This week, we have a 360 camera filming a haunted house, a fancy AR bench from Disney and an ecoskeleton controlled by Alexa! You could also win a $50 Steam card for building a virtual robot in VR!

Haunted house filming in 360, Disney's AR Magic Bench and Alexa-powered exoskeleton

Haunted house filming in 360, Disney’s AR Magic Bench and Alexa-powered exoskeleton!


Register your interest for my virtual assistant course!

I’m making a fun, light-hearted online course on building a virtual assistant using! I’m asking for thoughts on what it should cover and opening registrations for early interest! Registering early will grant you a discount code when it’s out as my way of saying thanks!


Conference Coupon Codes!

Web Directions AI (28 Sept)

The fantastic team at Web Directions have an AI conference in Sydney! If you use the code “devdiner”, you’ll get $100 off! They’ve also got a deal if you get both their AI + Summit conferences together before September 15 (you get a fancy silver Summit ticket including videos!). Check it out!

AI With The Best (14-15 Oct) & IoT With The Best (14-15 Oct)

A great conference series that is entirely online! No need to leave your home! Watch from anywhere and view the replays any time afterwards. Want 30% off? Use our code DEVDINER30! They also have a bundle for two or three conferences (they’ve got a cybersecurity one too!)


Virtual Reality

NextVR’s night camera brings ghost hunting into virtual reality

NextVR has a VR camera for capturing light in extreme darkness and brought it into a haunted house for one of their projects!

Exclusive: Here’s how Fantastic Contraption VR devs generated more than $1 million

A nice look into a successful VR project and the lessons learnt.

Getting started with WebVR

A nice post guiding people on how to get into WebVR. Worth a read!

Google is exploring ways to let you animate your ‘Blocks’ creations

They’ve been prototyping ways of animating objects and characters in Blocks, their new VR modelling tool.

What it’s like to spend a day at VR World, the virtual reality theme park

Wondering what it’d be like? Live it through this article!

Lenovo Mixed Reality headset will be called Mirage

Lenovo’s headset name has been revealed in a trademark application.

Build a robot in Google’s Blocks for a chance to win a $50 Steam card

Good at building stuff in Google’s Blocks? You could win a $50 Steam card!


Augmented and Mixed Reality

ARKit is a goldmine for VR developers

A nice look at the neat things people are doing with ARKit!

Why GE’s use of Google Glass marks a turning point for AR

GE Aviation are using Google Glass on the factory floor.

Blackberry makes its first wearable play with AR smartglasses

An unexpected new entrant into the space.

How to pitch AR projects to clients

A useful guide!

Disney’s Magic Bench fixes AR’s biggest blind spot

An interesting idea for AR!

Intel EOLs Atom chip used for Microsoft HoloLens

Last orders will be late September 2017. Not sure whether this means HoloLens will no longer produce new ones till the newer one with a HPU?



Android Wear updates leave glitches with assistant and reminders

If you have an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch, you may be grappling with serious bugs.

Red light, green light: why Fitbit’s sensor shake-up is a huge deal

I look at the history of the sensors used in Fitbits and how they’re changing.

Leak: Fitbit’s smartwatch to offer more accurate heart rate readings

Sensors seem to be a big deal for the next Fitbit range.

#trending: Snapchat’s sticky situation and how wearables might be the way out

Things aren’t going well at Snapchat but wearables and AR might save them.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

The rise of artificial intelligence — where are we headed & why now?

A look at where things are right now in AI, where we’re headed and why we urgently need to discuss AI’s future today. Part one in a series I’m writing to turn my Web Directions Code AI presentation into an article series!

AI beats top ‘Dota 2’ players in one-on-one matches

Forget Go or Chess, OpenAI’s AI was able to beat the top Dota 2 player in a one on one match after just 2 weeks of deep learning. They are releasing the bot so that anyone can play against it. I feel like that’s a ploy so they can train it even more…

Blizzard and DeepMind turn Starcraft II into an AI research lab

Not a Dota 2 fan? DeepMind are using Starcraft II instead!

How Baidu will win China’s AI race—and, maybe, the world’s

“Microsoft and Google made the same mistake. We focused on Cortana on the phone and PC, particularly the phone. […] You need an AI-first device to solidify an emerging base of ecosystems.”

An artificial intelligence researcher reveals his greatest fears about the future of AI

This is a nice and honest reflection from an AI researcher.

Every AI powerhouse wanted this whiz kid. he’s taking them on instead

Fantastic to see a feature on Clarifai founder, Matthew Zeiler, in Forbes! is Andrew Ng’s new series of deep learning classes on Coursera

Keen to learn more about deep learning? Here’s a good resource!

IBM AI breakthrough sees firm smash Microsoft’s image recognition record

IBM’s system managed to achieve it in seven hours, while Microsoft’s one to set the previous record took 10 days.

New AI tool will help you sleep better

This research can determine sleep stages using radio waves & deep learning!

Google’s DeepMind AI has a new trick: taking a nap

Speaking about sleep… Google is teaching AI how to learn while it rests.

MIT’s AI streaming software aims to stop those video stutters

This is a wonderful use of AI!

Artificial intelligence is likely to make a career in finance, medicine or law a lot less lucrative

“First generation robots worked in factories. Second generation robots are preparing for white-collar profession. Sort of like people.”

Amazon’s Alexa helps this exoskeleton respond to spoken instructions

The applications “could range from elderly assistance to long-term heavy-duty lifting, to neurological command pathways”.

Neural networks and the future of 3D procedural content generation

Shows how one creative put together a procedurally generated scene.


Internet of Things and Makers

Anker made a store-brand Echo Dot for dirt-cheap Alexa access

The Alexa-enabled Eufy Genie is just $35.

The VoltaStream ZERO, a Raspberry Pi Zero lookalike for digital audio

“Designed as an audio streaming module it comes with an integrated DAC with hardware volume control, a digital TOSLINK output, and full-sized USB A connector.”

Cheap laser tripwire home security alarm system

A very real-world use case for a DIY IoT system.

Making a miniature of MZ-80K as “Real Computer”

Using a Raspberry Pi Zero to make this retro PC!

CircuitPython snakes its way onto Adafruit hardware

Scott Shawcroft, an Adafruit engineer, discusses their hardware transition to CircuitPython.

Build an autonomous R/C car with Raspberry Pi

Combining a R/C car, Raspberry Pi, and some 3D-printed and laser-cut parts!

Complete IR Control

“Buy an IR receiver for a buck, plug it into an Arduino, and load up some IR-decoding code.”

Reverse engineering a BLE service to control a light bulb

One developer reverse engineered the communication between bulb and app.


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