The Dev Diner newsletter has reached double digits with its tenth issue! Microsoft’s head of AI says AI has been “harder than expected”, there’s been plenty of debate and discussion over ethical issues with self driving cars and one researcher wants robots to have legal rights. We are definitely living in the future everyone!

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Virtual Reality

Leap Motion released a short video on how to optimize your VR tracking.

YouTube wants to melt your brain with VR. Not literally.

CNN asks, “Is virtual reality set to take off in Africa?”

VR headset Fove is launching their pre-alpha SDK this month.

Mark Zuckerberg had a Q&A in India. If you don’t want to sit through the video, VR Focus has a run down on the VR discussion.

The Oculus founder says VR and AR gear will eventually replace smartphones.

Google believes smartphones will make VR hardware irrelevant, just like they did with cameras.

Augmented Reality

Meta’s Director of User Research, Stefano Baldassi, Ph.D., released a research paper on “Depth Perception and Action in Wearable AR”.

Meta also released a Meta Preview tutorial video showing what you can do with their Meta Preview app.

Wondering what your options are post-Metaio? Here are your options.

Justin Barad gives an interesting surgeon’s perspective on AR.

Apparently 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. 3D mirror technology to the rescue!

ARToolKit and DAQRI have an AR competition for developers aged 16-23.

The CEO of Blippar, an AR platform, says the “Internet on Things” is going to be huge.

Here is what professors think about the upcoming legal and social complexities of AR.


The Pebble Time smartstrap revolution is in full swing now! Here’s a solar smartstrap to power your Pebble via the sun!

PebbleKit iOS developers need to update their apps to PebbleKit iOS 3.0 for them to work with the Pebble Time Round.

If you’ve wondered how to include images across all three Pebble platforms into your apps, SitePoint and I have you covered.

The RePhone was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

If you are already considering creating wearables, here are six ideas to consider.

Appcessories has a pretty in depth look at security concerns with wearables.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Drones

Keen on trying out an AI assistant that lives within your email? Clara is that assistant! You can sign up to the waitlist here. Mark Watson from Fast Company tried it out and never before felt like such a boss.

Google is also looking to bring some AI into your inbox, with a feature called “smart reply” which suggests appropriate responses to emails!

Facebook released a video showing their plans for artificial intelligence on Facebook.

People like robots because they can avoid social interaction with another person at a time when they’re not feeling sociable.

Alex Colgan from Leap Motion has a fun piece on “3 Robots About to Break Into Your Everyday Reality”.

There is apparently some AI art that uses blockchain technology “to gather and manage the resources it needs to become real and to participate in the artworld”.

Microsoft’s head of AI says artificial intelligence has been “harder than expected”.

Quartz discusses whether driverless cars should kill their own passengers to save pedestrians. A rather tough moral dilemma!

Self-Driving Cars Are Going to Change Us Literally and Figuratively.

Google explained some of the risks of semi-automatic cars.

Japan are cool with it, planning a robot taxi service for the 2020 Olympics.

If you aren’t excited by robot taxis, what about a Raspberry Pi Dalek Mower?

Or… robot delivery services? (Actually looks quite promising!)

Tech Insider has a great piece on why one researcher believes robots need legal rights.

If all you really feel like doing today is watching a high speed autonomous drone. Here you go.

Just don’t go too crazy with your own drones. You know… like knocking out power to hundreds of West Hollywood residents.

Worst case scenario, it turns out drone insurance is starting to become a thing.

Internet of Things

The rise of the IoT means a rise in the use of Bluetooth – including a new announcement of a free software development kit to learn how it all works.

Intel has outlined its plans for the IoT.

My friend Anna Gerber has a guide on getting started with Espruino on ESP8266! and Particle have a Star Wars themed competition where you can win Particle boards.

Here is an incredibly cool Arduino-Powered Candy Machine with plenty of details on how they put it together!

Business Insider has a 2015 report on how the IoT will impact the world.

Fortune Mag says “Ignore the IoT at your own risk”.

VentureBeat covers what big industry will do to the IoT.

Even faster mobile connections are on their way with 5G set for 2020 thanks to a new UN roadmap.

ZDNet has a nice infographic on the challenges of the IoT.


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Monday 16th November in Sydney – The Sydney VR Meetup has a bunch of cool speakers and demos lined up. If you’re in the area, RSVP here.

Monday 16th November in Sydney – The Augmented Sydney meetup is also on that night, RSVP here!

Thursday 19th November, Sydney – Convergence, a part networking event and part trade show  on emerging tech, is having its first event in Barangaroo. This one is all about VR & AR and it is looking unbelievably exciting – Details here.

Thursday 26th November, Sydney – IoT Sydney’s monthly meetup is on! Details here.

17th – 19th March 2016 in Sydney – The 2016 Australia Regional First Robotics Competition is on! It’s a free event and is looking for volunteers to help out too – Head here to find out more!

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