This week was CES 2018 — lots of new devices and emerging tech news! We’ve got robots, AR guns that’ll be our Nerf guns of the future, a new high resolution HTC Vive headset and a lot of Google Assistant and Alexa integrations!

A Mars robot, Merge's AR guns and the new HTC Vive Pro

This robot is going to Mars, Merge’s AR guns and the new HTC Vive Pro


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Virtual Reality

HTC unveils new Vive Pro headset & wireless adapter

Higher resolution, no cord, built in headphones and dual front-facing headphones! Exciting times!

All-in-one VR headset comes with eye trackers and brain sensors

LooxidVR was named CES 2018’s most innovative VR product.

ZEISS VR ONE Connect to debut at CES 2018

The delayed ZEISS VR ONE Connect allows users to play SteamVR videogames through mobile VR headsets.

Oculus and Xiaomi team up for the Oculus Go – and another standalone headset

Oculus are moving into China with this partnership.

NextVR adds six degrees of freedom to VR events, targets AR experiences next

NextVR will be adding higher resolution and six degrees of freedom letting spectators move around.

Peraso introduces new wireless VR reference design

“The V125 platform is designed to allow VR headsets to use 60 GHz WiGig connections to transmit data to and from PCs with low latency and high bandwidth.”

Advances in lens technology could reduce the size of VR headsets

Good news!

Accessibility in Virtual Reality – Disability Survey

Antony Clements, a friend of Dev Diner, is part of a team working to make a VR controller for those with disabilities. They’re on the lookout for people who are arm amputees to fill out this survey.

Homeland Security releasing VR school shooting training simulator

The Department of Homeland Security have made a VR training simulator to help prepare first responders responding to school shootings.


Augmented Reality

Merge is the closest thing we have to an AR Nerf gun

It looks like so much fun!!!

LetinAR showcase new AR optic lens at CES 2018

“LetinAR has developed a technology it called Pin-Mirror, which can show a crisp virtual image of an object without inducing eye fatigue.”

Vuzix Blade AR smartglasses arrive to atone for the sins of Google Glass

A new pair of AR glasses to provide heads-up display style AR — with Alexa!

Rokid’s AR glasses are janky as hell, but they have to start somewhere

Early days for these but work checking out.

Wield your own lightsaber with just a piece of paper

The power of AR and a rolled up piece of paper.



Amazon is now pushing Alexa to wearables and hearables too

Their new Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit “allows manufacturers to add Alexa to products far easier than it currently does”.

This smartwatch runs off your body heat

No need to charge your smartwatch!

Samsung Gear S4 could feature batteries within its watch straps to give you a boost

This patent looks interesting and wouldn’t be the first time companies look to put batteries onto the watch strap.

Omron’s blood pressure smartwatch will launch later this year

“The watch will take oscillometric readings at the press of a button. It can also be set to take automatic readings through the night, as this is particularly important for hypertension patients.”


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Facebook is shutting down M, its personal assistant service that combined humans and AI

Facebook is closing its human-powered AI concierge service.

This AI-fortified bot will build the first homes for humans on Mars

These bots can “handle tools, shoot and upload photos, catch flying objects, and navigate obstacles—even think for themselves”.

‘Will I look dumb?’ human-like virtual assistants can deter help-seeking

Research suggests that “human-like virtual assistants may actually deter some people from seeking help on tasks that are supposed to measure achievement”.

Why you’ll fire Siri and do the job yourself

“In the world of AI, the best virtual assistant might turn out to be your virtual self.”

These psychedelic stickers blow AI minds

Want to show AI who’s really the smart one? These stickers will do it.

I slept with a sleep robot (and I liked it)

It lulls you to sleep with “slowed simulated breathing and soothing sounds”.

The light and dark of AI-powered smartphones

There are both pros and cons, TechCrunch looks at both.

Intel’s new shooting star mini drones can make indoor lightshows

Apparently we can’t get any yet.

Panasonic adding Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to future in-car infotainment

Get to see both assistants getting the chance to control vehicle functions!

LG goes big on servant robots that may or may not serve you

LG wants to give you those robot servants you’ve always dreamed of.

LG has come up with a surprisingly interesting way to apply AI to TV

They will be “intelligently enhancing TV images using computer vision”.

Tesla’s latest Chinese competitor takes screens to an extreme

This concept car looks quite neat.

AI prosthesis is music to our ears

This prosthesis lets Jason Barnes play piano again after losing his arm.


Internet of Things and Makers

Inside the lab where Amazon’s Alexa takes over the world

Wired looks at Amazon’s Alexa journey so far.

Alexa, play me an ad that I don’t want to hear (said no one ever)

Ads might be coming to the platform — Kevin Tofel gives some info.

Apple readies Siri for the HomePod by adding a podcast-powered news brief

Now all connected homes no matter what platform will give you the news!

Qualcomm’s Home Hub platform will bring Google Assistant to more people

Qualcomm is launching its Home Hub platform with support for Android Things and Google Assistant.

At CES 2018, Apple’s HomeKit partners open doors to Alexa and Google assistant

There were a number of Apple HomeKit smart home accessories with an unexpected new feature — support for Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant.

Entropy and the Arduino: when clock jitter is useful

A fascinating look at generating random numbers!

Optoma’s 4K projector uses Alexa to set the mood for movie night

Alexa is everywhere!

Amazon Alexa is coming to your microwave, for some reason

Yes, really everywhere.


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