This week of the Dev Diner newsletter includes a bit of everything! Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to jump into VR, ethical debates over smart cars continue and one outlet has looked into why artificial intelligence usually has a female voice. It is also the week of Convergence, a huge VR event in Sydney! If you’re in the area and don’t have tickets, you need some!

Female AI and VR are all the rage this week!

Female AI and VR are all the rage this week!

Virtual Reality

The SteamVR Beta now has Oculus VR 0.8 SDK support.

Road to VR have a guide on how to record Samsung Gear VR videos with high quality audio.

Google understands the need for a consistently strong VR experience across all devices, as “Any failures are going to hurt us all, because the public won’t discriminate against one headset or the other”. A true and important point for all developers to remember.

Here’s a nice look at crowdfunding’s role in the resurgence of VR.

The New York Times has noticed brands are eagerly searching for a niche in VR. Good news for pioneers – get out there and make great things, companies are looking for them now!

Fortune’s Mathew Ingram sees a bright future in VR journalism but says we need to make sure it is reported ethically.

Need a 3D VR camera for an upcoming project or experiment? Check out LucidCam on IndieGoGo.

Why are Facebook so involved in VR? Mark regrets not being able to shape the mobile operating system, so he wants to influence the VR one instead.

Facebook want to teleport you places via VR by 2025. VentureBeat saw this and covered the challenges in this idea.

Looking for inspiration or a sense of urgency to work on VR before everyone gets to it first? Leap Motion is currently running a 3D Jam and has a bunch of really fascinating VR and Leap Motion experiences.

Augmented Reality

Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure engineering pointed out in an interview that they are looking for how to do AR in a much more mobile experience as Oculus won’t cut it.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and others spoke about AR at an O’Reilly conference recently.

Here is a question many will hopefully start to ask in this space, where does the law fit into augmented reality?

There is an app which tells you if your fancy beer is worth it or not. Clearly an innovation in the field.

Apparently, augmented reality is starting to take off in Canada.


The latest Google Wear update supports new gestures, cellular connectivity and more.

Wearable looks at why wearables need to look beyond calories, it makes some very good points. If you’re looking to innovate in the wearable space, I’d say this is a good area to be the one to do correctly!

Sadly, the BOLDR Voyage smartwatch cancelled its Kickstarter after running into money troubles.

Though, it appears Sony’s crowdfunded E-Paper smartwatch will be on sale soon. But only in Japan.

Interestingly… Data collected by wearables is now being used as evidence in court.

Fossil Group has bought wearable startup Misfit.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Drones

Charles Costa had a great piece on The Ethics and User Experience Behind Programming Cars over at SitePoint which has gotten a lot of attention!

AI hasn’t become all powerful just yet, 97.4% of computer systems still need human input.

Here’s a fascinating look at why AI usually has a female voice.

The New York Business Journal explores how IBM’s Watson went from “Jeopardy” master to business AI tool.

Wired believes Google open sourcing its AI engine last week shows the future of AI is data, not software.

Here’s a comparison of Google’s robotics efforts vs Amazon’s efforts.

Internet of Things

A reader of one of my SitePoint articles on “Streaming a Raspberry Pi Camera Into VR With JavaScript” has taken it to another level and used it to control a Raspberry Pi robot!

Hackster finally has an Amazon Echo enabled toaster.

Here’s a tiny CapSense ukulele using a LightBlue Bean!

Need to encourage marketers to see the value in the IoT? Marketing mag in the UK has a piece on why P&G and L’Oreal are exploring the Internet of Things.

In a market research survey, it turns out consumers expect smart homes to impact them more than wearables.

In a battle with mice at your home? Here’s how you can make a Particle connected mousetrap!


Got an event on emerging tech happening somewhere around the world that you’d like to share? Let me know.

Thursday 19th November, Sydney – Convergence, a part networking event and part trade show  on emerging tech, is having its first event in Barangaroo. This one is all about VR & AR, it is looking unbelievably exciting and it is ALMOST HERE! There are a few tickets still left here!

Thursday 26th November, Sydney – IoT Sydney’s monthly meetup is on! Details here.

17th – 19th March 2016 in Sydney – The 2016 Australia Regional First Robotics Competition is on! It’s a free event and is looking for volunteers to help out too – Head here to find out more!

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