This week, ARCore emerged — Android’s version of ARKit! We had a peek at an early Magic Leap headset design patent and a whole lot of Windows Mixed Reality headset announcements!

ARCore, a Magic Leap patent and so many Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Google’s ARKit competitor, a Magic Leap patent and so many Windows Mixed Reality headsets

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Virtual Reality

Microsoft selling TPCast for HTC Vive in North America, pre-orders now available

Want to get your hands on that wireless transmitter? Here’s your chance!

Settlers of Catan is ready for virtual reality

The Catan board game is coming to Oculus Rift and Gear VR!

So, you want to start a VR arcade…

A lot of VR arcades are operated illegally. Here’s how to do it right.

What is Windows Mixed Reality?

“Microsoft insists on calling its new headsets “Mixed Reality” ones, when they’re really just virtual reality.”

Windows 10 will get Mixed Reality features with its big October update

It will support both VR and AR features.

Asus Mixed Reality headset first look: a future-sexy VR headset for 2018

A look at one of Microsoft’s VR headsets that is on the way!

Lenovo’s Windows Mixed Reality headset arrives in October for $349

It’s officially called the “Lenovo Explorer” and has controllers available.


Augmented Reality

ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale

Google have released their competitor to Apple’s ARKit that requires no additional hardware. It currently is available on the Pixel and Samsung’s S8, running 7.0 Nougat and above. I think the light estimation is really really cool. The Verge have a long piece about ARKit too.

How is ARCore better than ARKit?

The best piece of reading I’ve found that really goes deep into how both Apple and Google’s AR offerings work. A must read if you are into AR.

Microsoft was leading the world in AR; now it’s at risk of being left behind

It’ll be an interesting 12 months for AR!

The product design challenges of AR on smartphones

AR on smartphones is about to go wild and there are so many UX decisions that we have yet to explore solutions for.

Check out these smartglasses designed by $4.5 billion startup Magic Leap

While Magic Leap claim these aren’t the final ones, it’s an insight into what Magic Leap glasses may end up looking like.

Never forget a name again thanks to Microsoft HoloLens and Cubera

The “Who Is It?” app aims to do what so many want from AR tech.

Sony phone app takes 3D clone snaps (video)

Sony’s new smartphones can create detailed 3D scans of almost any object.



Smartwatches surge in sales with Apple leading the way

While basic wearables showed a drop in growth, smartwatches have done well. Things are looking good for Apple in particular.

Fitness wearables will live or die by their apps

The upcoming fitness-focused watches all run proprietary platforms with their own app selection. The heat is on!

Google encourages developers to make standalone Android Wear apps

Android Wear 2.0’s apps can be standalone and work without a smartphone nearby. Google wants more devs to use that feature!

Why does Fitbit’s new watch skip a feature fans were clamouring for?

They’re not keen on integrating it with Apple Health it seems.

Amazon Alexa is coming to the Bragi Dash

These wireless earbuds will soon be Alexa powered!

ORII – Fastest way to send texts without a screen

Wear this ring, touch your ear and get “clear and crisp audio”.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

Russia are definitely working hard on perfecting AI! Elon Musk responded with concerns that countries vying for AI dominance could lead to WW3.

Nobody is going to ask Cortana to talk to Alexa

Microsoft and Amazon have partnered up so that you can ask to talk to Alexa when speaking to Cortana and vice versa. While it’s exciting to see the two platforms working together… I think the TechCrunch headline might be right.

Google set to dominate Apple, Amazon and Samsung in the race for the best voice assistant

Interesting stats here about the current state of voice assistants.

It’s only logical that Apple is putting its software guy in charge of Siri

Natural language and artificial intelligence needs to be central in Apple’s ecosystem in the coming years if it is going to compete.

Researchers: $1m is yours if AI can break the chess stalemate

Really good at AI? Here’s a problem worth solving… $1m dollars worth!

Huawei unveils AI-powered phone chip to take on Apple and Samsung

Huawei wants to use instant image recognition and other AI features in its flagship phone coming next month.

AI writes Yelp reviews that pass for the real thing

“Not only did the Yelp restaurant reviews written by their neural network manage to pass for the real thing, but people even found the posts to be useful.”

The military’s quest for autonomous drones could also yield sky taxis

Aircraft in the near future won’t need pilots, they’ll just fly themselves!

JaguAR’s steering wheel of the future revolves around AI

It also “travels with you from car to car”.

Meet the boy genius changing the way driverless cars see

Improvements on LiDAR look pretty impressive here!

Temi is a smart home robot that’s a bit like Alexa on wheels

If you sign up for the early adopter program in the US, you have a chance of them sending one to your home for a week for free.


Internet of Things and Makers

The Google AIY Projects Voice Kit is now available for pre-order from micro center

This kit lets you add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects using Google’s Voice Assistant.

Houston is showing us why open data should be part of every city’s disaster and recovery plan

“Hurricane Harvey is demonstrating how robust open data systems can help any city cope with and recover from disaster.”

New Nest Thermostat swaps stainless steel for plastic, lowers price to $169

Nest “cuts $80 off the price of a smart thermostat, saves most of the features”.

How to track government aircraft 200 miles away with a Raspberry Pi

What a fascinating project!

6 reasons why designing UX for IoT is so difficult

Always a challenge!

Telling the time with robots, lasers, and phosphorescence

A clock that draws the time with a laser!

SNES Pi: Zero

An entire Pi retro gaming system inside of a SNES game cartridge.


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