This week, it’s AI news galore! We had a tiny bee-bot, a halloween costume idea bot, a robot was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia, Google’s Sentiment Analysis got in a bit of trouble, AI has now defeated CAPTCHAs, and more!

RoboBee, Sophia the robot and an AI generated Halloween costume

A cute RoboBee, Sophia the robot is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and an AI generated Halloween costume — “The Dragon of Liberty”!

A crash course in building voice assistants and AI at BuzzConf

I’ll be running a workshop at BuzzConf on the 1st December in Victoria! Grab a ticket by November 10! It’ll be a fun weekend of tech tinkering that you can start by building your own voice assistant! The code special_devdiner will give you 20% off my workshop and the ticket price!

Learn how to build a conversational voice assistant!

My fun, relaxed, light-hearted online course is coming soon! I hope it will help everyone, no matter their skill level, build a virtual assistant/chatbot 🙂 Pre-register and I’ll give you a discount code when it’s out as my way of saying thanks! Currently adjusting it after API.AI’s recent rebranding to DialogFlow!


Virtual Reality

Pimax: The world’s first 8K VR headset — only 3 days left!

Haven’t reserved your very own 8K VR headset? It’s now the most funded VR project in crowdfunding history – more than the Rift!

ZephVR is coming to Kickstarter

Feel the wind in VR with this accessory that’ll be hitting Kickstarter on 2nd November… keep an eye out if you want to jump in early bird deals! It adds wind automatically to any VR experience using machine learning!

EVE: Valkyrie studio is shutting down its VR department

CCP Games are shutting down their VR game production for a few years, “at least until the virtual reality market matures”.

Is virtual reality bad for our health? The risks and opportunities of a technology revolution

An important question to be asked and explored.

Applying human-centered design to emerging technologies

How do we design for an era of VR, AR, and digital assistants?

The most horrific and frightening VR experiences for Halloween

Need some scary VR experiences for your Halloween celebrations?

Prisoners reconnect with families through VR project Back Home

What a unique use of VR at the San Joaquin Women’s Penitentiary Centre!

Mixed reality room scale shooting gallery

This is something you just need to see. Wow.


Augmented Reality

AR is on the verge of transforming the human-computer relationship

Some interesting points looking to what our AR future might look like.

Diminished reality will have as much power as AR for retailers

You needed one more term to remember because VR, AR and MR weren’t enough. Here ya go. “Dimished Reality”.

Microsoft’s new studios create mixed reality holograms

Microsoft is opening its first Mixed Reality capture studios in San Fran and London, allowing devs to create holograms from real objects!

Target adds AR shopping to its mobile website

They have a new “See It In Your Space” feature that apparently uses web-based augmented reality!



Jawbone users report sync problems, but company says it’s not shutting down service

Some Jawbone users were understandably worried that things were coming to an end for their devices, but that is apparently not the case!

The Bragi Dash and Dash Pro will now put Alexa right in your ear

The Bragi Dash and Dash Pro earbuds had access to Siri and the Google Assistant on the respective phones, they now also have Alexa!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Pretending to give a robot citizenship helps no one

Saudi Arabia gave the robot Sophia an honourary citizenship, James Vincent at The Verge believes this sort of approach could be actively damaging to public understanding of the technology and the tech itself.

Google’s Sentiment Analyzer thinks being gay is bad

Words like “gay” and “jew” give negative sentiment while “Christian” or “Sikh” is positive… An unintended consequence of machine learning… yikes. Google plan on fixing it. A lesson for everyone… keep an eye on your neural network’s results and unintended bias!

Inspired by brain’s visual cortex, new AI utterly wrecks CAPTCHA security

Yep. CAPTCHAs might not actually keep out bots any longer. This time was bound to come eventually.

A scientist trained an AI to invent halloween costume ideas, and they are so good

Need a last minute idea? This AI has you covered with ideas like the “Sad Pumpkin King”, the “Shark Knight” and my fav — “The Dragon of Liberty”.

Amazon introduces paid subscriptions for Alexa skills

Want to make your own smart skills and generate income? Amazon has introduced a subscription option for Alexa skills!

I just coded my first AI algorithm, and oh boy, it felt good

Need some motivation to actually give this stuff a go? This post is for you.

Meet the high schooler shaking up artificial intelligence

This might also be good motivation too actually.

HPE looks to simplify AI adoption with biz-focused deep learning toolset

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released a suite of platforms and services to help companies with deep learning.

Neural network gives your phone ‘DSLR-quality’ photos

Scientists have “found a way to improve your phone’s existing shots using deep learning AI”.

Bots could be the key to expediting due process of the law

Does the legal system need some AI? This article thinks so!

Robots could help detect cancer in less than a second, trials suggest

Well, not “robots”, but AI was able to distinguish cancer cells from harmless cells with 94 per cent accuracy.

Totally adorable bee-bot can do it all

RoboBee weighs just 175 milligrams & can fly, dive, swim & leap out of water!

How video game tech makes neural networks possible

Thanks video games! What would we do without you?


Internet of Things and Makers

Amazon debuts Alexa routines for customizable and scheduled tasks

Amazon’s Alexa is getting the ability to respond to custom phrases, you’ll be able to set up things like “Alexa, I’m home” or “Alexa, I’m heading out”.

MOVI adds voice control to arduino projects

MOVI brings onboard speech recognition and synthesis to Arduino projects.

HomeHack: How hackers could have taken control of LG’s IoT home appliances

Spying via the robot vacuum cleaner’s camera, switching dishwashers or washing machines on or off… luckily it has been patched!

The Amazon Echo Plus doesn’t quite add up

It’s apparently not a great smart home hub just yet.

Becky Stern’s retro Raspberry Pi Tumblr gif camera

An animated gif-maker inside a vintage camera case that posts to Tumblr.


Conferences Discount Codes and Competitions!

Web Directions Reality (8 Nov) and Web Directions Summit (9-10 Nov)

Web Directions have a VR & AR event with workshops coming up (one week left everyone!!!), followed by their big event called Summit with two tracks — one product/design and one dev focused! Use the code devdiner and you’ll a discounted ticket to Reality for $499, Summit Classic for $999 or Reality plus Summit Silver (includes videos) for $1599! Yay!

Deep Learning Dance Smackdown (23 Nov)

For the final Melbourne Creative AI meetup of the year they are running a small competition! The basic idea is, build a program that generates some dance moves from data! Sounds like a lot of fun!

AI Expo North America 2017 (29-30 Nov)

3 co-located events. 15 conference tracks. 9,000 attendees. 300+ speakers. 300+ exhibitors. It’s all happening at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley! It even has a free track on AI for developers! Want to attend the whole event? Use the discount code DEVDINER20!

BuzzConf Technology Festival (1-3 Dec)

BuzzConf is a family-friendly tech festival in country Victoria, Australia. Learn and play with tech by day, enjoy live music by night! I’m running a workshop on making voice assistants! The code special_devdiner will give you 20% off my workshop and the ticket price!

AI Expo Global 2018 (18-19 Apr)

Can’t make it to the AI Expo in Santa Clara? The event is also headed over to London in 2018! Use the discount code DEVDINER20 to get a good deal on your tickets! They have a a free track on AI for developers too!


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