This week, we’ve got a few Magic Leap mentions, Firefox Reality is out on Oculus Quest, we’ve got AI generated emoji mashups, machine learning powered code autocomplete and Facebook are helping map out areas in communities not covered by Google or Apple Maps.

Magic Leap in action, Firefox Reality on Oculus Quest and AI generated emoji mashups

Magic Leap in action, Firefox Reality on Oculus Quest and AI generated emoji mashups

Virtual Reality

Firefox Reality for Oculus Quest

Firefox Reality has gone beyond the HTC Vive Focus Plus and Lenovo Mirage to now be available on the Oculus Quest!

Amazon Prime videos now in VR, begins building VR library

You can watch Amazon Prime Videos from the comfort of your own private theater in VR, similar to Netflix’s VR offering — it’s available on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

Oculus Venues arrives on Quest alongside fresh updates to Rift platform

Looking to be social with your Oculus friends with the non-Quest headset? You can now!

Psychologists are using VR to transform people into animals

“Psychologists are working to understand how VR can be used to transport individuals into different bodies, and if it is possible to do so with animal avatars”.


Augmented Reality

MrEd, an experiment in mixed reality editing

Some of the MozVR team put together a mixed reality editor which they’ll be open sourcing and writing articles about for others to learn from.

Apple’s latest patent proposes augmented reality navigation for cars via mobile device

“Apple has described a potential system for using a mobile device’s camera (presumably, an iPhone or iPad, or another, unreleased mobile device) to overlay navigation prompts on the live view of the road in front of the driver”.

I spent a full day working in the Magic Leap One & discovered the AR office of the future

Adario Strange spent a day working with his Magic Leap One and gives his take on what it’s like.

Magic Leap expands multiplayer support & adds hand mesh tracking in latest Lumin OS update

Map Merge, the cloud-based protocol for multiplayer support on Magic Leap One, is now public beta for others who want to make their own multiplayer experiences.

Our first look at Magic Leap’s experimental spatial computing AR experience

Magic Leap’s Undersea gives you a dynamically generated coral reef environment to explore.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Facebook empowers OpenStreetMap community with AI-enhanced tools

Facebook AI is helping mark out a lot of the dirt roads in communities that often get overlooked by Apple and Google.

Apple contractors ‘regularly hear confidential details’ on Siri recordings

Siri has contractors reviewing recordings who say accidental triggers are highest on Apple Watch and HomePod, contractors hear everything from doctor’s appointments to sex.

Bytedance spurs TikTok’s global expansion by snapping up music AI tech

TikTok might be able to bring AI-powered music composition to their app soon.

Waymo and DeepMind mimic evolution to develop a new, better way to train self-driving AI

Alphabet has teamed up with DeepMind to develop new training methods that use AI.

TabNine is the AI-powered magic 8-ball coders have been craving

Autocomplete for coding, powered by machine learning trained on 2 million files from GitHub.

This twitter bot mashes up emoji to create fresh faces

Hybrid emoji you never knew you needed.


Internet of Things and Makers

ESP8266 sound machine soothes baby remotely

Just let this ESP8266 raise your child at night, problem solved.

Hackster’s handpicked projects of the week

They’ve got a Particle Mesh Battle Bot System, a Set of Reaction Training Devices, a Digital Manometer and a Solar-Powered Pollution Monitor.

Anavi’s gas detector monitors air quality with Espressif’s ESP8266

The Anavi Gas Detector monitors air quality and detects toxic gases.

Lyra is a handheld gaming system powered by a Raspberry Pi

It’s a handheld Linux computer that you could run all sorts of emulators and such on!

Elk, a blockchain dev board for decentralized IoT, launches on Kickstarter

“Elk is a hardware development board for the blockchain and the decentralized web. It combines the simplicity of Arduino with native support for decentralized networks. With only a few lines of code you can build IoT that interfaces with Ethereum, IPFS, Whisper, and more!”

Secure microcontrollers address IoT security

All About Circuits has a look at three secure microcontroller choices.



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