This week, we have even slicker looking Vuzix smartglasses, the latest Monopoly has a smart speaker calling the shots, spinning details on the new HTC Vive Cosmos revealed and more! Also… We’ve reached the 200th Dev Diner newsletter!

New Vuzix smartglasses, a smart speaker powered Monopoly, the new HTC Vive Cosmos

Even slicker Vuzix smartglasses, a smart speaker powered Monopoly, details on the new HTC Vive Cosmos and more!


Virtual Reality

New teasing footage of HTC Vive Cosmos displays latest features

In a video that only showed the headset spinning around, much was worked out! The new headset will include six inside-out tracking cameras.

Oculus Quest developer shares tricks to optimize Rift and Vive ports

“An early third-party Quest developer says that surprising art optimizations make a huge difference in enabling Oculus Rift apps to run on mobile hardware.”

How to install and uninstall unapproved apps on Oculus Quest using SideQuest

Skarredghost looks at how to install and uninstall unapproved apps on Oculus Quest using SideQuest.

OnShape VR blends Beat Saber and Tetris

A curious mix of the Beat Saber and Tetris.

What comes next for Oculus after the Quest launch

“Jason Rubin, vice president of special gaming projects at Facebook, said the Oculus Quest launch went well and it should have 100 games by year end”.

Penn & Teller VR: pranking your friends has never been this fun

This sounds like a curious new approach to VR games!

Lion King (2019) was “shot” entirely within VR – here’s how

Disney created a multiplayer filmmaking ‘game’ set in the world of The Lion King so the crew could see the scenes via HTC Vive headsets.

How to edit Premiere Pro in VR with Oculus Rift S

With this technique, you might be able to see your 360 video in VR as you’re editing the video!


Augmented Reality

Vuzix confirms new, smaller smartglasses model with fashion-friendly design

The unreleased next model of the Vuzix glasses looks much more like regular glasses than even the current one does!

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” is a glimpse into the future of augmented reality

The team that brought “Pokémon Go” to the world has brought Harry Potter AR to the US (it was already available in Australia for early testing).

Google courts advertisers with virtual makeup for YouTube, immersive display ad format, & 3D editor for Poly

“Google unveiled a trio of new immersive advertising products with appeal to consumer brands” — these could do well if adopted!

Unity bulks up advertising capabilities with responsive AR ads

Unity has also unveiled Responsive AR, “a new ad format that enables non-developers to create interactive AR experiences”.

Magic Leap claims he stole augmented reality ideas as an employee, but who is Chi Xu, the founder of Nreal?

Chi Xu, the CEO and founder of Nreal, previously worked at Magic Leap as a software engineer — they’re alleging he stole secrets.

Augmented reality has immense power — its users will need rights

“The experience from the emergence of social media underlines the complex and numerous challenges yet offer transferable knowledge for AR”.

Oculus Quest mixed reality capture tools now available

This can be used to record people as they’re in VR using the Oculus Quest! (Just note the GIF they show isn’t this tech in action)

Wacom video shows off more of Magic Leap’s upcoming design & drawing software Spacebridge

In the video, she uses “a Wacom Intuos Pro with a Pro Pen 3D stylus to directly manipulate a 3D model in her real-world environment, as well as draw on it, resize it, and then draw unconnected notes on the nearby wall, which has been spatially mapped by the Magic Leap One.”


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Adobe’s new AI tool can identify photoshopped faces

In a world of so much photoshopping, this tool might help detect when something has been photoshopped!

That video of a robot getting beaten is fake, but feeling sorry for machines is no joke

Here’s a video parodying Boston Dynamics’ videos — watch it all the way until the end!

This is how Google’s phone enhances your photos [YouTube]

Curious how they sharpen up the image like sci-fi movies? This YouTube video has a glimpse into how!

Media Innovation Labs’ Greeting Machine is a minimalistic social robot that does very little

Yet it might inspire how robots are designed in the future.

AI helps drones navigate forests and other ‘cluttered’ environments

Researchers have an AI framework that might guide drones through cluttered environments that they’ve never seen before.

Benchmarking machine learning on the new Raspberry Pi 4, Model B

We’ve got more details on the new Pi in the IoT section below, but here’s how the new Raspberry Pi performs with machine learning (much better!).

Why AI investors don’t get it right

“Investors have been putting billions of dollars into AI startups every year for several years now. But they’re focusing on the wrong type of play”.

Robot ‘duck’ keeps weeds out of rice paddies

This Roomba-like robot can prevent weeds from growing in between rice crops.

NASA’s Astrobee cube robot flies in space for the first time

NASA’s Astrobee helper robot has flown by itself on the ISS!

AI could study your brain to help teachers improve their courses

This machine learning might be able to look at your brain to see how well you understood the lesson.

DoD’s joint AI center to open-source natural disaster satellite imagery data set

This labeled data set of satellite images from major natural disasters is soon to be open-sourced.

Planet-saving robots? Robert Downey Jr. is on to something

Why not clean up the planet with nanotech?

Monopoly Voice uses AI to stop you from beating up your gran

The newest Monopoly gives you a voice assistant to keep everyone in check.

Open-sourcing PyRobot to accelerate AI robotics research

“PyRobot is a framework and ecosystem that enables AI researchers and students to get up and running with a robot in just a few hours, without specialized knowledge of the hardware or of details such as device drivers, control, and planning.”

Researchers create first mind-controlled robot arm that works well without surgery

No need for surgery or invasive procedures.

Here are 10 ways AI could help fight climate change

I really hope it can, this could be one of the most important uses of AI we have.


Internet of Things and Makers

Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now from $35

The new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has dual monitor support thanks to dual type-D (micro) HDMI connectors, 4K support, choice of RAM amount, a new Rasbian OS version and a whole lot of performance gains.

Alexa could spot your cardiac arrest—by listening to your breathing

“A new tool that uses the microphone in your smart speaker or smartphone to detect warning signs, and then calls for help on your behalf, could help boost survival rates.”

Identify nature with this Google Coral/Raspberry Pi system

You’ll be able to identify a variety of birds, plants and insects with this Raspberry Pi set up!

The Holy Grail: what you need to know about wearables and glucose monitoring

Glucose monitoring is indeed the Holy Grail for wearables, here’s Wareable’s take on it all.

Jawbone Health: everything we know so far about the new premium health platform

Wondering what happened to Jawbone? The fitness tracker company? Here’s what we know so far.



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