This week, all eyes are on the Apple event that’s on in a few hours! We’ll hopefully see an AR-focused iPhone! This is stealing the limelight from a whole lot of other emerging tech news including a new series of Particle boards and AI that learnt to play Super Mario solely by watching players!

Super Mario AI, the Apple event happening in an hour and Particle's new board

Super Mario AI, the Apple event happening in an hour and Particle’s new boards!


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Virtual Reality

Pimax teases next generation accessories for its 8k VR headset

Pimax’s VR headset’s accessories will have eye-tracking, inside-out hand-tracking, scent enabling module, a wireless transmitter, prescription glasses frame and more! See the video for all of them!

Unity Core Assets 4.3.1

Leap Motion’s update improves hand alignment for most VR devices and lets developers manually adjust the default pose offset.

Acer upgrading headstrap for VR headset before consumer release

The new strap is “more durable, with weighting added to the back and a wider and deeper forehead area”. This might help the headset be better balanced.

This is how every Windows Mixed Reality headset stacks up against each other

For those really confused by the difference… here’s a comparison!

We take a look inside the very first IMAX VR arcade

The very first IMAX VR arcade is opening in Los Angeles.

Nintendo May not bring virtual reality to the Switch after all

The Nintendo of America president says the “problem with VR is that there aren’t a lot of experiences that are truly fun.” This quote upsets me.

Samsung Gear VR app aids the visually impaired

Relúmĭno processes the outside world through a smartphone camera and alters the image. What a great concept, if indeed it works!


Augmented Reality

How to watch Apple’s September iPhone event and what to expect

It is likely to have an AR-focused iPhone and is starting in about a few hours from when this newsletter goes out! Super exciting times!!!

Unity CEO John Riccitiello on Apple’s big event, privacy and the AR apps we’ll see within the year

An interview with Unity’s CEO on not playing favourites, AR and more.

Berkeley and Magic Leap worked together to develop a new metamaterial

The material is able to “redirect light from more angles”.

Facebook AR guide: an exploration into Zuck’s augmented reality plans

Might not be lots of new info for regular readers of the newsletter but a good overview for those who’ve been out of the loop a bit.

Android’s fragmentation will give Google’s ARCore problems

The dominance race for AR might be harder for Google.

Disney Research: the best projects, from magic bench to talking lights

An overview of a whole lot of cool creations from Disney’s labs, mostly AR but there are a few IoT ones too.

ARKit artist transforms the world into a cubist nightmare

A fascinating feature of an ARKit artistic experiment.

Smile, you’re in augmented reality dentistry

See what that dentist work will look like before you have it!



Fitbit and Dexcom to develop Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) experience for people living with diabetes

Tracking glucose is something smartwatches are very keen to do! The next Apple Watch might just do this too (we’ll know hopefully within a few hours of this newsletter!).

Fitbit’s head of design on the challenges of building the Ionic smartwatch

Great to get a look at how the new Fitbit watch design came to be!

A Microsoft patent shows that a smartwatch with smart band add-on modules is at Least on their drawing board

Apple is also trying to patent in this area… I could have sworn that Pebble and others patented their own modular smartband stuff before this?

Android Wear tips and tricks: the hidden smartwatch secrets

Ooo the mystery!

The WEAR Sustain startups that are futureproofing sustainable wearables

Some really cool examples of next gen clothing and wearables here.

Myotest says it’s cracked the code for wrist biomechanics – here’s why that matters

Fitness tracking could get a whole lot more accurate if true.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

AI that can determine a person’s sexuality from photos shows the dark side of the data age

This AI is more accurate than humans in determining whether a person is gay or straight from a handful of photographs, raising many moral questions.

You shall not speak: benchmarking famous speech recognition apis for chatbots

A comparison of speech recognition technologies in the market today.

Google launches TensorBoard API to enhance machine learning visualizations

You’ll now be able to create visualizations of training AI models as it happens!

AI learns how to recreate Super Mario Bros by watching people play it

All just through visually watching the game. Pretty neat!

Alphabet’s AI is slowly getting better at flagging the internet’s worst trolls

After announcing a tie-up with forum software provider Disqus, Alphabet’s Jigsaw division “flopped at spotting vitriolic comments on Breitbart”.

A simple design flaw makes it astoundingly easy to hack Siri And Alexa

A pretty sneaky way of triggering voice interfaces.

Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer

Equifax’s security breach affected 44% of the US. The DoNotPay chatbot is providing a way for US citizens to try to get compensation.

Canvas’ robot cart could change how factories work

“Taking advantage of complex sensor fusion, Canvas’ carts can work in tandem to create maps of dynamic and open environments”.

Teaming humans with robotic AI will remake modern manufacturing

There’s potentially a lot developing in factories and manufacturing!

Lyft and Drive.AI partner on bay area self-driving ride-hailing pilot will be running some of its test fleet on Lyft’s open platform.

Google’s new Street View cameras will help algorithms index the real world

They want to be able to answer complex questions such as “What’s the name of the pink store next to the church on the corner?”

How John Deere’s new AI lab is designing farm equipment for a more sustainable future

They’ve acquired a computer vision startup and have grand plans.


Internet of Things and Makers

Particle E Series – Industrial cellular IoT modules

The team at Particle have a new microcontroller series!

Raspberry Pi-based 4G AutoPi lets you program your car

Put those Raspberry Pi skills to use… on your car!

How will the Internet of Things influence the future of tech?

A quick look at a few IoT use cases.

Meeting Owl is a smart videoconferencing master

It can determine who is talking and decide who to show on screen.

Take these steps to secure your Raspberry Pi against attackers

A nice list of steps that would be good to take to secure your Pi!

Build a Raspberry Pi scanner that tracks the devices connected to your local network

Here’s something you can use that super secured Pi for now.

Use Raspberry Pi for a modern day telegraph

All it takes is a button, a buzzer, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W.


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