Equal Reality, the world’s first interactive diversity and inclusion training app in virtual reality, has officially been released in a public beta demo! We spoke with them earlier about their incredible aspirations and the app is now available on Viveport!

For regular Dev Diner readers, Equal Reality will sound familiar! We had a big chat with them around using virtual reality to help reduce unconscious bias a few months ago. They are working to build an app that helps you enter someone else shoes to understand and experience unconscious bias. It’s a worthwhile endeavour and they’re doing well! The great news is, the app is ready and available for members of the public to give a go! It is on Viveport and available for the HTC Vive right this moment, so check it out!

It is on Viveport right here: Equal Reality on Viveport

Equal Reality is already the top most popular business application on Viveport right now!

The Equal Reality app in the top five business apps

Impressive stuff right there team!

If you’re interested in seeing how VR is being used to try to reduce unconscious bias, head over to Viveport and download it for free!

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