These guides are an evolving, curated set of links to tutorials, forum posts, books and videos on working with emerging tech. They’re open to suggestions for additions and changes, so please suggest links that have helped you in the past to help other developers get into emerging tech too.

Is there emerging tech you’d like to see here? Request it!

Virtual Reality

New concepts for design in VR emerge all the time. Here’s a list of resources on the best practices from the community so far.

Want to build a VR experience that doesn’t require an app? Here is a list of resources for doing just that.

Here’s how you can build VR apps and games for the Rift, Vive, Cardboard, PSVR, Gear VR and more using Unity.

Wish you could bring your hands into VR? Try using the Leap Motion. Here’s how!

Augmented Reality

It’s very early days on this front, so far we’ve got a few links for awe.js in here.

Augmented reality and Meta Glasses

(Coming very soon!)

Internet of Things

Arduino is a common first choice for getting into microcontrollers, here’s a list of resources to help.

Particle’s cloud-connected microcontrollers are a great way to get started with connected devices, here’s how.

A list of resources for making devices with the Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled LightBlue Bean microcontroller.

Artificial Intelligence

A look at where you can go on the web to grasp a range of concepts around AI and machine learning.


There are plenty of resources out there to guide developers in making Pebble apps. Here are our top picks.


An early list of resources for developing cloud-based applications using IBM’s Bluemix platform.

A list of resources for developing one app for everything from Win 10 PCs, to IoT devices and the HoloLens using the Universal Windows Platform.

Handy Podcasts

A great weekly podcast hosted by Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel that covers each week’s IoT news.

A weekly podcast that is absolutely phenomenal at covering each week’s security breaches. Worth a listen.