This week, we had a lot of AR news! HoloLens release was revealed for September, we’ve got the new Rhino X AR headset, a music video made using Instagram filters and’s AR cloud is going to start appearing in iOS apps and on the Nreal Light headset.

The Rhino X AR headset, a music video made using Instagram filters and's AR cloud

The Rhino X AR headset, a music video made using Instagram filters and’s AR cloud in action!


Virtual Reality

Oculus CTO John Carmack outlines the future of AR, knocks Magic Leap for marketing hype in new interview

Oculus CTO John Carmack was interviewed by Joe Rogan and it was a pretty fascinating interview.

VRGO Mini is a VR controller that you sit on

It is “a balance board-like controller that you sit on, giving you more movement options in VR”.

VR gives dementia patients “magical” trip to their past

VR can help stimulate memories in dementia sufferers and may help them retain connections with loved ones some day.

An Oculus cofounder was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was wearing a VR headset during a demo

A whole bunch of men in the gaming industry have been accused of sexual misconduct this week — these stories are horrible to read, but I’m hoping they lead us to a better future where this isn’t a thing anymore.

Developer brings Google lens’ AR features to VR

Twitter user Phasedragon put together a demo of real-time AR text translation in VR!


Augmented Reality launches AR cloud & supplies 3D maps to Nreal Light & Qualcomm Snapdragon devices is pretty darn exciting for the AR cloud! iOS developers can now publish their apps to the App Store. Their SDK is now also available for Android.

Microsoft exec confirms HoloLens 2 set to ship in September

We’ll finally start to see HoloLens around the place!

Snapchat launches new tools for developers, making AR filter creation easier for beginners

If you haven’t given Snapchat filter creation a go, they’ve made some updates that make it worth checking out.

Report: Apple’s rumored smart tracker will use AR to help you find lost items

“According to reports by MacRumors, Apple is currently in development of a Bluetooth beacon device that allows iOS and watchOS users to track their personal belongings using AR navigation”.

Weather Channel debuts mixed reality safety segment ahead of Hurricane Dorian

We’ve got a new Weather Channel mixed reality visualisation for the coming hurricane (if you’re in its path, please stay safe!).

Scape is 3D-mapping 100 cities to precisely anchor AR objects

Scape are building multiple city-scale 3D maps to enable accurate placement and viewing of persistent virtual objects in the AR cloud.

Augmented reality glasses as low vision aid

“Researchers found that adapted augmented reality glasses can improve patients’ mobility by 50% and grasp performance by 70%”.

How to create a seamless mobile AR experience using ar.js

Skarredghost has a guide on using ar.js to make JavaScript-based AR.

Ximmerse reveals new Rhino X augmented reality headset

The company behind the Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR headset now has its own headset with a vertical field of view of 57 degrees and a modular battery system.

Dreamworld AR launches DreamGlass Air, a lightweight private theater screen for your mobile devices

It is “a 2D content-focused, portable private headset display” rather than the AR headset they did before this.

Mark Ronson releases AR filled, interactive music video on Instagram featuring King Princess

“The new video is available in Mark Ronson’s Instagram Stories in its entirety and was shot entirely on smartphones”.

Parrot’s Anafi FPV is a drone you fly with a heads-up display

The Anafi FPV is a four-propeller drone designed to be flown with a heads-up display headset.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Elon Musk and Jack Ma disagree about AI’s threat

Jack Ma says it’s nothing for “street smart” people like them to be scared of. Elon Musk says “that’s like famous last words”. I like Elon Musk.

Apple is turning Siri audio clip review off by default and bringing it in house

Apple is making audio review an explicitly opt-in process and bringing review of that audio inside Apple.

Psychosensory electronic skin technology for future AI and humanoid development

Soon robots and electronic devices may be able to feel pain through sense of touch, just like the rest of us.

This AI gives emojis real faces and the results are horrifying

Yeah, it’s a little creepy.

Your boss is going to start using AI to monitor you—and labor laws aren’t ready

Fast Company looks at an emerging risk of AI coming into workplace survellance.

The shift toward open source conversational AI

“Developers are adopting open source conversational AI and leaving behind closed-source alternatives to build more solutions in-house”.

After 5,000 games, Microsoft’s Suphx AI can defeat top Mahjong players

This novel machine learning system is capable of beating top human Mahjong players.

AI generates melodies from lyrics

“In a new preprint paper on, researchers describe an AI system capable of generating melodies from lyrics alone”.

Robotic thread is designed to slip through the brain’s blood vessels

“Engineers have developed a magnetically steerable, thread-like robot that can actively glide through narrow, winding pathways, such as the labrynthine vasculature of the brain”.

Never miss another putt with Nissan’s self-driving golf ball

Soon you’ll be the greatest golf player ever.

The BBC is developing a voice assistant, code named ‘Beeb’

They’re looking to put it on their website and such, not really within their own smart speaker.


Internet of Things and Makers

Fitbit has completed its clinical trials for sleep apnea

They can’t say when sleep apnea detection is coming as it relies on regulators, but it’s on the way!

So is your Arduino lying to you?

Hackster ask, “is there really a problem with the Arduino analogRead() function?”

Pi-oT launches IoT module for the Raspberry Pi

It allows you to interface easily with the Raspberry Pi’s 40-pin GPIO connector.

Retroshield emulates classic 8-bit computers like the Apple I

With an Arduino Mega and a RetroShield with a 6502 or Z80, you can emulate classic computers!


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