Issue #218
October 30th, 2019 | Newsletter
This week, Tilt Five AR's Kickstarter has been going fantastically, Waymo are looking to start offering robot-taxi with no safety driver in Phoenix and we have a look at Samsung's AR headset patent!
Issue #217
October 23rd, 2019 | Newsletter
This week, we sadly farewell to Google Daydream and Google Clips, we've got PC Screensavers in VR, a robot solved a Rubik's cube on its own, we've got a new Google Nest Mini, cool VR/AR demos and lots more!
Issue #216
October 16th, 2019 | Newsletter
This week ramped up in terms of news once more with more discussion around AR headsets from Apple, Microsoft and, one new one, Sony! We've also got a jacket to help the blind feel sound and info on the potential PSVR 2.
Issue #215
October 9th, 2019 | Newsletter
This week was a bit of a quieter week, we've got an Oculus Quest update, the first new app in the Rebble store, a VR mat patent for Xbox, more movement around Apple's AR efforts and more!
Issue #214
October 2nd, 2019 | Newsletter
This week, we had a huge number of new Alexa devices including earbuds, glasses and a ring! There are also exciting Oculus Quest upgrades on the way, Facebook is officially getting into AR and your Amazon Echo could soon sound like Samuel L. Jackson!
Issue #213
September 25th, 2019 | Newsletter
This week, we had a new Apple headset patent, Tilt Five's tabletop-focused AR headset launched on Kickstarter, AI focused on your privacy, Facebook's AR glasses partnership revealed and so much more!