This week, we had what must be a record amount of emerging tech news! Google announced two new Home devices, smart earbuds that can translate languages in real time and a camera that uses AI to spot when there’s something interesting happening! Microsoft was revealed to be the saviour of AltspaceVR, we bid farewell to Nokia’s Ozo VR camera and so much more!

AltspaceVR, Google's new products and Nokia's Ozo VR camera

Microsoft saves AltspaceVR, Google goes wild with emerging tech products and Nokia’s Ozo VR camera… RIP.


A crash course in building voice assistants and AI at BuzzConf

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Sydney NodeBots Day 2017

Sydney NodeBots Day is getting closer! It’s on the 28th October for any Sydneysiders who want to make JavaScript-powered robots! If you want a ticket with a robot kit you can bring home — there are some still left!

Learn how to build a conversational voice assistant!

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Virtual Reality

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform is now open to SteamVR developers

It’s in “preview” mode at the moment but devs have access!

Microsoft acquires social virtual reality app AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is saved! Really hoping Microsoft helps take it to new heights!

Microsoft mixed reality guru Alex Kipman believes communication will be VR’s killer app

They’ve scouped up that killer app then huh?

Google’s new Daydream View VR headset is designed for your couch not your bag

Here’s Google’s announced update to the Daydream View VR headset.

Here’s every Daydream ready smartphone, now 15 and counting

Wondering where all those Daydream-ready phones are?

Nvidia’s VR design lab opens its doors to designers and developers

Holodeck, their VR platform, “enables collaborative creation in a physically-simulated environment”.

Why women don’t like social virtual reality: a study of safety, usability, and self-expression in social VR

An eye opening study on womens’ response after trying social VR.

Nokia halts development of its $45,000 VR camera

They’re focusing on other things due to “slower than expected” VR market.

Xbox remains reluctant to get involved in VR

An interview with Microsoft’s Albert Penello reveals why Xbox aren’t going VR.

VR vs. half measures

Game devs “need to stop using VR as the cherry on top, and start using it to bake the whole cake”.

Anamorphine is a VR adventure that addresses post-traumatic stress disorder

This VR game approaches PTSD, will be interesting to see what it’s like.

Sony trademark VR audio device

An application for the “Sonic Surf VR” was filed but we don’t know what it is.

Valve is creating custom lenses that’ll make next-gen VR visually sharper

Can’t wait for sharper VR!

In pictures: the new PlayStation VR

We do have new pics of the new PSVR!


Augmented Reality

Why ARKit will make more money than ARCore or camera effects (for now)

But they believe Google will win in the end.

Apple has the early advantage in AR, but Google will win in the end: study

Apple’s platform will be a big winner for app developers, but over time, Google’s should bring in more money for advertisers and media companies.

Is mixed reality the future of computing?

Fast Company talked to Microsoft’s Alex Kipman and other industry leaders all about where things are now and where they’re headed.

Upskill Skylight update aimed at bringing augmented reality to mainstream

Upskill wants to be the development platform for your smart glasses, regardless of the brand.

Hands-on with Snapchat’s mediocre, crashy AR art

Snapchat put together an AR art exhibition around the world, TechCrunch didn’t like it all too much.

Intel shutters its augmented reality goggles brand

Another Intel division closing down… this time it’s Recon AR glasses.

Implementing mobile AR & AI

A nice post on developing AR and AI for people hesitant to give it a go!

Placing AR portals all over the world

Making AR portals using the Mapbox Unity SDK.

How IKEA became an AR leader in the race to the connected you

They’re doing pretty well in this space!

Magic Leap will get Madefire mixed reality comics on launch day

We don’t know when it’ll launch but there’ll be comics involved!



Google Pixel Buds have Assistant built-in and offer real time translation

These look pretty darn impressive!

Now more than ever, Google needs to make a Pixel smartwatch

I really am hoping they make one. Android Wear needs it!

Peripherii’s smart earrings give you wire-free, hands-free access to Siri & Google

Connected earrings!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Why we launched DeepMind Ethics & Society

DeepMind are being incredibly sensible and forward-thinking, creating a research unit to examine the ethical and social impact of their work.

Rasa Core kicks up the context for chatbots

An open-source alternative to other chatbot platforms that shows promise!

Google’s new browser experiment lets you learn about basic AI

Here’s a really nice way to learn (and teach others) about machine learning!

Designing with AI

What a product designer at Facebook learnt about designing AI interfaces.

These soft robot fingers are also edible

We can eat our robots if they get out of hand!

Researchers can bring selfies to life with a separate video

This is pretty cool stuff!

Siri says the national anthem of Bulgaria is ‘Despacito’

Yep. That’s not it.

Apple acqui-hired the team from messaging assistant init.AI to work on Siri

So Siri might get better… at some point.

Omron’s updated ping pong robot can serve and take smashes

This is pretty cool.

BBC is launching an interactive radio show for Echo

They are working on “an interactive radio play” for the Echo & Google Home.

Transparent design could teach people to trust AI

“The first step in building trust starts with the ways people experience the technology”.

Intrapreneurship is getting hotter — thanks to AI

Intrapreneurship is like entrepreneurship but occurs inside an existing company. AI is turning up the heat!

How one company learned to reinvent itself daily in the AI age

On that note of intrapreneurship…

Boeing looks to a future of planes without pilots

Boeing is acquiring Aurora Flight Sciences, which builds drones and autonomous aircraft.

Already huge in China, Tuputech pitches its AI that identifies porn and violence stateside

A look at a massive company in China using AI at scale for a tough task!

Nvidia’s new Pegasus AI computer is designed to drive autonomous taxis

It is “designed specifically to bring Level 5 (completely self-driving) autonomous vehicles to market”.

Recipe for a replicant: 5 steps to building a Blade Runner-style Android

It’s an annoying slide-based article but there are interesting links within.

Google Clips automatically captures your best moments

“Google Clips uses machine learning technology to automatically sense when there is something interesting happening in a scene, and will start recording to make sure your best moments are saved.”

Could the Google Clips camera be used to spy on you? Google says no.

The privacy and security questions begin.


Internet of Things and Makers

11 lessons on building & shipping a smart device from Ray Wu, founder of Wynd

Wynd was a highly successful, connected air purifier and air quality tracker that has worked wonders in my travels! I interviewed the founder and put together 11 lessons from his experiences.

Google Home Mini officially announced: everything you need to know

The new and much smaller Google Home Mini is available for pre-order!

The Google Home Max is bringing premium audio to the Home lineup

They’ve also got a bigger Home device that “will automatically adjust the audio based on where the speaker is placed in a room”.

Can a cow be an IoT platform?

“We are so used to IoT platforms being physical objects that we forget about the potential for biologics.”

Amazon brings Echo and Alexa to India and soon Japan, its first markets in Asia

The voice-enabled Alexa-powered connected home is expanding!

Sonos One hands-on: Betting on voice control to evolve

Their new Sonos One might actually support both Alexa and Google Assistant! People with Sonos already can access a public beta for Alexa today.

This brilliant tinkerer is building a Doctor Who K9 with a Raspberry Pi for a brain

This is soooo cool!!!

Setup your own Raspberry Pi AirPlay receiver

“A low cost solution to making your speakers wireless!”

Amazon drops Echo Show price after YouTube fallout

It’s more likely that they’re wanting to move the focus to their new lineup.


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Deep Learning Dance Smackdown (23 Nov)

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AI Expo North America 2017 (29-30 Nov)

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