If you are on the lookout for some virtual reality enthusiast friends on Snapchat, here’s a list of VR enthusiasts from around the world to help you out! Let’s all connect!

VR snapchatters

Yay VR snapchatters!

Eva Hoerth

Eva is without a doubt one of my personal favs on Snapchat — she’s really funny and Snapchat is a great medium for her to show her day to day random adventures!

hoerth1 snapcode

Snapchat: hoerth1

Malia Probst

Malia is the ever so friendly virtual reality producer/connector/host of the Real Virtual Show and the VRScout podcast! Follow her on Snapchat and see all of those adventures and more!

themalia snapcode

Snapchat: themalia

Helen Situ

Helen is a virtual reality evangelist at NextVR in Orange County, USA! She is also a founding member of SH//FT, a non-profit that provides opportunities in VR for women and underrepresented groups.

helensmuse snapcode

Snapchat: helensmuse

Shaun Dunne

Shaun is a keen VR enthusiast and co-founder of StudioZero. He is based in London and currently builds VR experiences using WebVR. He’s even talking about that very subject at FullStack 2016.


Snapchat: shaun_dunne

Matt Poole

Matt is a self-proclaimed “VR fanboy” from Birmingham in the UK that is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Rift!

mattpoolekj snapcode

Snapchat: mattpoolekj

Andy Fidel

Andy is a multitalented creative from Montreal. She hosts VR Montreal and is an incredibly creative storyteller and content creator!

andyfidel snapcode

Snapchat: andyfidel

VR Montreal

Of course, with Andy at the wheel, VR Montreal also has its own Snapchat account! If you are in or around Montreal, follow their Snapchat and check out this meetup group in the real physical world too.

vrmontreal snapcode

Snapchat: vrmontreal

Mike Schmidt

Mike is pretty new to the Snapchat scene but he’s a keen VR enthusiast from Canada that is worth following! Say hi.

fenderf4i snapcode

Snapchat: fenderf4i

Michelle Kenobi

Michelle is a filmmaker, YouTuber and all-around entertaining individual! She is exploring VR as a medium and has a pretty entertaining Snapchat feed! Well deserving of a place in this list.

michellekenobi snapcode

Snapchat: michellekenobi


VRScout is a media company full of lovely contributors (some of which are in this list above with their own accounts!). They cover the field of virtual reality and the people behind it all. They’ve recently put together a Snapchat account — a worthwhile follow if you’re looking to stay in the loop with VR and see what people are up to!

vrscout snapcode

Snapchat: vrscout

Dev Diner

Of course, Dev Diner has a Snapchat too! You shall see lots of PatCat, the founder and editor in chief of Dev Diner (who just happens to be writing this right now… it’s so weird writing about myself in the third person), building tech demos alongside chasing techno-things and tech people around Australia 😉 There’ll be all sorts of emerging tech — including plenty of VR and AR experiments in action. Say hi, ask questions, make requests for tech demos you’d like to see — PatCat responds to all!

The DevDiner Snapcode (Username: devdiner)

Snapchat: devdiner


Thank you to everyone who suggested the names above! If you or someone you know is a VR enthusiast or other emerging tech enthusiast that you’d like to see in a list like this one, let us know. Let’s gather together a fun tech Snapchat community 🙂

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