This week, CES 2019 began! It meant we had a whole lot of HTC Vive news including a new headset on the way and a new Ring doorbell for your door’s peephole. We also had an AR fashion show in Iran with invisible models, one smart dude got his Leap Motion AR headset to become portable and so very much more!

HTC's new Vive Cosmos headset, invisible AR models and a portable Leap Motion AR headset

HTC’s new Vive Cosmos headset, invisible AR models and a portable Leap Motion AR headset!

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Virtual Reality

CES 2019: HTC reveals Vive Cosmos headset & Vive Reality

The HTC Vive Cosmos is a PC-based 6DoF VR headset (maybe even a smartphone connectable one too!) featuring inside-out tracking, a flip-up visor, four separate cameras and a pair of motion controllers. Vive Reality is explained more in the next link…

Vive Reality System will be Vive Cosmos’ new VR portal

The Vive Reality System encompasses the total user experience from the moment a headset is put on to how content is interacted with. Eventually, it will power all of HTC Vive’s headsets.

HTC: Vive Cosmos is not a successor to the original Vive

They’re hinting that a Vive 2 is potentially on the way, but Vive Cosmos is designed to sell alongside the other Vive headsets.

HTC announces Vive Pro eye headset with integrated eye-tracking

It’s like the Vive Pro, but with built in eye-tracking.

HTC Vive’s subscription service goes unlimited with Viveport Infinity

Sign up to this and you get unrestricted access to Viveport’s library, it’ll be available from 5th April this year!

HTC Vive, Amazon & Mozilla take VR web integration to the next level

Firefox Reality will become the default web browser on the HTC Vive!

Oculus Rift leads again in Steam’s December hardware survey

The Oculus Rift gained ground this month over the HTC Vive.

Apple patent reveals finger devices for MR

Apple are indeed still exploring augmented and mixed reality, this patent shows some of the results.

Fan remake of ‘Silent Hills P.T.’ now available in VR

It is a near identical recreation of the original PlayStation 4 game, including detailed assets developed from scratch — all by an independent dev!

DIY low-cost VR headset uses a pair of Micro:bits for tracking

This is a curious approach to making a cheap VR headset!

My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

Skarredghost put together his list of VR predictions for this year.

St. Joseph’s healthcare trains staff using VR seclusion rooms

This use of VR is a really interesting one — building empathy with patients living in social isolation using VR.

Forget Disneyland, Audi’s new backseat VR experience is enough of a ride

Audi’s spun out its VR division into a new startup called “Holoride” that are working to make in-car VR experiences with companies like Disney!


Augmented Reality

New dll suggests HoloLens 2 is coming in April 2019

New evidence has emerged that confirms the 2019 release date for the HoloLens 2 VR headset!

Vuzix Blade $1,000 smart glasses are ready to meet your face

These are incredibly exciting and I’m hoping they’re the first of a few AR smartglasses to come out this year that have a nicer form factor.

Nreal raises $15 million and shows off its 3-ounce mixed reality smart glasses

Oh look, my hopes already appear to be answered! It’s got a 52-degree field of view, 1080p resolution, spatial sound, voice interactions and haptic-feedback controllers with up to 3 degrees of freedom.

Nissan to demo invisible-to-visible augmented reality system

“The idea behind the system is to give drivers an insight into the ‘unseen world’, or Metaverse, motivating the decisions of upcoming autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles”.

Get ready to hear a lot more about ‘XR’

Wired say that “a shiny new thing called XR — an umbrella term encompassing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies — is the industry’s new favorite buzzword”.

Google cleared to pursue Project Soli hand-tracking rivaling Leap Motion

Google’s Project Soli would be a direct competitor to Leap Motion. Rather than using image-based tracking, Soli will use radar.

Keanu reeves does AR Kung Fu in new sci-fi film that uses HoloLens-style device to make humans immortal

There’s a good goal… make an AR device that brings immortality!

DIY portable computer makes Leap Motion Project North Star headset somewhat mobile

Noah Zerkin, a rather talented human, has managed to make Leap Motion’s AR headset prototype somewhat mobile.

This is how Snap’s non-creepy, fashionable Spectacles wearable camera proves we’re ready for mainstream AR smartglasses

I’ve always thought that Spectacles was a great initial step for getting the public ready for AR smartglasses, Next Reality think it’s time.

Magic Leap and other AR startups have a rough 2019 ahead of them

TechCrunch think it might be hard to keep up momentum alongside expectations this year.

Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! fan project brings the classic trading card game to VR

A fan project developed for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, “Duel Monsters VR” is waiting for Yu-Gi-Oh fans to try out!

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

Skarredghost has his predictions for AR for this year too!

AR fashion show in Iran features invisible models

I mean, it definitely brings the focus to the clothing… right?

Witness the discovery of the God Particle in AR

The New York Times app now has an AR simulation of a Higgs particle reaction.



HeartGuide is a discreet blood pressure monitor in a smartwatch

“Omron Healthcare makes some of the most highly-rated home blood pressure monitors on the market and has now miniaturized that technology into a FDA-cleared smartwatch.”

The PowerWatch 2 ups its smartwatch skills with solar power, heart rate and GPS

This is the second iteration of the smartwatch that uses thermoelectrics to turn your body heat into power!

Apple won 43 patents today covering multiplayer gaming, ride hailing for Maps, home automation with Siri, glass metal & more

One of them is for wearable fabric!

LG’s new patent points toward a smartwatch with a camera

I feel like when this happens, we’ll finally be able to play out our secret agent dreams!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

How do I integrate Dialogflow V2 API with HTML and JavaScript?

I get this question a lot, and while the answer isn’t super satisfying just yet… here’s where things are at.

Samsung shows off robots for the elderly and a wearable exoskeleton

Samsung showed various robotics projects at CES, including Bot Health and Bot Retail.

Bosch details connected robot lawnmower, gesture-sensing kitchen projector

The robot lawnmower is “one of the first with support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant, and the only robot lawnmower that can use weather forecasts to automatically decide when best to mow the lawn”.

Airselfie debuts 3 new pocket-sized drones with built-in cameras

The Air 100, the Zen, and the Duo appeared at CES 2019.

Exclusive: Amazon says 100 million Alexa devices have been sold

There are a lot of devices that include Alexa within them now, Echo Dots have totally sold out this month too.

How the artificial intelligence program AlphaZero mastered its games

The New Yorker has a look back at AlphaZero and it’s victory within the game of Go.

New AWS certification and training opportunities for Alexa developers

If you want to get into building for Alexa, Amazon are willing to help out.

Pencil-sized AI device to protect wildlife from poachers

Nonprofit Resolve and Intel teamed up to create TrailGuard AI, an AI camera that detects poachers in near real time.

Obsbot Tail is like a Google Clips camera for YouTubers

A 4K AI-enabled camera that automatically follows you around.

How a feel-good AI story went wrong in Flint

“A machine-learning model showed promising results, but city officials and their engineering contractor abandoned it”.

Hey Google, ask Alexa, Siri, and Cortana what’s up with Bixby in the smart home

Kevin Tofel ponders about the assistant I ponder about every time I accidentally trigger it on my phone… Bixby.

The ‘godfather of deep learning’ on why we need to ensure AI doesn’t just benefit the rich

Martin Ford has some thoughts on our approach to AI and deep learning.


Internet of Things and Makers

Amazon’s Ring unveils Door View Cam for peephole video and smart outdoor lighting

“Door View Cam requires no wires or drilling for installation, and it includes sensors that do things like alert you if someone is knocking at the door.” They’ve got a bunch of smart lights too!

Shadecraft’s Bloom adds voice controls to parasols

I can see this becoming an absolute lifesaver for cafes and restaurants everywhere! It can open and close parasols automatically, depending on the weather, or through Alexa.

This smart toilet adds Alexa to your bathroom routine

Don’t worry everyone, you can finally talk to your toilet.

Save hundreds on this complete Arduino starter kit

This deal from VentureBeat looks like it’s pretty reasonable. $51.99 for an Arduino clone kit with a bunch of learning material too.

IoT spending to reach new highs in 2019

Tech Radar say that “manufacturing, transport and utilities will top IoT investment”.

Arduino – drawing via web using step motor controller

It sends your drawings to an XY plotter to re-draw it on bigger screen using an Arduino!

Seeed and Snips team up to launch privacy-secured voice interaction dev kits for IoT applications

Their focus is more on the privacy aspect of things, which could definitely be a drawcard for some!

How to create your own home automation gateway for your IoT devices

This guide shows how to set up your own home automation gateway so you can control the access given to each IoT device in your home.

Raspberry Pi becomes a member of the RISC-V foundation

Could they be moving away from ARM? Or towards an open platform with different hardware options?

Introduction to the C programming language for embedded applications

All About Circuits looks at C from the perspective of programming microcontrollers. Really nice info in this!

A Roland keyboard has Alexa built-in for voice control while you play

Soon, everything will be Alexa-enabled!

Building an ESP8266 doorbell on hard mode

For those who’d like a challenge.

Making MusicPi: Amazon Echo Music Streamer

This project lets you stream your local music library to Amazon Echo for free!

Arduino Vending Machine

This DIY Arduino-powered vending machine is pretty darn cool.

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