This week, we have a new virtual reality mask to smell and sense VR, we remember Notre Dame with a range of VR and AR ways you can experience it, Boston Dynamics robots pull a truck and lots more. Quite a few good articles on AR this week in particular!

Feelreal, Notre Dame in AR and Boston Dynamics truck pulling robots

Smell and feel VR with Feelreal, USA Today’s Notre Dame in AR and Boston Dynamics truck pulling robots

Virtual Reality

Feelreal is the world’s first multisensory virtual reality mask

Want to smell VR? Feel the wind in VR? Feel the heat? The mist? This Kickstarter is for you!

How to fix the “an Oculus update may not have installed correctly” error

Mr Skarred Ghost on what to do if your Oculus Rift shows the error of “An Oculus update may not have installed correctly” — you’ll want to fix it as soon as possible!

VR’s true innovation isn’t technological, it’s human

“Where new headsets like the Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus Pro really shine is their ability to help us interact more freely with other people”.

Multimodal mixed reality

A look at improving how we control mixed reality interfaces by using multiple inputs together (e.g. speech and gesture).

N1NE: The Splintered Mind is a VR take on ‘Blade Runner’

Melbourne-based OD1N Studios are making their own Blade Runner-like VR game.

How to find the right headset for your enterprise VR project

A nice look at which headsets work in which situation.

Why AR/VR developers should prioritise accessibility in UI/UX design

Accessible design, like in many other areas of UX, can bring a whole lot of benefits to what you’re building.

The current state of the VR/AR patent landscape

A look at the patent process and what’s involved around VR/AR patents right now.

Exclusive: what to expect from Sony’s next-gen PlayStation

Wired had an exclusive with Sony, the main update VR-wise is that the current PSVR works with it… but maybe, just maybe there’ll be an updated VR headset, they just wouldn’t say that.

Oculus referral codes are now available outside of the US!

Oculus referral codes are now available worldwide and the new limit is 5 per month per user!

3 ways to see Notre Dame in VR

After the awful fire earlier this week, here are three places you can see Notre Dame in VR.

Preserving historical landmarks in VR should be a priority

This piece from VRScout talks about how useful having VR replicas are in situations like Notre Dame.


Augmented Reality

Unity inches forward with AR development tools in latest release

It has a preview of AR Remote where devs can preview their AR app directly on a target device, Magic Leap is now supported without needing a special technical preview build and more.

The future of augmented reality — what to expect this year & in 2020

Next Reality look at where they see AR going in 2019-2020.

Designing an input device for the real world: a process of elimination.

A look at the alternatives for input devices around AR.

USA Today enhances Notre Dame fire coverage with augmented reality experience

Going beyond existing VR appearances listed above, USA Today put together an AR experience around the Notre Dame.

Snapchat celebrates Earth Day with sobering augmented reality look at rising sea levels

Snap partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme to use AR to show how much ocean levels will rise over the next 80 years.

Shutterstock’s new AR feature lets you preview wall art before purchasing

A nice and simple use of AR is now over at Shutterstock.

The future of Apple augmented reality smartglasses & the Android copies to follow

A look at where AR headsets are starting to emerge around Apple, Facebook and more.

The future of the AR cloud — a thousand walled gardens bloom

The AR cloud is indeed starting to emerge as competing walled gardens already…

8th Wall brings image targets to its web-based augmented reality platform

“Release 11 of 8th Wall Web brings Image Targets, the company’s take on image recognition for AR activations”.


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Facebook reportedly working on a voice assistant compatible with Oculus

It’ll be an AI assistant similar to Amazon’s Alexa.

Google’s SpecAugment achieves state-of-the-art speech recognition without a language model

“Google AI researchers are using visual analysis data augmentation to achieve state-of-the-art speech recognition performance without a language model”.

Snake-inspired robot slithers even better than predecessor: programmable kirigami metamaterials enable responsive surfaces and smart skins

Don’t worry everyone, we have a “new and improved snake-inspired soft robot that is faster and more precise than its predecessor”.

Particle learning system could help robots make sushi

Our snake robot could then one day learn to “grab and manipulate tricky objects” too!

Watch a fleet of SpotMini robo dogs haul a box truck

All while their friendly robo dog cousins pull trucks around. What a robot filled world it shall be.

OpenAI five retires after trouncing human DOTA 2 champions

At least that pesky OpenAI bot will stop beating us at DOTA 2.

UK offers government info through Alexa and Google Assistant

The British government has made over 12,000 pieces of information available via voice!

AI could predict death. but what if the algorithm is biased?

In a Wired opinion piece, researchers are studying how AI could predict risks of premature death — but what about when AI’s unconscious bias comes into play?

AI generates non-stop stream of death metal

“Ever wanted to listen to an infinite stream of death metal? Thanks to AI, you can”.

Adding human touch to unchatty chatbots may lead to bigger letdown

Giving a chatbot a human name or humanlike features can upset people when it doesn’t manage to maintain a conversational back-and-forth.

Facebook’s AI can convert one singer’s voice into another

“In a paper, scientists at Facebook AI Research and Tel Aviv University describe a system that converts audio of one singer to the voice of another”.

Introducing MotionBlock

Designed for kids — it has a modular and programmable design with intelligent servos, and built-in motion recording function so you can teach it new movements.


Internet of Things, Wearables and Makers

Particle Workbench: Supercharge your IoT development with professional tools

Particle Workbench is built on Microsoft Visual Studio Code and gives it Particle-specific integrations to help make you more productive when IoT coding away!

Amazfit Verge will now let you have a chat with Amazon Alexa

“The iOS- and Android-friendly smartwatch, which runs on a custom OS, joins a very small group of watches that offer official support for Alexa on the wrist”.

An Arduino-controlled Starburst candy dispenser

A really nice DIY solution! “Starburst candies are loaded into a chute, and when the button is pressed a motorized arm pushes out a single candy from the bottom of the stack”.

Hack my house: UL certification and turning the lights on with an ESP8266

A nice and thorough way to put together a quality Wi-Fi light switch.

4-bit emulator board programmed with three buttons

Write in lower level code than Arduino on this neat little board – for those times when even microcontroller code is too much.

7 common IoT mistakes and how to avoid them

Temboo has a list of 7 common IoT mistakes to watch out for when planning and implementing a new IoT solution.

Build a pick and place machine for toys using a Raspberry Pi and computer vision

“Paco’s machine is an open source project, and involves the combination of a robotic arm and computer vision, allowing it to identify and pick up various small, lightweight objects”.

Microsoft delves deeper into IoT with Express Logic acquisition

Microsoft have bought this company who own a real-time operating system (RTOS) aimed at controlling IoT devices.


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