How do I design for virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a medium that pioneers are still trekking through and exploring through. For design and UX, it means there are an incredible number of unknowns and areas that are completely up for experimentation. The early developers and designers of virtual reality are the ones who’ll be uncovering the best way to do things and these discoveries will make up the future of VR best practices.

For now, here is an evolving list of the best articles and videos on the topic for anyone looking to get their head around what people have worked out so far. There are a lot of articles out there, so I’ll be trying to keep this list selective and focused on the best resources so far.

Fantastic Overviews To Start With

Interface Design

Useful Tools

  • Sketch-to-VR (GitHub) — A plugin for Sketch that turns your mocks into virtual reality. Could be handy.

For the Super Keen