

Design kits raising the game for Amazon’s Alexa voice service

Here is a view of development boards for Amazon’s Alexa audio technology and how they simplify design for voice-enabled speakers, appliances, and panels.


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