Here’s a super quick guide to signing up for the SteamVR Beta so that you can enjoy new features in VR before everyone else! Get that boxing ring!

The SteamVR boxing ring

How to get yourself SteamVR and this fancy boxing ring!

First things first, open up SteamVR and hover over “Library”. On the menu that appears, click “Tools”:

Going to the tools section

Head over to the Tools section

Then, scroll down and find “SteamVR” in the tools list, right-click it and choose “Properties”:

Going to the SteamVR tool properties

Going to the SteamVR properties

Then, in the Properties window that appears, click the “Betas” tab. In that tab, click on the dropdown and choose “beta – SteamVR Beta Update”:

Clicking the betas tab and choose Beta - SteamVR Beta Update in the dropdown

The betas tab

It should then say “Successfully opted into the ‘beta’ content beta.” which means we’ve successfully signed up to the beta!

The success message

It has successfully set our SteamVR to the beta!

SteamVR should then update for us automatically!

SteamVR updating

SteamVR should automatically start updating itself

Enjoy that fancy new SteamVR beta. Fight the training robot. Explore all the new features. At the time of writing, I was inspired to write this to try out all of this stuff!

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