This week, we had a Google Stadia VR headset patent, Firefox Reality now supports multiple windows, open-source robot cats, sad news with Daqri closing down and more.

Google Stadia VR headset patent, Firefox Reality and open-source robot cats

A Google Stadia VR headset patent, Firefox Reality improvements and open-source robot cats

Virtual Reality

Firefox Reality 1.4

The most exciting thing in this release is being able to browse in multiple windows side by side! Watch videos, read Reddit, check your email… all at once in your VR headset!

Multiview on WebXR

The aim of multiview is to use only one drawcall to draw multiple targets, rather than drawing one for each eye.

Vality is building a compact VR headset with ultra-high resolution

This is a VR headset “that aims to offer near-retina resolution in a compact form-factor”. Here’s Road to VR’s look at it!

Oculus Quest devs see standalone VR as good for sales despite curation frustration

Even though getting approval can apparently take a bit of effort, once your app is on the Oculus store things apparently have gone quite well.

Creating privacy-centric virtual spaces

It’s important to consider what approaches to our future social technology ecosystem will result in spaces that respect user identities, autonomy and safety.

Adam Savage’s Tested VR now available free on Oculus Quest & Go

This VR app has a range of videos and experiences to give you more of a glimpse into some of the creators featured on Tested.

Google may be working on a wireless virtual reality glass for Stadia

It just might have hand controllers and two WLAN modules to make it wirelessly work with Google’s upcoming streaming video game service.

Vivid Vision: curing lazy eye with VR + Leap Motion

Great to see Leap Motion and VR being used to help reverse some types of vision problems.

HTC Vive Cosmos is a high-end VR headset coming 3 October

The day has almost come!

Normal VR technology turns any Unity VR/AR app into a multiplayer experience

They’ve also released their own virtual world called “Half + Half” which you can try out!


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality headset maker Daqri shuts down office, pursues sale of assets, report says

Sad news… AR hardware maker Daqri has reportedly run out of funds and is shutting down. They were another big player alongside Meta and ODG who have had difficulties recently.

Apple buried a detail about iPhone 11 Pro that moves it closer toward a future AR smartglasses product

While it wasn’t the massive AR headset reveal we’re all hoping to see, Next Reality did well to find the positives in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Time Magazine takes readers on an augmented reality tour of Amazon rainforest

They use the markerless tracking from ARKit and ARCore to show a new feature on the Amazon rainforest.

Google brings persistent content support to cloud anchors, expands augmented faces to iOS

They’ve enabled persistent cloud anchors for content which Android apps can take advantage of.

Enklu launches San Francisco’s first AR maker space

Memberships and day passes are now available to west coast developers and players!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

To understand artificial intelligence in 2019, watch this 1960 TV show

Really curious article from Harry McCracken.

Snake robot gains high mobility and dexterity

Here’s a snake robot “capable of navigating tight spaces and climbing over obstacles for search and rescue operations in disaster zones”.

The squeeze on AI talent could cripple America’s most important companies

“AI talent is either going to tech’s big 5 companies or to a moonshot startup, leaving Fortune 500 unarmed for the AI revolution”.

SmallKat: an adorable dynamics oriented robot cat

SmallKat is a 16 DoF low cost, open-source, 3D printed quadrupedal robot for education, research and hobbyists.

Robot vacuum cleaner hacked to play Spotify

Jam to the latest tunes while your house gets cleaned!

Adobe Premiere Pro will use AI to reframe videos for all of your social apps

It automatically edits videos for square, vertical and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Apple details Overton AI development tool, whose models have processed ‘billions’ of queries

It automates generating models capable of answering text-based answers, with image and video being prototyped still.

Airline stocks nosedive after drone attacks in Saudi Arabia drive up oil prices

Drone attacks in Saudi Arabia took out about 5% of the global supply.

Google says its AI detects 26 skin conditions as accurately as dermatologists

Researchers at Google claim they’ve “developed a skin condition-diagnosing AI that’s on par with dermatologists in terms of accuracy”.

Machine learning estimates risk of cardiovascular death

“MIT researchers have developed a machine learning model that can estimate, based on the electrical activity of their heart, a patient’s risk of cardiovascular death”.

McDonald’s is starting a tech division to automate drive thrus and we can’t even

Automated, AI-powered drive thrus will be a lot more advanced than your typical drive thru.

If Tay had stayed, Microsoft would pay because TayTay don’t play that way

Turns out Taylor Swift wasn’t too pleased with Microsoft’s chatbot Tay back in the day.

MIT’s color-changing ink lets you customize shoes, phone cases

This team developed a method of changing items’ colors when exposed to ultraviolet and visible light sources.


Internet of Things and Makers

Exclusive: Amazon will let anyone answer your Alexa questions now

“The Alexa Answers crowdsourcing platform is now open to everyone in the United States. Amazon says it has measures in place to prevent misuse”.

Cool off your Raspberry Pi 4 with Pimoroni’s heatsink case

It has the best passive cooling Hackster has seen in their extensive testing.

Scaling the edge’s wall: a new take on an old problem

“What happens when the edge load hits a processing capacity wall?”

Driving a tiny RC car over the internet using ESP8266

This group created an internet-connected RC track where people from anywhere in the world can race cars from afar.

Trill: easy positional touch sensors for your projects

Trill is a family of capacitive touch sensors you can add to your projects as a linear slider, a square touchpad, or by creating your own touch surface.

Fitbit’s Versa 2 is useful, but still not an Apple Watch

Wired feel the Fitbit Versa 2 still has some flaws.

Serious health monitoring features are driving smartwatch sales says report

Health monitoring is indeed what is bringing a lot of people to the smartwatch world.



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