This week, HTC revealed their new standalone VR headset, Boston Dynamics revealed a new, only slightly less creepy dog robot, Logitech revealed a keyboard that brings physical typing into VR and Microsoft VR headsets should be able to access a SteamVR preview in the next day or so!

The new standalone HTC Vive Focus headset, Boston Dynamic's new dog robot and Logitech's VR-compatible keyboard

The new standalone HTC Vive Focus headset, Boston Dynamic’s new dog robot and Logitech’s VR-compatible keyboard


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Virtual Reality

HTC reveals standalone Vive Focus VR headset and cancels Daydream plans

The Focus runs on a Snapdragon 835 chip and uses inside-out positional 6 DoF tracking. While their Daydream headset sounds like it’s done for. we’ve got a new “Vive Wave” open platform to provide a unified interface and set of tools for developers.

Viveport and Vive Wave seeking new content creators

Small and independent developers can submit a proposal for to get their very own HTC Vive Wave dev kit!

Microsoft VR headsets get a Steam preview on November 15

Got a Microsoft VR headset? You might be able to try SteamVR tomorrow!

Type in VR with Logitech’s keyboard for HTC Vive

Logitech’s new system combines the Vive Tracker with Logitech keyboards to bring physical typing to VR!

VR sci-fi theme park being built in China

China is getting a VR theme park at the end of this year! So cool.

Multiview support lands in Servo: architecture and optimizations

“The Multiview extension allows for stereo rendering in a single pass and can improve VR rendering performance up to 40%”!

WeLens breaks record for synced wireless VR screenings

WeLens streamed a VR film to 425 viewers at once, a new record!

Scalpel VR wants to bring realistic medical simulation to everyone

You’ll be making accurate incisions in complex surgeries in no time!

Expo: towards rapid VR prototyping

Expo is Shopify’s fancy custom VR prototyping tool.

After 3 years of building Bigscreen on laptops here are the best options we’ve found

The Bigscreen team give their tips on finding a VR laptop!

Big VR test: Oculus, Vive, PSVR and Windows Mixed Reality go head-to-head

A comparison of the big four VR headset options.

I spent a day working in Windows 10 Mixed Reality

It starts with two words — “Not recommended.”

New patent reveals the redesigned curves of LG’s upcoming VR headset

It’ll be called the “UltraGear”.


Augmented Reality

Apple is ramping up work on AR headset to succeed iPhone

Apple are reportedly aiming to have the tech for an AR headset in 2019 and could ship a product in 2020.

Olympus made $1,500 open-source smart glasses

They’re similar to Google Glass with a small 640 x 400 OLED display.

Niantic’s follow-up to Pokémon Go will be a Harry Potter AR game launching in 2018

Forget Pokemon, Harry Potter will be where it’s at in 2018!

Campaign for eyeQ mixed reality binoculars reaches goal

eyeQ mixed reality binoculars reached their Kickstarter goal! They’re like Google Cardboard but binoculars!

With AR glasses, Apple may finally break the black mirror’s spell

A discussion around how AR just might get us away from staring at our smartphone screens, this one is focused on Apple being the ones to save us.

Kothe AR dinosaur dilemma

“How augmented reality will, and will not, revolutionise our schools”.



Why the Fitbit Alta HR is our wearable of the year 2017 winner

The latest Fitbit was victorious this year in the eyes of Wareable!

Inside the downfall of Doppler Labs

This was sad news I recieved last week via e-mail and couldn’t believe it! Farewell Doppler Labs, I’ll continue using my Here Ones until the very end.

Study shows regular wearables can detect sleep apnea and hypertension

An interesting study that I hope encourages more health-focused wearables!

Tck movement is looking to be the face of budget hybrid smartwatches

Looking for a cheaper hybrid smartwatch? Tck could be for you!

Fossil Q Control is a sporty Android Wear smartwatch that sounds very familiar

It’s quite similar to their Misfit Vapor.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

AI’s latest application: wasting email scammers’ time

This is an ingenious use of machine learning! Rather than filtering spammers, why not respond?

Hackers say they’ve broken Face ID a week after iPhone X release

“The researchers concede, however, that their technique would require a detailed measurement or digital scan of the face of the target iPhone’s owner.”

Boston Dynamics’ latest robot dog is slightly less terrifying

It looks more like a hybrid between a dog and Bumblebee from the Transformers movies.

Google’s AI wizard unveils a new twist on neural networks

Google’s Geoff Hinton talks about how to make machines smarter at understanding the world.

The reason AI terrifies the world’s greatest minds and why it’s inevitable machines take over

“AI’s most simple concept is terrifying”.

Album+ organizes photos with AI that runs on your phone, not in the cloud

A new iOS app, Album+, is taking advantage of the increased AI capabilities and GPUs in modern iPhones to help people better manage their photos.

AI anxiety

If a superior alien race sent us a text saying, “We’ll arrive in a few decades,” would we just reply, “OK, call us when you get here — we’ll leave the lights on”?

AI will assist creative professionals, not replace them

An interesting look at how AI will impact the creative profession.

Sophia the robot’s co-creator says the bot may not be true AI, but it is a work of art

While not there yet, he believes we’ll get there in 5-10 years.

Critter: crawling Arduino robot

An Arduino walking robot that is fully 3D printed!

MS or startup job — which way to go to build a career in deep learning?

Some valuable guidance for people looking to get into the industry.

5 professions that could see significant growth with the rise of AI

Take notes if you’re looking for a good long term career!


Internet of Things and Makers

Logitech will give all Harmony Link owners a free Hub after backlash

Got a Harmony Link? You’re entitled to a free fancy new hub!

There’s a good case for Amazon to buy IFTTT: Data and a smarter platform

Kevin Tofel gives his case for why Amazon should buy IFTTT.

Startup Wiliot promises no-battery Bluetooth beacons in 2019

Wiliot is looking to release Bluetooth beacons that don’t need batteries at all!

For Amazon, the future of Alexa is about the end of the smartphone era

They’re “trying to upend a decade of smartphones, notifications, and apps”.

This Amazon Alexa accessory is unfortunately named ‘DOX’

Many are finding this name a bit ironic after the common fears for this tech.

Simultaneously run Alexa and Google assistant on Pi

Run alexa-avs-sample-app & Google Assistant on a headless Raspberry Pi!

Police called after Amazon Echo decides to have 2am rave in empty flat

Alexa is in her rebellious stage at only three years old. They grow up so fast.

Pip is a do-it-yourself handheld for programming apps and games

A Pi-based handheld which you can use to make your own video games!

Particle Photon + matrix keypad + LCD using i2c

Using a matrix keypad as input and an LCD as output for a Photon.

Sex toy company admits to recording users’ remote sex sessions, calls it a ‘minor bug’

Yeah… not a great device to have a security flaw in!

Google Assistant can now broadcast messages through your Google Home devices

The latest update lets you use your Home devices as an intercom system.


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