This week, Echo buttons have been opened up to be able to trigger whole routines, Dominos Australia have an app to preview your pizza in AR, Xinhua in China has a new AI news anchor, Alexa came to Windows 10, Black Friday deals are coming and so much more!

Echo's buttons, augmented reality pizza from Domino's and China's new AI news anchor!

Echo’s buttons, augmented reality pizza from Domino’s and China’s new AI news anchor!

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Virtual Reality

Lessons learned while designing for the immersive web

Nadja Haldimann talks about how she approached working with Mozilla on their new Firefox Reality browser.

Is Valve making a new VR headset, with Half-Life this time?

Valve might be releasing a new VR headset soon with new Knuckles controllers and a potential Half-Life tie in.

Youtube VR finally lands on the Oculus Go

If you’ve been waiting to watch YouTube in VR on your Oculus Go — wait no more!

Make VR even more inviting with the Oculus referral program

Refer a friend to get an Oculus headset — you get credit and they get a discount! Then you both can watch YouTube VR.

Vive Focus 6DoF controllers hands-on: an impressive start

David Jagneux tried out Vive Sync, a professional collaboration platform, and focused on how well the controllers performed (he was impressed!).

Virtually learning: 10 things to consider when developing an educational VR app

Steve Bambury talks about making apps for education.

Microsoft to host women in AI & mixed reality hackathon in San Francisco

If you’re in the San Fran area, join in the fun!

Oculus details improvements for November’s platform update

Apparently, a pirate theme is involved?

Google files patent for eye-tracking system that reads expressions for VR

“Google may one day make our virtual avatars more expressive by tracking our eyes thanks to a patent for using cameras to track eyes in VR”.

Gadget Lab podcast: Darren Aronofsky on VR storytelling

The director of ‘Black Swan’ talks about his new VR series that he produced called ‘Spheres’.

The VR waifu problem

VRFocus explores “what the deal is with all these virtual dating simulators, and why they are so awkward”.

Amazon Sumerian AR/VR challenge

If you create an AR/VR app using Sumerian for this challenge, you could potentially win some solid prizes!

Precision OS offers in-depth surgical training in VR

“The immersive education platform offers students in-depth surgical simulations complete with real-time feedback”.

Augmented Reality

Mixing art with augmented reality in The Unreal Garden

I gave my thoughts on The Unreal Garden, a new art space in San Fran, and interviewed Leila Amirsadeghi, Onedome CMO about it all! It was very cool.

Aryzon AR Studio New App

Aryzon, the Google Cardboard-style AR headset, has a new app that lets you look at 3D models from Sketchfab and Google Poly.

Disney researchers introduce ‘MotionStick’ AR puppeteering

It’s a neat way of controlling AR characters without needing a joystick or thumb controller.

How Niantic designers tackled Ingress Prime reboot

VentureBeat had a transcription of a group interview a bunch of press had with their team.

Field of view: Corning could be working on glass for Apple’s AR glasses

Slowly but surely we’ll have AR glasses from Apple it appears!

Magic Leap publishes more L.E.A.P. developer videos featuring Insomniac Games, WETA Workshop & more

After their first two batches of videos from their L.E.A.P. developer conference, we’ve got a few more up now!

Samsung unveils its Project Whare AR cloud service & Wacom partnership for AR creations

Samsung introduced their AR cloud and a partnership with Wacom that turns Samsung’s S-Pen into an AR magic wand.

Unreal Engine 4.21 adds support for Magic Leap’s Lumin OS & Windows Mixed Reality apps

Unreal Engine’s support for building for augmented reality is definitely improving and is worth checking out!

Domino’s Australia serves up virtual previews of your pizza order in augmented reality

I’m incredibly proud that Australia is leading the way in augmented reality pizza.



Huawei’s ultra affordable Band 3e fitness tracker arrives in the US

It is only US$29.99 and curiously has a main module that pops out of the wrist band and attaches to a clip that you can put on your shoe.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Xinhua AI anchor presents CIIE news reports (YouTube)

If you’re wondering what an AI news anchor would be like, here’s your answer! China has one right here!

Tesla owner finds a genius way to avoid getting a parking ticket

If someone asks why they’d ever need a connected car, you just show them this video.

IEEE Spectrum Creepiest Robot List

IEEE Spectrum put together a list of the world’s creepiest robots, top rated robots and most wanted robots.

Google open-sources AI that can distinguish between voices with 92% accuracy

“Google researchers have open-sourced an AI system that can suss out speakers with state-of-the-art accuracy compared to previous methods”.

Samsung launches developer tools to try and make Bixby think less-not-so-good

I really like this headline from The Inquirer, it’s incredibly accurate.

How machine learning could help California fight wildfires

Machine learning could help detect fires early according to Futurism — but only if everyone can work together to share info.

The home robot of the future isn’t a maid. It’s a closet

I absolutely LOVE these sorts of solutions, the home literally comes alive and moves around. So very cool.

The naughty AIs that gamed the system

Hackaday has a link to a list that Victoria, a keen AI enthusiast, put together of all the times AI did exactly what it was told but not quite what we’d hoped.

Businesses will scale back on AI in 2019

In 2019, 10% of companies will bring human expertise back into the AI loop — that’s totally okay as everyone experiments with what AI is best at.

Teaching robots body language offers common ground for humans and machines

The Verge asks “can thinking of robots as animals lead to a more harmonious future?”

The best Google speakers for the holidays, ranked by price

Wired has a guide for those keen to get their hands on Google assistant powered smart speakers.

Could data costs kill your AI startup?

“Your AI startup needs lots of data to train your model. But the costs of that data can eat away at your business. Here’s how to predict and optimize on those costs to improve your path to growth”.

AI weekly: tech giants need developers to help imagine the future of assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Bixby

Assistants like Bixby, Siri, and Alexa need devs to help inspire the future of conversational computing. It’s almost like you should sign up and check out my Dialogflow early access course (soon to turn into an e-book instead)!

Voice tech like Alexa and Siri hasn’t found its true calling yet: inside the voice assistant ‘revolution’

With more developers exploring this area though, we’ll find that voice assistants and conversational interfaces find their way.

Bixby lead imagines Samsung devices that talk to you when you unbox them

I quite like this idea but… what if you’re opening up some late night shipments and your family are all asleep?

China recruits ‘patriotic’ teens to work on autonomous weapons

Apparently, “students aged 18 and younger will research and build lethal weapon systems”.

The UK is developing autonomous killer robots

Two countries with autonomous killer robot stories in one week isn’t a good sign…

Walmart is building an AI lab inside one of its stores

Walmart is launching an “Intelligent Retail Lab” to test out both associate and customer AI-powered experiences.

Google Cloud wants to make it easier for data scientists to share models

“Today, Google Cloud announced Kubeflow pipelines and AI Hub, two tools designed to help data scientists put to work across their organizations the models they create”.

Google and Harvard develop AI to find restaurants that could make you sick

This AI can apparently work out restaurants likely to fail a health inspection. My stomach shall be forever grateful.


Internet of Things and Makers

Black Friday 2018 smart home deals: Bargains on Echo Dot, Google Home Hub, Facebook Portal, Apple HomePod and more

Black Friday is almost here — CNet has a fantastic list of all the deals on their way!

Amazon must give up Echo recordings in double murder case, judge rules

Amazon have been told “to disclose not only the audio files but any associated data—such as what phones were paired to the smart speaker”

Alexa has a new holiday home in your Windows 10 PC

Alexa can be downloaded on Windows today in the UK, US and Germany, with other countries to come in 2019.

Amazon’s Echo buttons now perform whole routines with a tap

The buttons can now be more than just game controllers, they can now trigger Alexa commands — plenty of IoT/maker potential here.

Auto-starting programs on the Raspberry Pi

There are multiple ways of auto-starting programs on the Raspberry Pi when it boots or you log in. The latest version of Raspbian includes a new one — ‘systemd’.

Arduino MKR WiFi 1010

Make have a solid review of the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010!

Volkswagen owners can use Siri shortcuts to unlock their car

Apparently, you can also set the temperature and start the defroster using your voice.

MEGR 3171 IoT parking sensor

This Particle-powered project alerts you when to stop and turns on a “porch light” when you head into your parking spot!

Which via should I choose? A guide to vias in PCB design

“Vias are used to electrically and thermally join traces, pads, and polygons on different layers of a PCB.”


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