This week, we have Cards Against Humanity… but generated by AI! We’ve also got the release of the new Valve Index PC-powered VR headset, the ability to try on fancy expensive Gucci shoes in AR and more!

AI Against Humanity, the Valve Index and AR Gucci shoes

AI Against Humanity, the Valve Index and trying out Gucci shoes in AR!


Virtual Reality

Valve Index now shipping alongside 30+ supported games

It’s pretty much like a super-powered HTC Vive — 130-degree field of view, dual custom 1440×1600 LCD panels with full RGB subpixels, a 120Hz and experimental 144Hz refresh rate (backwards compatibility with 90Hz included) and more!

Facebook VP says the Oculus Quest is seeing ‘console-like usage’

The company claims content sales topped $5 million in the first two weeks!

A virtual reality massage center will open in Los Angeles this week

They’ll have “10 different VR environments for you to try and relax in, including a sauna, a koi pond at an ocean-side resort and a ski cabin with a crackling fireplace”.

Doctor Who: the Edge of Time — Daleks and Weeping Angels come to life in VR

“Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Maze Theory is taking you a little deeper behind the scenes of the VR game for PSVR, Oculus Rift and Quest, and HTC Vive”.

Mondulia Studio is the app for immersive music creation

Music creation and live music performance in VR — available in Early Access in the Oculus Store.

Twisted Reality founder showcases health benefits of omnidirectional treadmill with 90-day challenge

90 hours of VR gaming on Twisted Reality’s KAT Walk Mini is good for you.


Augmented Reality

Apple design chief Jony Ive’s exit offers another clue about company’s rumored augmented reality smartglasses

Jony Ive is leaving Apple! This quote around the news speaks of AR glasses as a matter of fact now, not a rumour — “The design team has been working on augmented reality glasses that would give users visual displays of messages and maps. It continues work on annual updates to Apple’s existing products”.

DIY smart glasses built with a Raspberry Pi Zero W

While not exactly subtle — it’s a neat DIY creation!

Gucci jumps feetfirst into AR with augmented shoe shopping experience

Gucci AR lets you “try on outrageously expensive shoes for free”!

Smartphone maker Vivo enters consumer smartglasses market with Vivo AR glass

The smartphone maker revealed the Vivo AR Glass as part of their 5G product lineup.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Amazon makes skill connections for Alexa apps generally available

This is the start of being able to tap into services from other skills within your own.

This tiny robot tank can inspect tight spaces

It’s super small!

MIT made an AI that can detect and create fake images

Researchers from MIT and IBM trained AI to generate photorealistic images and to intelligently edit them — the GANpaint Studios tool also lets you paint and have it turn into photorealistic images!

Samsung launches a Bixby app store to better compete with Alexa and Google Home

You can now add more to what Bixby can do, just like you can do with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Mark Rober uses machine learning to decipher baseball signs

All that hand waving which makes no sense to a lot of us makes sense to this machine learning algorithm!

AI looks at what the cat dragged home so you don’t have to!

If this man’s cat brings home a dead rat — his machine learning powered cat door doesn’t let the cat in.

AI created a 3D replica of our universe. We have no idea how it works.

Well — they modelled it using a traditional computer model of the universe, so they know that bit. What they don’t know is how it worked out how to model on new parameters like how much dark matter should be in the universe (which is common for machine learning results).

Blisteringly fast machine learning on an Arduino Uno

Dimitris Tassopoulos made a very very simple neural network example and ran it on an Arduino Uno which processed it in 114.4 μsec!

Europe should ban AI for mass surveillance and social credit scoring, says advisory group

It’s all a part of a big report that hopes we’ll be able to focus on trustworthy AI.

AI against humanity

It’s like Cards Against Humanity but within an AI-driven browser game!

MIT’s new interactive machine learning prediction tool could give everyone AI superpowers

This is the start of automated machine learning processing of data — so one day you might not need to be super technical to get some answers from your own sets of data.

Nothin’ but net for Toyota’s Guinness record-winning basketball bot

Toyota’s basketball-playing CUE3 humanoid robot has earned a Guinness World Record by sinking 2,020* consecutive free throws!


Internet of Things and Makers

Amazon is Watching

A very curious look at just how much Amazon is becoming interconnected into our lives — especially from a surveillance perspective.

Build yourself a simple flexible PCB battery tester

Want to test that your battery still has a charge? Here’s a DIY battery tester!

Three things that surprised me when moving my smart home gear

Stacey Higgenbotham writes a very honest overview of her experience moving her smart home gear into a new home.

Intel, ARM to help create new IoT standard for device onboarding

Yay for companies working together on standards!


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