The fifth issue of the weekly Dev Diner newsletter is here! It was a week of Maker Faire and a lot of movement in all areas of emerging tech. A very exciting week!

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Virtual Reality

Really great news for increasing widespread VR adoption, the next Gear VR is going to be only $99!

People feeling sick with VR is down to developers not hardware by this point according to Valve.

If you’re using Unity for your VR creations and are still on version 4.6 – it will no longer be supported by the end of December 2015!

Leap Motion released a big update to their Unity assets. The update supports Oculus 0.7, Image Hands and augmented reality passthrough. I’m actually really eager to give this a go soon…

Looking for a way to convince people to get a VR headset? Netflix has a VR app coming soon! Everyone loves Netflix and now you can watch it in a virtual living room! I’m hoping they’ll integrate a way to share the experience with others so you can have a friend from around the world in the same room.

If Netflix isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer hanging out with Bill Clinton in his office via VR?

It looks like Microsoft is looking to enter the Google Cardboard VR space too… in Russia?

VR hits politics! CNN will be streaming the Democratic debate in VR on October 13th.

Augmented Reality

TechCrunch had a fantastic piece on the image problem of augmented reality and the industries it is set to impact when it truly starts to hit its stride.

At a recent Meta AR workshop this week, someone put together an augmented reality Ultrasound Viewer.

A current bug in iOS 9 with the compass/gyroscope is affecting AR apps. It may also affect mobile VR experiences too.

Augmented reality is already helping boost productivity in warehouses in the Netherlands.

This toy Thor comes with an augmented reality app that I don’t fully understand.


We have a new Pebble Time coming… it’s round and super thin! The update will use a third type of Pebble watch platform called “chalk”. Here’s an example of a cross platform app. Keen on hardware comparisons between them? They’re here.

These newly released smartwatches can last up to 30 days on a single charge. They’re available here to buy now – Vector Smartwatches! Third party app development is opening in 2016.

There’s an open source and modular smartwatch kit, the ReCode Kit, available on Kickstarter for all those keen to build their own watch!

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Drones

Need a series of robots to help your mini 3D printing and manufacturing process? This robot can adjust your 3D printing, assemble electronics and ice a cake for you.

The fourth generation of machine learning, adaptive learning, just might help us improve our ability to analyse vast amounts of data more accurately and gain meaning from it all.

The Guardian reassures us in this opinion piece that artificial intelligence is not able to “press the delete key” on us just yet.

Could AI help treat brain cancer? This video by the BBC explores that idea.

Remember the IBM Watson? It is now smarter thanks to an upgrade.

Internet of Things

Weren’t able to make it to the World Maker Faire in New York? Here’s a cool photo filled overview of the event. It looks like it was a fantastic event!

You can use the Internet of Things to turn on your computer via a Particle device.

A $9 computer was announced at Maker Faire. It’s like a super cheap Raspberry Pi. Huge potential!

Here’s how you can make VGA Pong on an Arduino.

One of my favourite IoT peeps, Kevin Tofel, talks about how the Amazon Echo can now pair with an Insteon Hub.

Another of my favourite IoT peeps, Stacey Higginbotham, looks at how the IoT could stop the next Volkswagen-style scandal from ever happening.

Here’s a neat use of the Particle platform – A Pool Temperature Monitor.

Without a doubt, this is the most random (yet potentially pretty valuable) use of the Windows IoT platform I’ve seen yet. The EjectABed V2, “Eject your kids from bed. From Anywhere. Anytime.”

Find you’re losing your focus? The “Clara” lamp, a combination of a Neurosky MindWave Mobile EEG headset, Arduino Uno, NeoPixels, speakers and more gently lets you know if you’re losing focus. It’s even on GitHub if you want to give it a go!

Other Assorted Tech News

Keen to build 3D hologram style magic? Leia 3D announced their SDK this week. Whilst it’s not truly an outward holographic device like we all dream of, it’s still kinda neat!

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