Collective Campus, a corporate innovation hub, school and consultancy based in Australia and Singapore, have two accelerators that would be perfect for emerging tech startups looking at entertainment, tourism, travel or real estate. I spoke with Sean Qian from Collective Campus about the opportunities available.

Collective Campus accelerator homepages

The Collective Campus accelerators

The emerging tech landscape is constantly changing and often to take hold of an opportunity and run with it can be a really big endeavour — especially if you don’t quite have the network of mentors that other groups in the US may have. Collective Campus’ two accelerators might just help bridge that divide, giving you access to mentors who’ll be able to guide you along the way.

The two accelerators emerged when Collective Campus approached some of their corporate partners to see if there was a way for them to partner with startups and help “unlock and support their innovation strategies”. They had quite a lofty goal in mind,

“We wanted to create accelerator programs which hadn’t yet been done in Australia, which meant focused programs for VR/AR and PropTech startups.” — Sean Qian

How their accelerators work

Both accelerators are mentor-driven programs that last for 13 weeks. Startups who are accepted into either program receive mentorship, education, coworking, access to networks and distribution.

“In a nutshell, we aim to do 12-18 months of work with the startups in just 3.” — Sean Qian

Each accelerator has a different focus:

  • The Xperience Accelerator with Village & Microsoft — they are on the lookout for “VR/AR startups who are working across entertainment, tourism and travel”.
  • The Charter Hall Accelerator — they are on the lookout for “startups who are working on anything which could enhance or completely disrupt the Real Estate industry. This could include anything from blockchain applications, IOT, AI/ML and also VR/AR.”
Xperience Accelerator

Details for their VR/AR focused accelerator!

While the focuses are different, Sean says that the end goal for each program is the same, “The goal for each program is the same in that we want to find and accelerate the best startups in each vertical. For each program we ensure that there is a good mix of mentors which are accessible to the startups from the investment, industry, and startup world — all practical advice, nothing theoretical.”

When pressed for some tips for developers looking to get into either of their accelerators, Sean said that a strong team and an eye for low hanging fruit will help get your team accepted:

“We’re looking for applicants with a strong team. If you’re a technical developer, we want to see someone with business chops on the team, and vice versa. Think from the perspective of the corporate sponsors – do I see any low hanging fruit with what I’m developing that their business could leverage? Visit the FAQ pages.”

The program itself will be hosted at Collective Campus, located at Level 1, 20 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

How to apply

To apply, visit the page for the accelerator you’re interested in:

Thank you to Sean for chatting about their new accelerator programs and for all the help and support they’re bringing to emerging tech startups!

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