This week, we’ve got a fancier spatial audio SDK from Google for VR, the iPhone X release has unintentionally brought us the wonderful joy that is Animoji Karaoke and Patently Mobile has spotted a new Google Glass patent!

Google's new spatial audio SDK, Animoji Karaoke and a new Google Glass design

Google’s new spatial audio SDK, Animoji Karaoke and a new Google Glass design (Glass image source: Patently Mobile)


A crash course in building voice assistants and AI at BuzzConf

Final days to get tickets for my workshop! Sales end 10th November! I’ll be running a workshop at BuzzConf on the 1st December in Victoria! It’ll be a fun weekend of tech tinkering that you can start by building your own voice assistant! The code special_devdiner will give you 20% off my workshop and the ticket price!

Learn how to build a conversational voice assistant!

My fun, relaxed, light-hearted online course is coming soon! I hope it will help everyone, no matter their skill level, build a virtual assistant/chatbot 🙂 Pre-register and I’ll give you a discount code when it’s out as my way of saying thanks! A few people spotted a test tweet I’d made from the assistant example during a screencast yesterday!


Virtual Reality

Google launches Resonance Audio, its new spatial audio SDK

Google is taking some of the tech from its VR Audio SDK and building it into a more comprehensive spatial audio product for mobile and desktop.

Poly: browse, discover and download 3D objects and scenes

Google also launched Poly — find, view and download 3D models and scenes.

Godot 3’s VR and AR support

Friend of Dev Diner, Bastiaan Olij, brought VR support to the Godot game engine! A great achievement indeed, here’s a post on how you can try it out!

Vantage point crowdfunds a VR app to show how to deal with sexual assault

“Virtual reality & immersive education to combat corporate and collegiate sexual assault & harassment” They’re looking to raise money on IndieGoGo here.

VR’s about to get breezy as ZephVR launches Kickstarter campaign

It has already hit its goal! ZephVR brings wind to a whole range of VR headsets – generating wind using AI as you play!

Star Trek: Bridge Crew “Rescue at Perseph” now available at IMAX VR centre Los Angeles

Really want to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew but don’t have enough headsets for all your friends? Head to the IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles!

TPCast opens us office, HTC Vive wireless adapter ships this month

The exciting wireless VR adapter will be shipping in Europe and the US soon, there’s also reportedly an Oculus Rift version on the way!

VR could still be on the cards for Xbox One X hints Microsoft

Maybe in 2018, but it’s only really vague hints right now.

Lytro on their light-field technology and taking virtual reality where it needs to be

Light-field tech is a really exciting area!


Augmented Reality

Bringing image recognition and image tracking to web AR

I spoke with Rob Manson, founder of, about their breakthrough with bringing image tracking and recognition to web AR!

Animoji Karaoke is the best thing about the iPhone X, and here are our favorites

The iPhone X is here and its key feature? Animoji Karaoke. This is actually a pretty fun use of the animojis that their AR tech have enabled!

Google Glass comeback could be powered by over-eye micro-LED displays

A new potential Google Glass design might be on its way.

Design tips for AR: immersion

Zappar share some handy tips!

Microsoft expands HoloLens headsets to 29 new markets, now up to 39

They are expanding availability of the HoloLens, which is very different to the previous stories we’ve heard about production slowing!

Amazon adds an AR shopping feature to its iOS app

If there was ever a way for AR to go more mainstream, Amazon adding it into their app is definitely one of those ways!

Merge Cube review

Another Google Cardboard-style AR experience… with a cube!



Fitbit partners with one drop to bring diabetes management to ionic users

“Not only are diabetics now able to track their health, the Ionic’s currently unused SpO2 sensor should soon be capable of estimating blood oxygen levels and also providing sleep apnea analysis.” — here’s hoping!

Fitbit is planning a lineup of smartwatches beyond the Ionic

It feels like every time there’s Fitbit news, it comes all in the one week.

Fitbit beats analyst estimates but takes a net loss of $113 million in Q3

“The company also reports it sold 3.6 million of its health and fitness devices in Q3, up 7 percent from Q2 of this year.” — so it’s on the way up at least.

Under Armour will stop making fitness trackers and focus on software instead

They’re changing their approach!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

US officials are having a ‘Sputnik moment’ over AI innovation in China

The US might be freaking out a bit about falling behind China in the AI race.

Microsoft wants to use AI and machine learning to discover a cure for cancer

This is a really fascinating question posed by the article — “Is cancer just biological malware?”

Dispatches from the cutting edge of computer vision

A nice summary of projects shown at The International Conference on Computer Vision. Some very cool projects here!

Avoid sexism in voice assistants

A very important discussion we need to have in this era of voice assistants.

Detective by Charlie is an AI tool that’s like having your own personal CIA

“Imagine having a button that can instantly tell you (virtually) everything there is to know about something or someone.”

Smart toy startup elemental path introduces the Stemosaur, a robot kids can put together

Always great to have more options to encourage kids into tech.

Dispatches from the front lines of human-robot collaboration

Lingerie brand Cosabella moved away from its digital marketing agencies and used AI instead. This article looks at the results!

MIT researchers trained AI to write horror stories based on 140,000 Reddit posts

Here’s your weekly AI-generated content, this time… horror stories!

Oprah will be Alexa’s first celebrity-voiced shopping assistant

Oprah “will guide you through her Favourite Things and tell you why she recommends them” but only for this one “Favourite Things” storefront.

Talk to Pikachu through your Amazon Echo or Google Home

As wonderful as Oprah is, Pikachu might provide a tiny bit more conversation… sort of.

Justin Trudeau explains why Canada really ‘gets’ AI and smart cities

Looking for a country to move to? Canada seems to be keen on AI and IoT!

OpenAI director Shivon Zilis explains why AI requires oversight now

Mr Trudeau brought that up at the Google Go North conference, a discussion on AI and why it needs oversight was also had with important points made.

Dorna, a 5 axis robotic arm, launches on Kickstarter

It can move over 2 lbs (0.90kg)!

Phones don’t need a NPU to benefit from machine learning

An interesting look at bringing AI to phones!’s startup raises $117 million and launches bot engine for enterprise market

They’re focusing on a voice assistant for customer service.


Internet of Things and Makers

Particle for Good — empowering groups using IoT for social good!

Particle are looking to help groups using their devices for social good — if that’s you, apply for their program! Here’s my interview with Jeff Eiden, Product Manager at Particle, all about the program and how people can apply.

Broadcom bids $103 billion for Qualcomm, open to going hostile

Things could really be shaking up in the chip business that’d impact a whole lot of electronics, including the IoT!

Edible innovations: this IoT system gives diagnostics for your beehive

Their brilliant system works by “ensuring real time analysis of the main parameters of bees’ lives and helping beekeepers identify the main causes of bee disappearances and anomalous beehive behaviors”.

Amazon Alexa app now available in India for upcoming release of Echo

The Amazon Echo is coming to India very soon!

As Amazon’s Alexa turns three, it’s evolving faster than ever

It has been gaining more features, powering new hardware, and entering new countries (like India mentioned above!).

Control your light switches from your phone

Controlling your light switch via phone using an Arduino, Bluetooth module and a servo.

Neos launches IoT-powered home insurance UK-wide

Insurance gets mentioned a lot around the IoT and how the companies are all going to jump all over it eventually, looks like this startup has made that leap.


Conferences Discount Codes and Competitions!

Web Directions Summit (9-10 Nov)

Web Directions’ big event with two tracks is on this week! They have talks on VR, AI and conversational interfaces and more! Use the code devdiner and you’ll get a discounted ticket for Summit Classic at $999! Yay!

Deep Learning Dance Smackdown (23 Nov)

For the final Melbourne Creative AI meetup of the year they are running a small competition! The basic idea is, build a program that generates some dance moves from data! Sounds like a lot of fun!

AI Expo North America 2017 (29-30 Nov)

3 co-located events. 15 conference tracks. 9,000 attendees. 300+ speakers. 300+ exhibitors. It’s all happening at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley! It even has a free track on AI for developers! Want to attend the whole event? Use the discount code DEVDINER20!

BuzzConf Technology Festival (1-3 Dec)

BuzzConf is a family-friendly tech festival in country Victoria, Australia. Learn and play with tech by day, enjoy live music by night! I’m running a workshop on making voice assistants! The code special_devdiner will give you 20% off my workshop and the ticket price!

AI Expo Global 2018 (18-19 Apr)

Can’t make it to the AI Expo in Santa Clara? The event is also headed over to London in 2018! Use the discount code DEVDINER20 to get a good deal on your tickets! They have a a free track on AI for developers too!


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