This week, Disney sought a patent for “soft and durable” robot actors, the Android Wear 2.0 update confusion appears to be subsiding, a Fitbit saved one woman’s life, Brickerbot is threatening to kill insecure IoT devices worldwide and we got to see a cute mini Macintosh made of Lego.

A tiny Raspberry Pi powered Macintosh, Disney's robot patent and an Android Wear watch

A tiny Raspberry Pi powered Macintosh, Disney’s robot patent and an Android Wear watch to represent the 2.0 upgrade delay!

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Virtual Reality

MakeVR lets you design 3D-printable objects in VR

A HTC Vive app that lets you 3D-print the things you create!

HTC: 100,000 weekly users on viveport, improvements coming

Viveport is seeing 100,000 unique active users each week which is great!

Almost 50% of VR professionals reporting growth

A survey of VR professionals is showing some positive results! Yay!

Adverts could be coming to your HTC Vive

HTC have an ad service for the HTC Vive that devs can apply for if looking to test the waters with in-VR ads.

Field in view: which VR headset(s) will Scorpio support?

UploadVR had a look at all of the possible VR headsets that Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio might support and their likelihood.

“We’re running with scissors”: Why some experts worry about VR dangers

Scary mentions of using VR for torture.

The Melody of Dust makes music from objects you throw into a vortex

A new way you can make music in VR. Fascinating!

Bill Gates posts his adventures on Gear VR

Yep, Bill Gates has his own new Gear VR video channel.

Expedia invite you to check out your hotel room in VR

Explore potential hotel rooms in VR before you book!


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Meta 2: hands-on with the AR startup’s latest kit

UploadVR looks as how it tracks, its optics and how it compares to HoloLens.

You are the operating system: Meta’s Stefano Baldassi on AR & the new human frontier

A look at where AR and technology is headed.

An afternoon with Avegant’s prototype light field display headset

TechCrunch got to try Avegant’s AR headset, here’s their experience.

AR smashed funding records in 2016

We had $1.07 billion in AR investments in 2016, over four times 2015.

Microsoft to sponsor startups which use Hololens in Collective Campus accelerator

It will be a 13-week program with mentors from Microsoft.



When will your smartwatch get the Android Wear 2.0 update?

Confused as to when you’ll get the update? Here’s a list!

Pebble App and Developer Transition Updates

The latest version of the Pebble app reduces its need for cloud services.

How a fitness tracker spotted a woman’s life-threatening condition

This woman’s Fitbit saved her life after detecting signs of blood clots.

The next generation of wearables could be created from touch-sensitive fibers

Soft and stretchable

How 5G on wearables will make the smartphone era look like a warm-up

How 5G is going to make waves in the wearable industry.

Dot’s challenge to design a smartwatch for the blind

I’m so glad this project is still going strong! It looks neat.

There’s finally an Alexa smartwatch, and it works with iPhones and Android

Fan of your Amazon Echo and wish Alexa was always around? This might help.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

5 myths of the connected car busted

A thought provoking piece on what’s involved in our connected car future.

Google DeepMind open sources Sonnet so you can build neural networks in TensorFlow even quicker

Google’s DeepMind announced today that it was open sourcing Sonnet, its object-oriented neural network library!

Disney seeks patent for a “humanoid robot” that can play a character

The patent says they need to be “soft and durable” so they can interact with kids. One of the pics reminds me a bit of Big Hero 6.

Google says its custom machine learning chips are often 15-30x faster than GPUs and CPUs

I wonder if soon we’ll have custom chips for every aspect of emerging tech.

OpenAI sets benchmark for sentiment analysis using an efficient mLSTM

OpenAI has set a benchmark for sentiment analysis trained on Amazon reviews.

Of course a venture capitalist was no match for CMU’s updated poker-playing AI

Carnegie Mellon’s poker-playing AI continues to outsmart humans, even a strategy of thinking like a machine failed!

Tesla overtakes GM to become the most valuable US car maker

It may be temporary, but that’s a pretty big achievement!

Deepmind’s AlphaGo AI to take on world’s number one Go champ

Time for AlphaGo’s biggest test!


Internet of Things

Brickerbot: Mirai-like malware threatens to brick insecure IoT devices

This attack could render Linux-based IoT devices useless.

A peek inside the connected home

The Eero router gives a peek inside their connected home stats. Pretty cool!

Amazon and Energenie IoT kit helps vulnerable kids feel at home

This smart home kit brightens each new foster kids’ day when they arrive!

IoT startup borks customer’s product after potty-mouthed review

How to not respond when someone leaves your IoT product a bad review!

You can now tell Alexa to change the color of lighting in a room

Alexa can change the color of a range of smart lights with a single command.

Early look: here’s how the setup for Microsoft’s Amazon echo competitors will work on Windows 10

New Cortana powered speakers are on the way.

Combine Lego with a Raspberry Pi to make the most nostalgic computer of all time

A Wi-Fi enabled, upgradeable Macintosh model made of Lego.


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