This week, we had Pavlov VR Oculus Quest dramas, so many Oculus Quest announcements from E3, Jeff smash, spies may be using AI-generated display pics and more!

Pavlov VR, Jeff Bezos with robot hands and a fake AI-generated display pic

Oculus Quest announcements galore, Jeff Bezos smash and fake AI-generated display pics

Virtual Reality

Facebook: Oculus Quest content sales hit $5 million in 2 weeks

That’s a whole lot of Oculus Quest content sales — for those wondering, I believe this is a good sign that VR is not dead.

Pavlov VR coming to Oculus Quest after all

FPS game Pavlov VR was initially announced to not be coming to Oculus Quest due to “reasons out of [the dev’s] control” this week, but later in the week — all has been resolved and it was just “mutual miscommunication”.

Recording audio for virtual reality

When creating audio for virtual reality you have to take all the rules and techniques of normal stereo recording, and forget them.

VR and microscopy help scientists see “inside” diseases

“Researchers have found that a combo of VR and microscopy can reveal details of disease that you wouldn’t see in 2D”.

How VR was used to help design the glass office fights in “John Wick: Chapter 3”

It’s always really cool to see how VR is used to help in movie production scheming.

Google shuts down Play Movies app for Daydream VR

“Google has quietly removed the Google Play Movies & TV app from its Daydream VR platform”.

Every Oculus Quest announcement made at e3 2019

So many Oculus Quest announcements… this article from VR Scout is perfect for catching up! Things like Richie’s Plank Experience on the way, Imagine Dragons have songs on Beat Saber now, Arizona Sunshine is coming to Quest too!

VR improves tolerance of anaesthesia procedures

Giving patients VR sessions before and during anaesthesia for orthopaedic procedures reduced the need for intravenous sedation.

Why Oculus bullied Virtual Desktop into removing SteamVR streaming

Oculus demanded Virtual Desktop’s SteamVR streaming feature which lets SteamVR games be played on Oculus devices be removed.

Kat VR announces “KAT Loco” VR locomotion system

Wear a bunch of trackers and have your movements tracked without needing a treadmill!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos checks out HaptX and their VR gloves

Jeff smash!

HTC has begun seeding developers for Vive Cosmos

There is a guide on “Getting Started with Vive Cosmos Development” over on the Vive Developer Docs.


Augmented Reality

25 AR headsets worth checking out in 2019

There are a whole lot of AR headsets to keep track of in 2019 and we’re not even halfway through the year! Thanks to everyone for the kind words about this article so far!

Walking around Minecraft Earth feels amazing

Kotaku had a pretty positive review of the upcoming Minecraft mobile AR world style game!

Envisioning privacy preserving image-based localization for augmented reality

Researchers at Microsoft proposed a new solution where 3D map info remains secret but the camera position can still be worked out.

Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses will soon support real-time language translation

The Zoi Meet language subtitling service will come to the Vuzix Blade glasses.

Blippar bounces back with web-based AR platform

“Blippar revealed that an update of its Blippbuilder AR platform, scheduled to arrive in July, will include WebAR, a toolkit for developing web-based AR experiences that customers can access through web links or QR codes.”

Hands-on: hands-on with Lenovo’s ThinkReality A6, a disappointing step back from augmented reality’s cutting edge

Sounds like the ThinkReality A6 is a headset to avoid.

Vuzix Blade teams with facial recognition company to provide law enforcement solution

“The iFalcon Face Control Mobile system pairs facial recognition software from developed by Dubai-based NNTC with Vuzix’s Blade smartglasses and a portable computer pack to serve as an integrated solution for police and security officers”.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Experts: spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets

This AI generated face might be the start of many fake accounts used to spy and mislead.

Deepfake tool makes it easy to put words into someone’s mouth

Researchers have been able to set up machine learning which allowed them to edit the transcript of a video and have the video adjust itself to match.

MIT CSAIL’s AI can visualize objects using touch

This system just might be able to translate between visual and touch signals.

Facebook researchers are building virtual spaces to improve AI and AR

“Facebook has unveiled an open-source simulation and dataset it hopes will help researchers create more realistic AR and VR, and eventually virtual assistants that can learn about your physical surroundings.”

Learning from Alexa’s mistakes

Issues around cloud reliance, context, intent and more need to be addressed.

From Brueghel to Warhol: AI enters the attribution fray

This article looks at whether we can use AI to sort out confusion around who painted what.

Dutch Google Assistant voice SEO research 2019 shows different results between Google Home and Assistant on smartphones

It turns out the responses can be different between a Google Home and Google Assistant on smartphones.

Researchers say 6G will stream human brain-caliber AI to wireless devices

“In the 2G era, storing 1,000 songs in your pocket was a big deal, but with 6G, your pocket device will wirelessly access human brain-caliber AI, anywhere”.

Pinterest details Complete The Look, a context-aware visual search tool

“Complete the Look” is a visual search AI that considers a person’s body type or the season and gives fashion recommendations.

IBM’s AI creates new labeled image sets using semantic content

“Researchers at IBM describe in a newly published paper an AI system that can synthesise image labels from only a few examples”.

How Amazon cloned a neighborhood to test its delivery robots

“Amazon used cameras, lidar, and aerial photography to build a highly detailed digital map of a Seattle suburb, where it is testing Scout, its delivery robot”.

Algorithm tells robots where nearby humans are headed

Predicting a person’s movement trajectory “can help humans and robots work together”. I’m sure that’s what you thought of when reading the headline too.

Amazon Alexa team uses machine learning to better handle regional language differences

Previously, Alexa has been retrained entirely for every regional variant needed, but soon it might become a bit easier thanks to machine learning.


Internet of Things and Makers

Suits allege Amazon’s Alexa violates laws by recording children’s voices without consent

A lawsuit believes Amazon is in violation of laws governing recordings in at least eight states.

Stanford team aims at Alexa and Siri with a privacy-minded alternative

Researchers say “a handful of companies already dominate the market for digital assistants. The implications for consumer privacy are a serious concern”.

Amazon brings in-skill purchasing to Alexa kid skills

It’s starting with a US preview.

Rise and fall of the Jawbone UP24: the tracker that changed wearable tech

I miss this wonderful device I used to wear on my arm.

Combating epilepsy with wearables and machine learning

“Biometric-monitoring wearables are common for tracking everyday health — but can they monitor seizures?”

U-blox releases wide-area 5G modules for the IoT with an emphasis on security and power savings

“This new cellular chipset from u-blox emphasizes security and power savings”.

Hackster’s handpicked projects of the week

Their projects include an AI Skin Cancer Detector, an Idea Indicator Light, a River Flow Meter and a Companion Crowbot.


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