This week, we had a new Apple headset patent, Tilt Five’s tabletop-focused AR headset launched on Kickstarter, AI focused on your privacy, Facebook’s AR glasses partnership revealed and so much more!

The new Apple headset patent, Tilt Five AR headset and Obama anonymised

A new Apple headset patent, Tilt Five’s AR headset and anonymising AI!


Virtual Reality

Tilt Five picks up CastAR’s augmented reality technology and starts new Kickstarter

Tilt Five is an AR headset focused on tabletop gaming — it looks pretty darn cool, I covered it in my 25 AR headsets worth checking out in 2019.

Oculus Connect time machine: how well has Michael Abrash predicted VR’s future?

In the lead up to the next Oculus Connect, here’s a look at the VR predictions Facebook’s Mike Abrash has made at past Oculus Connect events.

High Fidelity’s new mobile app turns your selfies into VR avatars

Those avatars can then be used in High Fidelity’s VR platform.

Batman: Arkham VR gets index controller support — no joke(r)

“Batman: Arkham VR just got a surprise update to support Valve’s Index Controllers”.

Brain may not need body movements to learn virtual spaces

Spatial navigation and memory appear to not be affected by whether you actually physically move around the space or just virtually do so.


Augmented Reality

This Apple patent may be the key to AR glasses we’d actually want to wear

“A patent published Thursday describes a pair of glasses that don’t project light onto a lens, but rather into the retina of the wearer”.

First look at Apple’s stereo AR experience in ‘StarTester mode’

One developer managed to test out the StarTester mode in iOS and recorded it for us to see!

Apple’s iOS 13.1 beta reveals AR headsets with 58 to 68 degree FOVs

Three separate AR headsets codenamed Luck, Franc and Garta with different FOVs were spotted in the code too.

The augmented city: how technologists are transforming the Earth into theater

A look at spatial computing and the move to the AR Cloud.

Independent developers can now get feedback on their work by sharing their creations in Magic Leap World

Developers can now publish “Concepts” which are “free apps with limited functionality” available to Magic Leap One users to test out.

Facebook launches Portal TV, a $149 video chat set-top box

It’s a new clip-on camera for video calling, AR gaming and content co-watching that goes on your TV.

North lets you size up its focals smartglasses by scanning your face

Previously, you had to go into a store to get fitted in person — now it can be done via your smartphone!

Facebook working on smart glasses with Ray-Ban, code-named ‘Orion’

Facebook has partnered with Ray-Ban maker Luxottica to make AR glasses for release between 2023 and 2025 that replace smartphones.

ThirdEye’s X2 smart glasses could be the smallest mixed reality headset yet

“ThirdEye’s claims their 6-ounce MR headset is the smallest in the world”.

Snapchat extends 3D camera effects from Spectacles 3 to iPhone’s TrueDepth camera

Snap is extending the use of its new 3D Camera Mode to use the depth-sensing of newer iPhones. You can also add AR effects!

TeamViewer adds support for smartglasses from Vuzix, Epson, & RealView to enterprise AR app

TeamViewer is bringing its TeamViewer Pilot AR mode beyond its mobile apps to Android-based smartglasses.



Fitbit is considering a sale, with Google named as a potential buyer

Fitbit is considering opening itself up for acquision options and Google is apparently interested in chatting.

Amazon is building Alexa earbuds that can track your fitness

They’ll reportedly have an accelerometer, work with Android and iPhones, and would be priced below US$100.

Facebook acquires neural interface startup CTRL-Labs for its mind-reading wristband

It makes a wristband capable of transmitting electrical signals from the brain into computer input.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Google tightens its voice assistant rules amid privacy backlash

Google are putting in new safeguards against accidental voice assistant collection and transcription.

The BeagleBone AI is now shipping

This board is focused on machine learning and looks like it’s pretty cool.

You’ve been warned: full body deepfakes are the next step in AI-based human mimicry

Fast Company look at where deepfakes that mimic entire bodies, rather than just the face.

AI weekly: automation in the workplace could disproportionately affect women

A report says the automation of work might disproportionately disrupt the careers of women.

AI competitions don’t produce useful models

“AI competitions are fun, community building, talent scouting, brand promoting, and attention grabbing. But competitions are not intended to develop useful models”.

Is that supplement safe to take? this AI tool scours research to find out

“A new tool called looks through years of health research papers to extract potential conflicts that may not be listed anywhere else.”

Google officially swallows DeepMind as NHS trusts agree to data sharing

There’s concern about what’s happening with DeepMind’s Health AI department.

Amazon’s Alexa now speaks Hindi

Alexa can finally speak Hindi for those in India who’ve had to speak English to her all this time.

See how an AI system classifies you based on your selfie

ImageNet Roulette is hilariously bad at classifying people — your chance to try it out ends on Friday when it’s shutting down.

New AI face anonymization model protects privacy

It can hide who is in video footage using machine learning — a curious use for the tech!

Clever hide-and-seek AIs learn to use tools and break the rules

The latest research from OpenAI put its machine learning agents in a simple game of hide and seek!


Internet of Things and Makers

The best Alexa-compatible smart-home devices for Amazon Echo

A list of things that are Alexa-compatible from smart bulbs to door locks to sprinkler controls.

ESP8266 automobile detection and gate operation

I like that this uses a QMC5883L magnetometer instead of an ultrasonic sensor.


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