This week, one company just might have beaten Magic Leap in the race for light field AR, another company is tracking motion using sound rather than light and Goodyear are trying out AI-powered spherical tires that morph and change for each situation!

Avegant's light field prototype, a sound-powered motion sensor and Goodyear's AI tyres

Light field AR tech in action, tracking motion using sound and yep, that’s actually a smart tyre.

AI With The Best

You can attend this conference without leaving your house! The online developer conference, AI With The Best, is on April 29th and we’ve got discounted tickets at the link above (or use the code WTBVIP).


Virtual Reality

Striving to do good in the world with virtual reality and 360 video

Taryn Southern talks about something I hope to see a lot more of in 2017 — using VR to do good and have a positive impact on the world.

This company can track motion with sound instead of light

Motion tracking over speaker technology is an interesting idea.

What you need to know when building a Gear VR app in Unity

Some tips I put together that might save you some time!

Vimeo now supports 360-degree video

I think that makes 360 video available on quite a few platforms now!

Oculus introduces Facebook Live Streaming

It also introduced Oculus Voice speech recognition on the Rift and Gear VR.

Oculus publishes Touch CAD files for custom-made accessories

If you’re interested in making Oculus Rift accessories, they’ve released a download of the 3D CAD files.

Standalone VR headsets powered by Intel’s Project Alloy will cost “closer to $1,000”

About the cost of a cheaper laptop, but they won’t need a laptop to run on!

Oculus Touch doubled the number of Rifts using Steam for VR games

The number of Rifts playing VR through Steam doubled in December.

5 Steve Jobs methods to avoid VR’s failure in 2017

A look at how VR could improve its marketing to the public this year.

Giphy just launched a VR museum of GIF art

The Giphy Arts VR app lets you explore a gallery of animated GIF art.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

A small team may have just cracked one of the big obstacles facing smart glasses

Avegant, the company behind the Glyph, appear to have really good progress on light field tech — the approach Magic Leap have been working towards that allows you to have a range of focus points in AR.

Avegant “light field” display – Magic Leap at 1/100th the investment?

Another look at the Avegant tech for those who want to read more.

AR.js: Efficient augmented reality for the web

A new JavaScript project to help people create web-based AR!

WatchThru: An augmented reality system for your wrist

A team of researchers have come up with a neat AR wearable concept.

Google job listings point to “mass production” AR/VR hardware in the pipeline

“The latest listings paint a picture of a product ready to make the jump from the R&D phase to a consumer device.”



Google and Levi’s connected smart jacket will come out this fall and cost around $350

2017 appears to be the year we’ll get a smart jacket from Google!

Movado to enter the Android Wear game, pricing starts at $495

Movado’s own one will also be accompanied later this year by two watches from the Movado Group’s brands, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

Fitbit wants to revolutionize your sleep with the new Alta HR wearable

Fitbit is finally going to be able to track your sleep stages like REM and deep sleep, like Jawbone’s UP bands! I’m excited to see how reliable they are.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Google’s Deep Learning AI project diagnoses cancer faster than pathologists

Absolutely invaluable for spotting potential cancer cases sooner.

What it’s like to build and market a chatbot when you’re only 14 years old

This 14 year old’s story has things we can all learn from his process. It’s a very impressive post!

The complete beginner’s guide to creating a bot on Facebook Messenger

A look at how to make your very own Messenger bot using Octane AI.

Physicists extend quantum machine learning to infinite dimensions

This one is above my level of understanding but it sounds really neat!

Blockchains are a data buffet for AI

It’s an interesting emerging tech combo I hadn’t thought of! Makes sense!

Google’s new machine learning API recognizes objects in videos

They have a new Video Intelligence API, seems like an early version of Clarifai’s service which is not quite as feature rich just yet.

Goodyear’s AI tire concept can read the road and adapt on the fly

It’s spherical and would adapt its tread and more in self-driving cars.

TensorFlow: How to optimise your input pipeline with queues and multi-threading

Here’s a look at optimising your TensorFlow by taking out a bad habit.


Internet of Things

Alphabet’s Nest working on cheaper thermostat, home security system

A cheaper thermostat, a home-security alarm system, a digital doorbell and an updated indoor security camera are in the works.

Particle’s Raspberry Pi beta now open to all

Want to use Particle services on a Raspberry Pi? Their beta program is now open to everyone — give it a go!

Applying machine learning to the Internet of Things

A look at the potential applications of machine learning in the IoT.

6 technology trends that aren’t AI, blockchain or VR

A lot of these are IoT-related trends that are pretty exciting!

Weeping Angel: Did the CIA really hack into TVs?

A WikiLeaks dump shared various hacks the CIA have access to, including a hack turning Samsung TVs into listening devices.

The perils of Alexa!

I wanted to finish up with a story of one man investigating some rather odd appearances (including an Amazon order!) in his Alexa voice history.


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