This week, we have the most exciting look at a patent that could reveal what the HoloLens 2 will look like (we’ll know sometime this month!), Windows Mixed Reality can now run regular Win32 apps, we’ve got a super tiny Macintosh running on an Adafruit HalloWing, the reveal of the buyer of Meta and more!

HoloLens 2 patent, Windows Mixed Reality can run Win32 apps and a super tiny Macintosh

What the HoloLens 2 might look like, Windows Mixed Reality can run Win32 apps and a super tiny Macintosh!

Where to start learning emerging tech in 2019

I wrote a free guide over at SitePoint for anyone looking for a springboard into working with some emerging tech in 2019!


Virtual Reality

Disney is making another ‘top secret’ VR film after Cycles

Cycles was Disney’s first full VR animation and they’re keen to do another!

Here’s the first trailer for the VR sequel to Groundhog Day

You’ll play the son of Bill Murray’s character in the original film, living your own Groundhog Day!

EXA: the infinite instrument’s update make VR bands possible

One person hosts a room, EXA keeps layouts synced for the various instruments as well as items, playback states, metronome and live ringer events.

YouTuber builds a VR motion simulator for racing games

A neat DIY motion simulator got a highlight over at Hackster!

RiftCat’s latest VRidge solution turns your smartphone into a controller

They previously built a way for you to play SteamVR on a smartphone VR headset, now they’ve provided a way for you to also connect a smartphone as a controller with the Oculus Go and Vive Focus.

Kosmos looks to establish K-12 school that exists entirely in VR

“By socializing in VR, Kosmos can bring in homeschooled students who would typically be learning by themselves or in a very small group.”

NGoggle: VR boosts glaucoma detection

“A wearable brain-based device called NGoggle that incorporates virtual reality could help improve glaucoma diagnosis and prevent vision loss”.

‘Gloomy Eyes’ is a dark, but gorgeous VR animation with a ton of heart

A three-part story narrated by Colin Farrell all about “a pint-sized zombie struggling to find his place in a bleak world fractured by ongoing conflicts between the zombie and human populations”.

How to record (or stream) videos easily with your Vive Focus and a Windows 10 PC

Antony shows how to record videos with a Vive Focus!

Welltown is a VR experience built for an entire city

This VR app showcases Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, in a mix of different types of VR experiences.

Visit ancient Rome in VR with Rome Reborn

This project has spent 22 years creating a digital reconstruction of ancient Rome!


Augmented Reality

Newly revealed Microsoft patent points towards HoloLens 2

This Microsoft patent looks like its much more like the slick, glasses-style competition that has been popping up in 2019.

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with search, mixed reality, and keyboard improvements

Microsoft has added the ability to launch regular Win32 desktop applications in Windows Mixed Reality!

Leap Motion’s Project North Star gets hardware

“Leap Motion is releasing files for various components and a full-scale release might be coming sooner than we think.”

Bending reality: North Star’s calibration system

A really neat look at the optics hardware on the aforementioned Leap Motion’s North Star headset and how it all works.

You can virtually try on sneakers with this cool app

By “try on” they mean you can see what they’d look like. It’s an interesting idea, but you’d still need to physically feel what the shoes are like to wear after that right?

Meta patent infringement case moves step closer to resolution, new asset owner revealed

The new owner of Meta is a new company called “Meta View” founded by Mayer Gniwisch, a general partner at Oliver Tree Ventures – one of Meta’s investors. Meta View are looking likely to lose the patent in question in the lawsuit though.

Augmented reality app maker Houzz reveals major data breach

Even AR apps need to be cautious with security. “The compromised information includes the names and locations of users, current and past user IDs, Facebook IDs, IP addresses, and one-way encrypted passwords.”

Field of view: Apple secretly met with AR companies at CES 2019

Apple are, of course, keenly working behind the scenes to get into AR even more very soon.

Apple is planning 3D cameras for new iPhones in AR push

Apple is likely to have a triple camera system that’ll enable more AR capabilities according to rumours.

Epic Games files legal action to stop augmented reality startup Nreal from using name in the US

Epic Games say that Nreal is too close to their trademarked “Unreal” name (e.g. Unreal Engine).

Magic Leap finally releases Madefire comic book app for interactive reading & comic creation

I’m all for comics appearing on all emerging tech!



New Fitbit Versa smartwatch shown off in a bunch of renders

We’ll have to find out exactly what this leak is, but it appears to be a more metallic look.

Samsung leaks image of sleek Galaxy Active or Sport watch

Venturebeat see it as a “circular Apple Watch, now without the company’s signature rotating bezel”.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Artificial intelligence grew faster, better, and more controversial in 2018. What’s ahead in 2019?

All About Circuits looks back at 2018 and forward to what may be in store for 2019.

Nvidia’s AI thinks it knows what games are supposed look like

“NVIDIA is currently using artificial intelligence to revise textures in many classic videogames to bring them up to spec with today’s monitors” — they’ve started with Zelda in China.

Which voice assistant speaks the most languages, and why?

Google appears to speak the most so far, but some assistants might surprise you with how many they speak!

Tiny robot weighs just one milligram and uses magnetic fields to walk

It is smaller than an ant!

Google says it wants rules for the use of AI–kinda, sorta

Wired look at Google’s new white paper where they suggest “tech companies are best left to themselves on how to deploy AI, but highlights areas where the government might help”.

This robot’s AI can develop its own sense of self-awareness

The robot didn’t know what shape it was, what geometry or capabilities it had but was left to work it all out itself. It did very well!

Let’s save the bees with machine learning

They’re aiming to use machine learning to find Varroa mites in hives that can cause bees to be weakened and deformed.

The world’s fastest supercomputer breaks an AI record

“Late last year, a project in eastern Tennessee quietly exceeded the scale of any corporate AI lab. It was run by the US government”

Robot combines vision and touch to learn the game of Jenga: machine-learning approach could help robots assemble cellphones and other small parts in a manufacturing line

We have a Jenga playing robot but there’s more to it!

IBM builds a more diverse million-face data set to help reduce bias in AI

IBM is hoping to help combat biases in machine learning models.

Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech: advance marks critical step toward brain-computer interfaces that hold immense promise for those with limited or no ability to speak

“In a scientific first, neuroengineers have created a system that translates thought into intelligible, recognisable speech” — huge breakthrough!


Internet of Things and Makers

The curious case of IoT and sensor data

Tanay Pant from CrateDB had a guest post here at Dev Diner where he explored the use cases of sensor data with IoT devices and where CrateDB shines as a new distributed SQL database.

Use an Adafruit HalloWing to make a miniature 3d-printed Macintosh SE

It’s so tiny and so amazing!

This 6502 retro controller board is like a ’70s Arduino

One rather intelligent guy built an Arduino-esque development board around the same 6502 processor used by retro PCs in 1975.

You can now listen to an interactive choose your own adventure audiobook with Alexa

Choose your own adventure with Alexa!

Thinking about making your own Raspberry Pi Compute module carrier board?

For those who want to get their hands dirty! Lots of info is available now on this.

Make an LED-lit PCB flower for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so why not give an LED-lit PCB flower instead?



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