This week ramped up in terms of news once more with more discussion around AR headsets from Apple, Microsoft and, one new one, Sony! We’ve also got a jacket to help the blind feel sound and info on the potential PSVR 2.

A jacket to help the blind feel sound, Sony's AR headset patent and PSVR 2 patent

A jacket to help the blind feel sound, Sony’s AR headset patent and upcoming PSVR 2

Virtual Reality

Design, develop, and deploy for VR

Oculus and Unity have joined forces to create a step by step guide to creating an immersive VR game in Unity. It is a really well put together course and it’s totally free!

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support: ‘we will try our darnedest to make it happen’

The team at Microsoft are looking to make a VR flight simulator happen.

Students develop VR massage parlor to train police how to identify sex trafficking

Currently police are trained to identify hidden sex trafficing using elaborate physical training locations, students realised bringing it to VR might be cheaper and more portable.

Sony patent may hint at features of rumored PSVR 2

“A seemingly uninteresting patent recently granted to Sony may reveal some features of the hotly rumored new PSVR 2”.

What operating rooms can teach us about ‘calm’ design

“Proprio’s Evie Powell shares what she’s learned about not bombarding users by creating new VR tools for surgeons”.

VR game gives users ‘eyes-on’ experience with vision loss

“Ophthalmologists developed a simulation that helps patients, families and health professionals understand what progressive vision loss feels like”.

Minecraft developer responds to requests for Oculus Go & Quest versions of game

There’s a lot involved in building and maintaining another version of the game, so it won’t appear any time soon, but their team is keen to get it happening.

PSVR celebrates third anniversary with new games and a massive sale

Crazy to think it has already been three years!

Sideloaded: Facebook clarifies intention of Oculus Quest dev mode

Facebook have amended their Content Guidelines, affecting users of certain sideloaded Quest content, such as custom Beat Saber songs through BeatOn.

Facebook’s plan for our post-web future – techcrunch

Let us connect some dots. Five years ago, Facebook acquired VR pioneers Oculus for $2 billion. This week, it snapped up neural-interface pioneers CTRL-Labs for somewhere north of $500 million, and announced that its own massively multiplayer VR shared universe Horizon will launch early next year. O…


Augmented Reality

Kuo: Apple’s AR headset to launch in second quarter of 2020

Apple’s augmented reality headset will enter mass production as soon as the fourth quarter of this year in time for an early 2020 launch if the latest rumour is to be believed.

Sony AR patent hints at stereoscopic headset capabilities

Sony are getting in on the action too.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel says smart glasses are 10 years away from mass adoption

“Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on Friday said he expects it will be 10 years before consumers widely adopt augmented-reality smart glasses”.

You’re not Pokémon Go — don’t hammer AR into your mobile game

This VentureBeat article asks — how is Pokémon Go doing so well while Wizards Unite and others are sinking lower and lower?

Is the world ready for virtual graffiti?

AR social platform Mark AR is one of many set to ask that very question.

HoloLens 2 video with Microvision “easter egg” plus some HoloLens and Magic Leap rumors

Rumours that Microvision tech is a part of the HoloLens 2 are all but confirmed by the images we’ve seen by this point.

Location based (GPS) augmented reality on the web

GeoAR.js is a free library for web-based, location-tracked AR using your phone GPS sensors.

Future of AR smartglasses: how they will become the way we view the world

A nice overview of where different parts of the AR industry are headed. If you’ve been following along with the newsletter each week, you’ll likely recognise most of what’s mentioned.

Context-first design for augmented reality

“If we want to design meaningful experiences in AR, we must understand and define what a computer sees and how it interprets that data”.



This high tech jacket fitted with special sensors allows deaf people to ‘feel’ music on their skin

It looks pretty darn cool and could make concerts much more exciting for those who are hard of hearing.

Does my smartwatch’s sleep tracker actually do anything?

A valuable look at how smartwatch sleep tracking works and its downsides!

Apple may have accidentally revealed a Sleep app for the Apple Watch

Speaking of smartwatch sleep trackers…

Startup GWD’s HiiDii blink-activated wearable offers alternative way to control your devices

HiiDii glasses that allow the user to “control desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices solely with eye blinks and head movements”.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

The state of machine learning frameworks in 2019

There are a whole lot of frameworks out there, this article helps get you up to speed.

150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at

A summary of lessons learned which others might also find useful!

Why Arm believes a consortium is necessary to get autonomous cars to the finish line

The Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium was recently announced to help bring automous cars to the world.

The dumb reason your fancy computer vision app isn’t working: EXIF orientation

If you’re considering working with computer vision at some point, read this article. It could save you some time. It’s such a simple thing to overlook but really common!

Here’s how Alexa learned to speak Spanish without your help

“Amazon has revealed a pair of system that helped Alexa hone its español (and Hindi, and Brazilian Portugese) using just a tiny amount of reference material.”

Rasa’s conversational AI can selectively ignore bits of dialogue to improve its responses

“Rasa recently detailed a conversational AI system capable of skipping irrelevant responses in dialogue, boosting the quality of its responses”.

Apple adds option to delete Siri history and opt out of sharing audio recordings in iOS 13.2

Similar to moves by other voice assistants, Apple has brought in more privacy measures now too.

AI weekly: in China, you can no longer buy a smartphone without a face scan

“China will soon require that phone customers submit to a facial recognition scan to verify their identity”.

Toyota’s LQ concept car will make friends with you via its onboard AI

Toyota want you to have a “true connection” with your car.

Doubling down: Google’s AIY endeavor leads to a brand new board

Google has a new Coral Dev Board and Coral USB Accelerator to help with AI prototyping.

Here’s how Amazon Alexa will recognize when you’re frustrated

The new tone-detecting feature will get triggered plenty by my Amazon Echo that’s for sure.

US government adds chinese facial recognition firms to entity list

The US has blacklisted Chinese video surveillance, AI and facial recognition companies over “human rights concerns”.

Microsoft’s AI generates high-quality talking heads from audio

The heads! They talk!

Analysis of US labor data suggests ‘reskilling’ workers for a ‘feeling economy’

AI is reportedly already claiming “thinking economy” jobs from humans, so we’ll need to move towards “feeling economy” jobs that need things like “interpersonal relationship skills and emotional intelligence”.


Internet of Things and Makers

Shapeshifter – an open source drum machine

It is open source and able to be built by any curious musician makers out there.

IoT roundup: new wireless protocols extend coverage and memory

All About Circuits looks at some ways companies are combining, developing, or expanding protocols to broaden IoT applications.

What is brown out reset in microcontrollers? How to prevent false power-downs

“Brown Out Reset is an important function to increase reliability of a microcontroller after start-up”.

System helps smart devices find their position

“Connected devices can now share position information, even in noisy, GPS-denied areas”.

Roomba update tells your robovacs to steer clear of trouble spots

They also have smarter charging and better links with Braava robot mops. One step closer to a smart home future that is actually smart.


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