This week, CES 2019 wrapped up with more tech news including Rokid’s Project Aurora AR glasses, Nreal’s AR glasses (both nice and slim!), an emerging trend for the inside-out tracking controller shape, AR company ups and downs… and a whole lot more!

Rokid's Project Aurora glasses, Nreal's AR glasses and the HTC Focus controllers

Rokid’s Project Aurora glasses, Nreal’s AR glasses and the HTC Focus controllers


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Virtual Reality

Rec Room hits more than 1 million VR headsets

Rec Room has been installed on over 1 million VR headsets so far — that’s a pretty solid number!

The Void’s extra-sensory VR does what home experiences can’t

They’re super elaborate and bring a level of VR we can’t do yet at home.

Exclusive: DisplayLink demonstrates foveated compression for better wireless VR

With higher and higher resolutions on the way, finding ways to only render what people are looking at in full resolution (foveated rendering) is a necessity.

CES 2019: Qualcomm’s mystery VR headset offers twice the pixels of Vive Pro

Qualcomm’s new VR headset looks pretty similar to the HTC Vive Cosmos headset from last week’s newsletter, so it could also reveal more about the Cosmos.

All you need to know about the Vive Cosmos

Tony gives the lowdown on all you need to know about the Vive Cosmos after CES 2019.

HTC’s prototype Vive Focus controllers look strangely familiar

Inside-out tracking controllers for Windows Mixed Reality, the Vive Cosmos and Oculus Quest are all kinda similar.

How to push the limit of Kandao QooCam

Yuqing Guo, 2018 EPSON Panoaward VR/360 silver winner, reveals his how he takes high quality 360 photos with the Kandao QooCam.

Doctors are using VR to study 3D models of tumors

A new virtual lab will use VR to build 3D models of tumor samples, providing a new way to look at cancer.

TPCast Air streams 360 photos and videos wirelessly to multiple VR headsets simultaneously

TPCast Air for Enterprise will enable wireless streaming from desktops to multiple standalone headsets such as the Oculus Go.

Oculus introduces Public Homes & Facebook livestreaming to the Rift

Public Homes on the Rift allows users to open up their private virtual spaces online and they can stream the experience to Facebook Live.

CES 2019: Pimax showcases open-palm controllers, hand & eye-tracking

“The Pimax 5K & 8K headsets feature an ultrawide 200-degree field-of-view, focul service displays, wireless transmission”.


Augmented Reality

These slick new AR glasses project shockingly high-quality visuals

The Nreal glasses show a whole lot of potential in a pretty compact form factor!

Judge in Meta patent lawsuit sets deadline for default judgment, Meta’s founder moves to save startup

It sounded like Meta was done for this week, but there are signs of a potential bouncing back too… all in one week! They’ve got a bunch of pressure from a pending lawsuit though.

Layar founders hope to buy back company in Blippar asset sale

The founders of Layar, which was sold to Blippar in 2014, are one of the bidders for Blippar’s assets now that Blippar are selling off their assets.

ODG patents headed to auction block after failed Magic Leap acquisition deal, report says

One of the big early pioneers in AR tech, Osterhout Design Group (ODG), is reportedly going out of business too.

Realmax Qian is a light, fully wireless AR/VR headset with a 100-degree FOV

The headset announced last year is now ready and “actually contains some compelling differentiators: It’s lightweight, tetherless, and offers a very wide-angle video display by augmented reality headset standards”.

Whirlpool’s high-tech oven uses augmented reality to help you cook

“A 27-inch transparent LCD on the door of this concept oven can show you what rack to use, zoom in on your food and show you next steps”.

Artemis smart mirror shows off AR vanity for Coty’s Wella professionals salons

It’s a smart mirror for salons, hotels and homes.

Create better mixed reality VR videos with mixcast moments

MixCast Moments are designed to help gamers easily create mixed camera MR videos to share socially and will initially be rolled out to VR arcades.

Rokid debuts Project Aurora AR glasses using Fortnite at CES 2019

These headsets connect via USB to a user’s phone to deliver AR, so it can do things like Fortnite.

ThirdEye shrinks its smartglasses package with next-generation X2 model

“The goal of the X2 was to integrate SLAM into a small glasses form factor — that is the future of making MR glasses mass produced.” — Nick Cherukuri, founder of ThirdEye



Best gyms and studios using wearables to get you fit in 2019

It’s quite neat to see some gyms and studios getting into emerging tech.

Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch to accompany the Galaxy S10?

There’s a leak of what could be the next Samsung Galaxy Sport.

Ticwatch E2 first look: sporty wear smartwatch gets swim tracking skills

It’s now waterproof, has better battery life but is a bit bulky.

The smartwatch Tony Fadell helped design will cost $48,800

The iPod co-creator’s watch is pretty darn expensive!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Top 10 products at CES 2019 that work with Alexa or Google Assistant

VentureBeat has a list of top products for each ecosystem from this year’s CES 2019.

Tellables unveils its lineup of virtual storytellers at 2019 Alexa conference

Virtual storytellers is a really interesting concept — Tellables’ platform is powered by Amazon Sumerian.

Aifi markets NanoStore, a tiny white-label cashierless store

“AiFi’s new NanoStore is a tiny storefront packed with sensors that enable a cashierless experience akin to Amazon Go”.

Mathematicians discovered a computer problem that no one can ever solve

Quick, remember this in case we need something to give evil robot overlords so they do that sci-fi thing where we stump them and they shutdown.

Google Translate adds more languages to Wikipedia article editing

“By introducing Google Translate, Wikimedia can now support an additional 15 dialects, including Hausa, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Yoruba, and Zulu”

JAXJOX’s connected kettlebell brings smart workouts to CES 2019

The KettlebellConnect can dynamically alter its weight and resistance by rotating inner cores, ranging from 12lbs to 42lbs within the same device.

Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart

It’s a shopping cart with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper that can soon automatically scan items dropped in using three image recognition cameras and a weight sensor.

Google Assistant takes the fight to Alexa at CES

A lot of Google’s assistant was around at CES — they’re definitely a solid competitor to Alexa.

Google boasts 1 billion assistant devices — 10x Amazon Alexa’s install base

That solid competitor thing… it’s got a lot to do with the fact Google’s Assistant is on a whole lot of phones.

Amazon wants to use AI to send you the perfect free sample

It’s like a targeted ad delivered straight to your house.

DARPA wants to build an AI to find the patterns hidden in global chaos

“A new program at the research agency is aimed at creating a machine learning system that can sift through the innumerable events and pieces of media generated every day and identify any threads of connection or narrative in them”.

Finally, a do-it-all robot arm that’s actually affordable

The new Hexbot looks pretty darn cool — it can help you draw, write, laser engrave and 3D print!


Internet of Things and Makers

Ring employees could look at your supposedly secure video feeds [updated]

There was outcry about employees of Ring being able to see your doorbell feeds – Ring say that it isn’t true.

Sphero’s Specdrums rings bring beatmaking to your fingertips

“The rings are embedded with Bluetooth transmitters as well as optical sensors, which tie a particular color to whatever sound you might like.”

Android app lets you code with CircuitPython boards using your phone

Here’s a way to program Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express using an Android smartphone or tablet while on the go.

Responsible IoT: how to keep your office safe from botnet attacks

A nice overview of a few of the common attack vectors and how to stay safe.

Add speech and text with the Arduino E-Z COMMS shield

This Uno-compatible shield gives a 16-character, two-line LCD in the middle with a stereo jack that can transmit speech to powered external speakers.

Teensy thumb keyboard is perfect for adding a handheld keyboard to your next project

It’s compatible with the Teensy 3.2 and similar boards.

The complete list of all the IoT conferences in 2019 Temboo IoT blog

Temboo made a list of every IoT event and conference in 2019!

Internet of things, 5G, and cybersecurity dominate CES 2019

All About Circuits have a look at the IoT stuff from CES.

This cool cycling mask can block air pollution particles

This could protect a bunch of cyclists from breathing in fumes.


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