This week, we have an AR version of that iconic scene from The Ring, AI has found loopholes in Q*bert that may never have been found before, VR has been used for the first time in a Chinese court room and lots more!

That scene from the Ring in AR, AI's new conquest and VR being used in a court room in China

That scene from the Ring in AR, AI’s new conquest and VR being used in a court room in China


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Virtual Reality

Steam January 2018 survey: Oculus Rift overtakes HTC Vive for first time

For the first time, the Rift has overtaken the HTC Vive on the monthly Steam hardware survey!

Chinese courtroom uses VR to revisit crime scene

On March 1st, a Beijing court became the first court in China to introduce VR during a criminal case.

Feel weight in virtual reality with this transforming controller

The Nyoibo arm attaches to the front of a VR controller can dynamically change the feel of the item in your hand. Super cool.

Volkswagen will train 10,000 employees using VR this year

Globally training staff with the power of VR!

Canetrollers could change VR for visually impaired

Microsoft is working on “a cane controller that could someday allow visually impaired people to explore new worlds”.

Microsoft’s ‘haptic links’ bring a new level of realism to VR

Microsoft is currently making a solution to link “two standard VR motion controllers together to simulate realistic tension and pressure”.

The WebXR api opens the door to a new breed of cross-reality games

Having VR on the web really does bring some exciting benefits.


Augmented Reality

HoloLens Windows Insider Programme reportedly getting two-handed gesture control update

This month we might have new options for gestures on the HoloLens!

AR brings iconic scene from ‘The Ring’ to your living room

Developer, Abhishek Singh, decided that scene needed to be in AR!

Grab your Proton pack: Ghostbusters is getting a Pokemon Go style AR game

I feel like there’s going to be a few Pokemon Go-like games in our near future.

2 days after raising $502 million, Magic Leap called the cops to say an employee had stolen $1 million

A police report filed by Magic Leap in October alleges that the company was falsely billed for more than $US1 million! Whoa.



Fitbit’s new ‘mass appeal’ smartwatch: Exclusive pictures and details revealed

It definitely does remind me a little bit of the Pebble Time 2.

Apple took the crown and led a surge in the 2017 worldwide wearables market

Apple are doing pretty well!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Using Dialogflow to make smarter Twitch bots

I released a free Dialogflow Twitch Bot Bridge to link up Dialogflow agents to Twitch bots, allowing you to create slightly more intelligent Twitch bots!

Modified, 3D-printable alloy shows promise for flexible electronics, soft robots

“Researchers have taken a key step toward the rapid manufacture of flexible computer screens and other stretchable electronic devices, including soft robots.”

Google makes its AI and machine learning courses available to all

Want to learn all about Tensorflow? Here are some free resources straight from Google!

AI uncovers loophole to beat archaic Atari game Q*bert

Is there anything AI can’t do?

Robot-assisted carpentry could save countless hands, fingers

This makes a lot of sense.

Artificial intelligence could identify gang crimes—and ignite an ethical firestorm

There are some crazy complicated issues to untangle here.

AI will create new jobs but skills must shift, say tech giants

Execs from Google, IBM and Salesforce spoke about AI’s societal implications at Mobile World Congress.

Robotic spiders and bees: the rise of bioinspired microrobots

“Jumping robot spiders and swarms of robotic bees sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers are already working on such projects”.

How artificial intelligence will transform how we gesture

Really fascinating examples in this article!

The era of anticipatory conversational design

Eduardo Olvera asks “Are there any human traits our designs should pursue that we haven’t reached yet? Do we have any hope of getting there? Should that be the true goal of our journey? And if so, what can we do today to head in that direction?”

Social inequality will not be solved by an app

Wired say we need more intense attention on how AI “forestalls the ability to see what kinds of choices we are making”.


A very cool, programmable and highly maneuverable robotic cat for STEM education and AI-enhanced services by Rongzhong Li!

The information bottleneck: uncovering the secret of deep learning?

A look at the information bottleneck problem and why it could be the reason deep neural networks work so well.

California roads to become testing ground for truly driverless cars

This is a big step!


Internet of Things and Makers

Why Ring needed to sell and why Amazon bought it

This was massive news and nobody explained it quite as well as Stacey Higginbotham. I’m a big Ring doorbell fan so I’m very eager to see where this potential $1 billion Amazon purchase takes them.

How to make an IoT teapot

Brew with the power of your smartphone!

‘Living laboratories’: the Dutch cities amassing data on oblivious residents

IoT is super exciting but there are implications around the data it collects which we haven’t quite explored much yet. The Netherlands might be one of the first to explore those implications!

Harmonics part 1 — Introduction to harmonics & BLE

Punch Through help you understand what harmonics are, where they come from, how they relate to BLE, and how to make them go away!

IDC MarketScape names Particle as a major player in its Worldwide IoT Platforms 2018 Vendor Assessment

Particle have some very happy customers and are doing super well to start out the year!

How criminals can mine cryptocurrency with your poorly-secured smart devices

You might never even notice.

Open source startup Mycroft takes on Amazon Alexa

Mycroft blasted through its Kickstarter goal last week!


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