This week, Make: magazine had to pause all operations (things are looking up though!), we’ve got crab robots finding microplastics in the ocean, a neat Arduino with brass bars in its circuitry, the Vive Pro Eye is now available in the US, and more!

Robots hunting for plastics in our ocean, an Arduino with brass bars and the Vive Pro Eye

Robots hunting for plastics in our ocean, an Arduino with brass bars and the Vive Pro Eye


Virtual Reality

Vive Pro Eye now available for purchase in North America

Professional-grade VR eye-tracking now available for US$1,599!

How to get started with Oculus Quest development in Unity

SkarredGhost has a video and accompanying article on how to get started with Quest dev.

Check out Hubs on Oculus quest!

Mozilla’s Hubs is now available on Quest — it’s all web based, so you just jump into the browser with no installation required!

Hands-on: VR cover for Oculus Quest

Especially useful if you share your headset a lot or want to be able to clean it more frequently, putting a cover onto it means you can just clean the cover.


Augmented Reality

25 AR headsets worth checking out in 2019

I had a look at the augmented reality headsets that really showcase the AR industry’s exciting potential right now for 2019. There are a whole lot of them and we’re not even halfway through the year!

Unity hustles to add ARKit 3 support to AR Foundation

“Unity announced that AR Foundation, its cross-platform framework for building AR mobile apps that are compatible with both ARKit and ARCore, now supports ARKit 3”.

Location-based AR is changing how the world looks at gaming

They’ve got a nice list of location-based AR games and there were even a few in here that I hadn’t heard of!

Remote multi-user AR is on the rise

This is what will make AR even more enticing for the community to get onboard with!

Magic Leap adds Sketchfab support to its native Helio web browser

Sketchfab is Magic Leap’s first WebXR partner (a feature found in Magic Leap’s Lumin OS 0.96).

Here’s what you need to run ARKit 3 on your iPhone or iPad

The latest features in ARKit 3 are only available on newer devices.

Ellen Degeneres is leveraging the power of augmented reality gaming to help save an endangered species

They have “an AR experience designed to raise awareness about the plight of endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda”.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Google launches TensorFlow.Text library for language AI models

TensorFlow.Text is a new library for training language understanding AI.

Listen to this AI voice clone of Bill Gates created by Facebook’s engineers

It’s always so curious to hear voice clones, Bill is the latest one to emerge.

Crab robot designed to search for ocean litter makes first dive off italian coast

This new crab robot is “designed to sample the waters looking for microplastics polluting the ocean” — we need more robots like this.

AI tool helps radiologists detect brain aneurysms

“Radiologists improved their diagnoses of brain aneurysms with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by medical experts and computer scientists”.

For less than $10, anyone can make an AI write a fake un speech

“Using less than $8 and 13 hours of training time, researchers from the United Nations were able to develop a program that could craft realistic-seeming speeches for the United Nations’ General Assembly”.

To detect fake news, this AI first learned to write it

A really fascinating approach but it makes a lot of sense.

As Walmart turns to robots, it’s the human workers who feel like machines

Workers “hadn’t expected this strange middle period, during which they’d have to work alongside brittle, clumsy and easily confused machines”.

Alexa will soon be able to hold a proper conversation

It’ll be able to go back and forth continuing to listen for follow up similar to what Google Assistant has been doing for a while now.

This subreddit is full of bots arguing with each other


Amazon launches AI-powered ‘Shazam for clothes’ fashion search

StyleSnap uses machine learning to find similar clothes and styles to ones you spot in real life.

Amazon unveils novel Alexa dialog modeling for natural, cross-skill conversations

“With this new approach, Alexa will predict a customer’s latent goal from the direction of the dialog and proactively enable the conversation flow across topics and skills”


Internet of Things and Makers

Maker Faire halts operations and lays off all staff

Really sad news — the company behind MAKE: magazine and Maker Faires had to lay off its entire staff of 22 and pause all operations. In positive news — there has been an outpouring of support from the community and Maker Faires will continue now as planned, with discussions on how to keep things going.

Arduino Mecanum wheel robot slides or turns in any direction

Each wheel also contains a series of sub-rollers positioned at 45° to the main axis of rotation so it can slide in any direction without needing to turn!

Samsung has delayed its Galaxy Home speaker, again

It’s looking like it’ll be released around August.

Smart home roundup: IoT sensors and wireless networks for hazard detection

From sensors to wireless platforms, here’s how far the IoT has crept into the modern smart home in this roundup from All About Circuits.

Dead bug Arduino is lively and shield-compatible

“Instead of the traditional fiberglass, Jiří Praus formed brass bars into the circuitry and held it together with solder” — it looks really neat!


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