This week, Prezi showed off AR-powered presentations, Mozilla proposed a “WebXR” API to bring both VR and AR to the web, we look at the giant robot battle between the US and Japan, one lovely Dad built his son a mobile lemonade stand and more!

AR presentations at Prezi, giant robot battles and a mobile lemonade stand

AR presentations at Prezi, giant robot battles and a mobile lemonade stand!


Sydney NodeBots Day 2017

Sydney NodeBots Day is on this Saturday! We’ve got a few take home kits left, get a ticket and come along to make JavaScript-powered robots with us!

A crash course in building voice assistants and AI at BuzzConf

Prefer learning to make voice assistants in person? I’ll be running a workshop at BuzzConf on the 1st December in Victoria! Grab a ticket for a fun weekend of tech tinkering & start it by building your own voice assistant! The code special_devdiner will give you 20% off my workshop and the ticket price!

Learn how to build a conversational voice assistant!

My online course is getting closer to completion! I’m making a fun, relaxed, light-hearted online course on how to make a virtual assistant using Dialogflow (previously known as API.AI)! Pre-register and I’ll give you a discount code when it’s out as my way of saying thanks!


Virtual Reality

Mobile inside-out VR tracking, now readily available on your phone with Unity

It’s an unofficial technique in Unity but works on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL.

Bringing Mixed Reality to the web

Mozilla are proposing a “WebXR API” to handle both VR and AR.

Fujitsu is making a Windows VR headset too, arrival in Japan expected late November

It’s not clear if it’ll be available outside of Japan.

Europe won’t get Samsung’s new HMD Odyssey VR headset

It looks like Windows Mixed Reality headsets aren’t all being released globally, with the quite impressive Samsung one not coming to Europe.

HTC files trademark For HTC Vive Eclipse in Europe

This could be a sign that the HTC Vive successor may be called “Eclipse”.

VR content platform Yondr partners with Getty Images

This community and content platform for VR content creators has made a deal with Getty Images to help monetise their VR content.

3 keys to improving user retention in virtual reality

Some nice points here.

NBA team utilise VR technology to improve performance

VR eye-tracking technology is being used to check basketball players for concussion. If this works, it’d be handy for doctors around the world too.

Original PlayStation VR headset now discontinued

The new model will be replacing this old one.

Developing for AR & VR is easy, it’s design that’s hard

“The bar for user experience has never been higher.”

You can now grab the Daydream view VR headset from the Google store

It’s available for US$99 (or AUD$149) and is shipping October 27.


Augmented Reality

Microsoft has found a way to double the HoloLens field of view

The original HoloLens was limited to a 35 degree field of view, their new technique can span up to 70 degrees.

The future of augmented reality will be boring

Fantastic points made here on what our AR future is going to be like.

Sorry, PowerPoint: the slide deck of the future will be in AR

Explaining topics with the help of AR.

Robert Scoble departs his augmented reality company following sexual harassment claims

More news of sexual harassment of women, this time hitting the VR/AR industry once again with Robert Scoble leaving the company he co-founded. We need to build an industry that treats women with respect. Please speak out if you see harassment, don’t just accept it as part of our tech culture.

Augmented Reality free e-book

Mouser has put together a free e-book on real world solutions for AR.

Diary from the future: augmented reality, circa 2027

An imaginative account of what AR will be in 2027.



Snap reportedly stuck with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of unsold Spectacles

The hype apparently died down way faster than they expected.

Retroshape smartwatch concept provides users with tactile feedback

Feel what’s on the screen on your wrist!

Inside Samsung’s house of weird ideas, and the wearables that were born there

This is super fascinating!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Giant robot fight organizers say next step is giant robot fighting league

There was a giant robot fight (with people controlling the bots… not automated bots!) and they’d like a league. Here’s hoping!

Google Photos now groups your cat and dog photos automatically

Google Photos now lets you name your cats/dogs and automatically sorts your photos of them in your photo catalog.

AI-enabled personalisation is easier than you think

Some actionable suggestions in this article!

Hey Siri: An on-device DNN-powered voice trigger for Apple’s personal assistant

“Hey Siri” uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to understand your voice.

Google’s DeepMind AI learns by itself as AlphaGo Zero beats its predecessor

AlphaGo Zero “had a blank game board and the rules. And it was left to it”. “Despite so many options, within 72 hours AlphaGo Zero could beat AlphaGo by 100 to nothing.”

Are we ready for intimacy with robots?

A look at Hiroshi Ishiguro’s robots — uncannily convincing human replicas.

AI experts want to end “black box” algorithms in government

Researchers say government algorithms “can be opaque and discriminatory”.

Google Brain chief: deep learning takes at least 100,000 examples

How much is enough data for deep learning? 100,000 examples at least.

Nude is a next-generation photo vault that uses AI to hide your sensitive photos

An interesting use of AI on mobile!

Alphabet brings burritos-by-drone delivery to Australia

“Project Wing” is testing drones by dropping off burritos & medicine.

Garmin speak puts Amazon Alexa in your car

Alexa might be able to hang with you on your next road trip!

AI and our kids: raising centaurs

“We must continue to teach kids to appreciate beauty, and show them the value of empathy. These are things machines will only ever be able to simulate, never experience.”


Internet of Things and Makers

Submit your ideas to help communities devastated by hurricanes

Make and Field Ready have partnered up to try to turn great ideas into action.

Reaper: Calm before the IoT security storm?

There’s a new strain of IoT attack malware called “Reaper” or “IoTroop” that could be recruiting IoT devices in more dangerous numbers than Mirai.

Amazon and Intel release hardware development kit for Alexa

“The kit includes a high-performance algorithm for acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, beamforming and custom wake word engine tuned to hear “Alexa”. A dual Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with an inference engine, and an Intel 8-mic circular array.”

Now live: Adafruit IO Plus! The Adafruit IO subscription plan

IO+ gives you unlimited feeds, unlimited dashboards, and two months of data storage.

ARM’s vision for protecting a trillion connected devices

ARM wants to help protect our future IoT devices out there.

This lemonade “stand” is a giant drivable lemon

This is so very cool.

Bixby 2.0 is here and it wants to power your, er fridge

Samsung will be opening up the new Bixby SDK to developers soon.

The Internet of Moving Things free e-book

Mouser has put together a free e-book on smarter cities.


Conferences Discount Codes and Competitions!

Web Directions Reality (8 Nov) and Web Directions Summit (9-10 Nov)

Web Directions have a VR & AR event with workshops coming up, followed by their big event called Summit with two tracks — one product/design and one dev focused! Use the code devdiner and you’ll a discounted ticket to Reality for $499, Summit Classic for $999 or Reality plus Summit Silver (includes videos) for $1599! Yay!

Deep Learning Dance Smackdown (23 Nov)

For the final Melbourne Creative AI meetup of the year they are running a small competition! The basic idea is, build a program that generates some dance moves from data! Sounds like a lot of fun!

AI Expo North America 2017 (29-30 Nov)

3 co-located events. 15 conference tracks. 9,000 attendees. 300+ speakers. 300+ exhibitors. It’s all happening at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley! It even has a free track on AI for developers! Want to attend the whole event? Use the discount code DEVDINER20!

BuzzConf Technology Festival (1-3 Dec)

BuzzConf is a family-friendly tech festival in country Victoria, Australia. Learn and play with tech by day, enjoy live music by night! I’m running a workshop on making voice assistants! The code special_devdiner will give you 20% off my workshop and the ticket price!

AI Expo Global 2018 (18-19 Apr)

Can’t make it to the AI Expo in Santa Clara? The event is also headed over to London in 2018! Use the discount code DEVDINER20 to get a good deal on your tickets! They have a a free track on AI for developers too!


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