Issue #230
January 23rd, 2020 | Newsletter
This week, we had our first official live Dev Diner stream on Twitch! We also had smart contact lenses, an incredible spatial computing demo, lots of ways to print with Arduinos and lots more!
Issue #229
January 16th, 2020 | Newsletter
This week, we had robots galore from CES (robot cat, robot ball, robot yoga instructor... and more!), more headsets announced from Pimax, a DIY augmented reality browser made in Unity and so much more! What a start to the year!
Issue #228
January 8th, 2020 | Newsletter
  This week was both the first week of 2020 and CES! It was the week Anki's Vector robot was SAVED (yay! Newsletter done, nothing else matters!), Lyft and Uber open-sourced AI tools, Samsung revealed a home robot ball, Panasonic showed off the first ultra HD VR glasses and more!
Issue #227
December 30th, 2019 | Newsletter
It's the final newsletter for 2019! This week, we had a Wyze server leak (it's sorted now!), robots to help recharge electric vehicles, using smiles as a measure of machine learning success and plenty of best of 2019 lists from around the web! Happy New Year everyone!
Issue #226
December 23rd, 2019 | Newsletter
This week, Oculus Quest hand tracking SDK was released, Nreal is standing up to Magic Leap, Oculus talk about a festive tracking challenge and more! Merry Christmas everyone!
Issue #225
December 16th, 2019 | Newsletter
This week, we had a change to Facebook policy bringing Oculus user info into the realm of ad targeting, Oppo announced an AR headset, Samuel L. Jackson is finally on Alexa devices (in the US) and we had some cool VR experiences come out like "Where Thoughts Go".